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  • 1. Wide range of automatic bagging systems for bags of 5kg and more
  • 2.  25kg bags at up to 18 bags per minute (1080 bags per hour)
  • 3.  FIER Different bag filler machines for your different materials 

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Powder 25kg Bagging Machine

Powder 25kg Bagging Machine

Granules Fertilizer 25kg Bagging Machine

Granules 25kg Bagging Machine

Custom Bagging Machine Double location 25kg Bagging Machine

Double location 25kg Bagging Machine

25KG Bagging Machine

25kg milk powder bagging machine

Cement packing machine

Cement 25kg Bagging Machine

Questions You May Ask About Our 25kg Bagging Machine

Fier bagging machine is suitable for packing powder and granular materials with an easy flow or excellent flow.

You just need manual assistance for bagging, double helix feeding, online real-time weighing, filling, transmission, etc.

The clamping process realizes the function of fully sealing and preventing clamping. Imported touch screen and PLC control can be connected to the DCS control center of the factory.

Stable operation, anti-interference, easy to operate, intuitive, long life, and so on.

How To Have A Fantastic 25kg Bagging Machine With Minimal Spending.

 Fier 25kg bagging machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging machine developed by our company.

The manual bag filling machine is mainly composed of automatic weighing devices, conveying devices, sewing devices, and computer control.

The main machine of the Fier automatic bagging machine scale adopts fast, medium, and slow three-speed feeding.

FIER automatic bag filling machine has a special feeding structure, advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology, and anti-interference technology, and realizes automatic compensation and correction of errors.

Stainless Steel packing machine

bagging plants

What is a Bagging Machine?

Powder 25kg Bagging Machine

manual bag filling machine

Big bag filling machine semi-automatic powder 25kg bagging machine Technical parameters

  • Packing weight range: 5-80kg/ bag
  • Bagging unit: bags
  • Package quantity range: 5-7 bags/min (depending on the material and bag)
  • Total power: 1.3kW
  • Steel frame size: height: 2100× 1200mm
  • Belt conveyor: 2000× 400mm in length
  • Accuracy: OILMR61×(0.2) stage
  • Air source pressure: 0.4-0.65mpa
  • Weight of equipment: 450kg
Granules Fertilizer 25kg Bagging Machine

coal bagging machines for sale

What does a 25kg Bagging Machine Working principle?

  • 1. After starting, the weighing is started. The material is added into the weighing hopper by the pneumatic gate of feeding.
  • 2 when the weight ≥ target value, enter the slow feeding rate;
  • 3. When the weight is fixed, stop the slow signal output, the feeding door is completely closed, the fixed value weighing is completed, and the end signal of weighing is sent to PLC;
  • 4. PLC controls the opening and closing of the unloading door according to the sequence of bagging signal and weighing end signal.
  • 5. The material bags will automatically loosen and fall into the conveyor belt, and then be sent to the sewing machine for sewing and then to the next work.
  • 6. At the same time, the controller enters the next control cycle. 
Powder bagging machine design

manual bagging systems

FIER 25kg bagging machine for sale

We Fier Machinery are a professional manufacturer and supplier, and we are committed to providing good quality equipment, small bagging machine, grain bagging machine, cement bagging machine,  etc

Fier Machine will provide users the best automatic 25kg bag filling machine and manual bagging machine with our high-quality brand awareness and thoughtful service.

FIER has the business goals of being the model in our industry and being famous in the world brand.

If you feel free, and you can make an inquiry in the form below. We will reply in 24 hours.

Choice Fier, Build your future!

sand packing machine

sand bagging plant

5 Difficult Things About 25kg Bagging Machine

What can the 25kg packing machine pack?

25kg semi-automatic bagging machine can pack granular and powder materials, such as compost animal feed, sugar, salt, Grain, powder, pellets, rice, fertilizer, bean, flour, etc.      

Scrw feeding 25kg paging machine suit for sand, cement, dry mortars.

You can tell us the type of your material, then we will provide you with the most suitable packing machine.

25KG Bagging Machine

manual bagging machine for sale

Which bags can 25kg packing machine be used for?

Our packaging machine can be used in many types of bags, such as Plastic bags, value bags, paper, and hessian bags, PVC bags. 

Open mouth bagging is easy for your different materials.

What is 25kg bagging machine packaging range?

Usually, the 25kg packing machine can pack the weight from 5-50kg.

Our 25 kg automatic bagging machine can set the packing weight freely according to your requirements 

How about the speed of a 25kg bagging machine ?

6-8 seconds per 25kg bag, High-efficiency packaging speed to meet your needs 

Our weighing and bagging and sealing machine is automatic weighing, automatic packing, automatic sealing, but needs manual bagging. 

Therefore, it can also be called a semi-automatic packaging machine

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