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Henan Fair(Fier)  Machinery Co. Ltd Since 1997 which is located in Zhengzhou city which China’s transportation hub city.

FIER are Specializing in the production of industrial mixing machine, dry mortar production line, crusher machine, Feed mill, Packing machine, Screw elevator, Stock Silo, Sand Dryer, dust collector,drying room etc single machine and production line are widely used in construction, mining, chemical industry, building materials, feed, powder mortar, metallurgy, environmental protection, and other fields.

FIER is committed to contributing to the development of your happiness. built your future, Make global customers richer. deeply domestic and foreign customers trust and praise.


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Industrial mixing and packing and crushing solutions expert

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FIER is striving to help you to develop a vast market and profitable business cooperation.Two-win!


Professional technology and product research and development team, graduate degree, intermediate technical title, young people become the backbone of the technology and management group.

We can provide the most professional service so that you have no worries!


FIER Certificates

FIER always feel that all success of FIER company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. 

All FIER Machines meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, SGS, CE guidelines, and our stringent quality control system.

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