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1. Widely used: in addition to crushing scrap metal, it is also suitable for crushing wood, waste paper, plastic, straw, automobile tires, waste paper, domestic garbage book wall cans, and other materials.

2. Easy maintenance: the hob of the small crusher adopts the overall structure due to the limit of the size of the structure, and the hob of medium and large crusher adopts the assembled structure, which can directly replace the damaged hob.

3. Scrap metal crusher equipment low speed, low noise, large torque, and equipped with mechanical/hydraulic, electrical overload protection.

4. low use and maintenance cost: the equipment is reasonably designed and well manufactured, which prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces the use and maintenance cost of the equipment.

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Aluminum Shredder Parts

Aluminum Shredder Parts

Made of alloy steel casting, long service life, high crushing rate, the thickness of the cutter and the number of knife claws can be changed according to different materials

aluminum scrap shredder

Aluminum Shredder Effect

It can effectively control the thickness of the material, as long as the gap is accurate control of the interval between the cutter head and the lining board, and the fineness of the broken metal material can reach one millimeter or less

aluminum shredder machine

Aluminum Shredder Plant

In order to be able to separate the iron particles and aluminum particles in the metal material, equipped with a conveying device, the conveying and magnetic separation into one, through the scrap iron crusher broken metal material can be separated from the metal of aluminum and iron and automatic heap.

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What is Aluminum Shredder?

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What does the Aluminum shredder's working principle?

Fier  working principle is that after starting the switch, under the continuous drive of high-speed and high-torque motor,

It sends the power to the rotor, and the rotor starts running at high speed,

The hammerhead on the rotor of the crusher hits the waste aluminum in turn,

Under the strong impact, the aluminum scrap is smashed, torn, impacted, and polished into particles of a certain size.

At the same time, the insulation tape on the aluminum scrap of the broken bridge is removed.

Then it comes out through the mesh of the screen and is transported out by the discharging conveyor.

A vortex current separator is used to separate the plastic insulation strips from the inside, so that clean aluminum can be sold at a higher price.

aluminum shredder equipment

industrial aluminum shredder

how to make an aluminum shredder production line?

Fier Aluminum shredder production line is composed of a feeding conveyor, Crusher Machine (optional), Metal crusher machinedischarging conveyor, magnetic separator, eddy current separator, dust collector, PLC automatic electrical control system.

The material is sent to the shredder by the conveyor for coarse crushing, and then into the metal crusher for crushing treatment.

Pulsed dust removers are used to remove lightweight materials and dust during crushing.

Iron is separated by magnetic separator and aluminum and plastic are separated by eddy current separator.

The whole system adopts PLC control, dynamic real-time monitoring. It can realize the work procedure of the finishing processing of the one-time aluminum waste.

It has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, large handling capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, and good treatment effect. 

Metal crushing production line

metal shredder

What are the Features and Advantages of Aluminum shredder?

1. Put large volume materials directly without prior disassembly.

2. Configure equipment models according to customer production requirements, with a wide range of choices.

3. From the mixed raw materials to the finished product of a single substance, automatic processing process, no secondary transport link.

4. Accurate separation of iron, aluminum, plastic, and non-ferrous metals.

5. Insist on the host for 80-100 hours of feeding test to ensure stable performance.

6. CE certification pays attention to technical details, unified standards, safe and beautiful

7. The fineness of the metal particles after crushing is less than one millimeter, and the uniformity can reach 95%.

8. Large crushing ratio, high efficiency, clean discharge

9. The chip can be fed continuously or intermittently by greatly reducing the volume occupied by chips.

10. High torque, high output value, low noise and wear resistance

11. High alloy refined blade, a good pulverizing effect for any high hardness material.

12. Driven by deceleration motor, 20% less power than similar products.

13. Can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding equipment, material transportation is convenient and efficient.

14. Equipped with an all-electric protection device, FIER aluminum wheel shredder can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by accidental failure.

15. Omni-directional control button makes FIER commercial aluminum shredder easier for you to control, and only one person is needed for the whole crushing process

aluminum shredder equipment for sale

metal shredder

Fier Aluminum can shredder can handle the following scrap steel:

1. A flattened or unflattened whole car, with or without an engine.

2. Thin and light materials with a small density of 1t/m3 after cutting or packing

3. Plate thickness is less than 6mm, width is less than 2.6m, the length is not more than 5m waste steel plate

4. Household appliances such as air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, etc

Fier beer can shredder full use of impact, shear, mutual impact, grinding, and other theories carefully developed.

Small aluminum shredder in the work, The material can be fully and effectively broken in the crushing chamber, with high yield and low energy consumption.

Metal crushing recycling

aluminum can shredder for sale

What is an Aluminum shredder appliaction?

FIER metal and plastic shredder is suitable for all kinds of scrap aluminum, aluminum ingots, aluminum foil, aluminum, aluminum alloy profile Such as waste aluminum crushing processing,

Fier mini scrap metal shredder can also be used for old bicycles, paint bucket, automobile fuel tank, water tank, oil barrels, old appliances, copper aluminum tank, waste machine, auto radiator, and other kinds of cans, metal press block, all kinds of scrap metal and plastic material such as polyethylene.

Fier scrap shredder is suitable for subsidiary enterprises of steel mills, professional scrap steel processing, and distribution enterprises, and waste recycling enterprises.

The discharge range is 2-100mm, the shape is powder granular, spherical. It can be resized according to the user’s requirement.

On our different models, the daily output of FIER side swipe pneumatic aluminum can crusher ranges from 500kg to 100 tons. Users can configure it according to the output.

Metal crushing production line

How to Operational Aluminum shredder?

  • 1. Fixed operation shall be fixed on the cement foundation.
  • 2. Before starting the machine, check the connection bolts, transmission belts, and power lines of each part of the metal crusher unit.
  • 3. Check the hole size of the hammer and screen for damage.
  • 4. After starting the machine, make the device idle for 2-3 minutes, and check the rotor steering and sound.
  • Don’t work too hard for too long. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for inspection and work can be resumed after troubleshooting.
  • 6. During the operation of the machine, the operator shall not leave the unit, and the maintenance tools shall not be placed on the machine or packing.
  • 7, do not put your hand into the packing bucket, when feeding should stand on the side of the crusher, in order to prevent rebound debris injured the face.
  • 8, after the end of the work, should be idle for 2-3 minutes, in order to let the machine material completely discharged. Cleaning and maintenance shall be carried out after stopping the machine.
  • 9, aluminum can shredder machine operation after 600 hours, to clean the bearing, change the oil. Remove the belt when parking for a long time.
aluminum shredder machine

Safety rules:

1, after starting, for the aluminum scrap shredder to run properly,  allowed uniform continuous feed crops.

2. Pay attention to motor speed and bearing temperature during operation.

3. During feeding, the operator should stand on one side of the feeding mouth, tie the sleeves tightly, and wear a mask and cap.

4. When feeding, keep away from the feed inlet to avoid a personal accident.

5. Oil injection, cleaning, and maintenance are not allowed when the machine is in operation.

6. If the motor is found smoking, blocking, poor crushing quality, bearing overheating, over 60 degrees, etc., the engine should be shut down, and scrap aluminum shredder should be stopped. 

Aluminum Shredde

Fier aluminum shredder is a crushing device used to treat waste aluminum.

Fier aluminum shredder equipment is mainly used in the waste aluminum plate, waste aluminum irregular crushing operations.

It can also be used to break all kinds of waste aluminum products, motorcycle aluminum wheel ring, engine aluminum, furnace plate, aluminum heating plate, car dismantling aluminum, aluminum alloy demolition materials, waste aluminum profiles.

Through crushing, aluminum, iron, copper, plastic, impurities and other materials can be separated.

In order to facilitate the subsequent magnetic separation, sorting devices, rapid realization of the classification of aluminum, iron, copper purification.

After our FIER aluminum shredder machine treatment of broken aluminum high density, good rules, basically no impurities.

When the aluminum plant and other smelting enterprises use the broken waste aluminum material to re-melt into new products, the unit energy consumption is low, the output is high, the comprehensive economy is obvious.

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