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Bagging machine manufacturer and supplier in China, 100%  auto bagging machine on sale

Looking for a bagging machine for your business?

Want to save time for your packaging and ensure quality?

The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.

As the professional packing manufacturer, Fier Machinery can supply you with the best solution for your bagging machine order.

You benefit from the expertise of well qualified and skilled employees on an operational and technical level of our 100%  Auto bagging machine.

fully automatic bagging machine/ mortar packing machine/ bagging machine

Fier 100% auto bagging machine structure

1. Main machine of PVPE pneumatic valve port packaging machine

2. Automatic bag return device

3. Automatic cap bagging robot

4. Empty bag placing machine (bag storage)

5. General control cabinet (including touch screen)

fully automatic bagging machine/ mortar packing machine/ bagging machine

Technical parameters of Fier poly Bagging machine

  • 1.Material: Carbon steel (surface sprayed with plastic, color can be customized)
  • 2. Packing range: 15-50kg
  • 3. Packaging speed: 18-20 tons/hour (three bites), 25kg/ bag, tile glue
  • 4. Measuring accuracy: +/ -150g/bag
  • 5. Compressed air consumption: 36-40m3/h/ port
  • 6. Air pressure: ≥6 bar
  • 7. Total dust removal air volume: 2000m3/h/ port
  • 8. Packaging machine feeding port to the ground: 2250mm (feeding port size: 300mm)
  • 9. Discharge height of finished product warehouse to the ground: 2300mm(it is recommended to install a manual plunger valve)
  • 10. Suitable for packing bag size:   L: 400-550 – mm    W: 300-500 – mm    H: 100-120 – mm
  •  11. Temperature: -5°C to 45°C

Bin of bags 

  • 1.Material: Carbon steel (surface sprayed with plastic)
  • 2.. The contact part of the empty bag is stainless steel
  • 3. stacks of empty bags can be placed (each stack height is about 100mm).
  • 4. Supporting plate lifting cylinder
  • 5. Push bag rodless cylinder
  • 6.Photoelectric switch
  • 7. Junction box included

fully automatic bagging machine/ mortar packing machine/ bagging machine

The working principle of the Fier 100% automatic bagging machine

Fier bagging machine is used to fill dry powder, small particle or flake material into the valve pocket.

Our standard type of packing machine can be used for more than 90% of materials.

Moreover, the equipment can be designed to meet the special needs of different customers. 

From simple configuration of manual bag loading to automatic bag loading and bag removal, various configurations can meet the automation requirements of different packaging machines.

Other products under the Fier can also be configured to achieve a fully automatic packing line from filling to stacking. 

When our bagging machine works, the pressure in the storage bin is different from that at the discharge port (where the valve pocket is placed).

Through air pressure, the material flows to the valve pocket placed in the outlet at a speed of 5-8 bags per minute (5-50Kg).

Packing speed is related to material specific gravity, fluidity, granularity, humidity, etc. 

fully automatic bagging machine/ mortar packing machine/ bagging machine

Quality assurance:

The free warranty period is 18 months after the spontaneous delivery or 12 months after the commissioning (whichever is first come).

During this period, due to non-human product quality problems, we shall repair them free of charge (including spare parts and manpower, except wearing parts).

In order to protect the interests of customers, we provide lifetime maintenance services, after the warranty period according to the cost of fees.

Terms of payment:

The buyer shall pay 50% of the advance payment as soon as the contract becomes effective.

Inspect goods at the factory before delivery, and pay 45% of the total contract price before delivery

Balance 5% will be paid within 3 months after installation and commissioning of the equipment.

fully automatic bagging machine/ mortar packing machine/ bagging machine

Thanks to Innovative and flexible design, our bagging machines handle a wide range of material and can be customized to satisfy special production technology.

FIER 100% automatic bagging machine working video:

Why us?

As a big professional manufacturer and supplier, We are committed to providing good quality equipment of the Sand/Cement packing machine, Powder Filling Machine, Granules Packing Machine, etc.

We FIER Machinery can give your best solution for your bagging machine.

It would be appreciated if you could contact us at any time. We will reply in 24 hours.



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