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Fier Bucket elevator (belt bucket elevator) is suitable for vertical transport of powder, granular, and small pieces of loose material with less abrasive absorbability, such as grain, coal, cement, ore, etc., lifting height is higher than 40m.

It is designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with jB3926-85 “Vertical bucket elevator”. Currently, the commonly used bucket elevator is vertical.

The structure is simple, the operation is stable, the digging type loading, the centrifugal gravity discharging, the material temperature does not exceed 60℃.

Bucket elevator

The application of Fier Bucket elevator

Compared with the traditional bucket elevator, Our machine is a high efficiency, hopper forms, should be preferred.

Our machine has four kinds of buckets: shallow bucket, arc bottom bucket, medium-deep bucket, deep bucket.

It adopts a belt and hopper elevator to transport materials. Suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small abrasive or non-abrasive materials.

It Widely used in grain, coal, fly ash, cement, crushed ore, quartz sand, carbon, and other industries.

Fier bucket elevator has been well applied.

Bucket elevator

Working principle:

It composed of the operating part (hopper and traction tape), the upper section with the driving drum, the lower section with the tension drum, the middle casing, the driving device, the reverse braking device, and so on of the chain bucket elevator parts.

Bucket elevator parts

Suitable for upward transportation of loose < 1.5t/m powder, granular and small non-abrasive and semi-abrasive loose materials, such as coal, sand, coke, cement, ore, etc.

The driving device of our machine has two kinds of reducer. Compact structure, lightweight, reliable reverse. The reducer has low noise, smooth operation to eliminate mounting stress.

Bucket elevator

 Performance characteristics of Fier bucket elevator in cement plant

1. Wide range of lifting: it can not only lift general powdery and small granular materials, but also lift materials with great grinding ability.

2, good sealing, less environmental pollution.

3. Low driving power, inflow feeding, induced unloading; Adopt large capacity hopper intensive arrangement

4. High lifting height: The hoist runs smoothly and can reach a high lifting height.

6. High operation reliability, long service life: adopt inflow feeding, no need to use bucket digging, trouble-free time more than 20,000 hours.

7, the most important point:  belt bucket elevator low price, economic durability, quality assurance!

Bucket elevator

Choice Fier

Fier Machinery provides the customers with the industry for many years, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, mining, and other lifting equipment series of overall solutions and related auxiliary equipment.

Bucket elevator

With our products and service, help customers to achieve the interests of the wider, inject power to the success of customers.

Customer satisfaction is the progress of Fier Machinery, to be a partner of customer satisfaction, is our diligently unremitting pursuit.

Choice Fier, built us future!  Ask your free quote now!

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