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Cement packing machine

Sand/Cement packing machine,50kg bag packing machine on sale 

Fier Sand/cement packing machine is also named The pneumatic valve mouth packing machine, which is our company’s technical personnel according to customer requirements, especially for the cement industry packaging production of special equipment.

Fier Sand/cement packing machine Application:

Automatic Sand /Cement packing machine can be used for cement, mortar powder, putty powder, fly ash, lime powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, gypsum powder, bentonite, kaolin clay, gypsum powder, talcum powder, ash calcium powder, coarse whiting powder, coal powder, powder, carbon black, calcium oxide, alumina, fire fighting materials such as automatic metering packaging powder and granular materials.

The pneumatic valve mouth packing machine is suitable for packing powder or fine particles with good fluidity (≤5mm), using compressed air as power.

The compressed air can fluidize the material in the closed container through the atomizer (air cushion), so as to achieve the function of conveying the material. Airtight use pneumatic rubber valve, through the control of the valve flow area, in order to control the packaging material feeding quantity, achieve effective and stable packaging accuracy and speed.

Fier Sand/cement packing machine

Fier Sand/cement packing machine performance:

1. The machine adopts a microcomputer to measure and count, with a high degree of automation, which can realize automatic packaging, automatic measurement, automatic closing, automatic zero measurement, and automatic bag dropping when the set value is reached.

2. Mechanical and electrical integration, small size, lightweight, and equipped with dust removal, dust performance is good.

3. Accurate measurement, stable performance, simple operation, is an ideal equipment for cement packaging.

Note: this machine is suitable for valve pocket, and can be used for packing all kinds of plastic bag, leather bag and inner plastic bag

Fier Sand/cement packing machine

Fier Sand/cement packing machine advantages:

  • High degree of automation, computer intelligent automatic identification
  • Simple operation, only need workers to insert bags (no manual moving the gate action) can complete the packaging production process,
  •  improve the labor environment, save labor (3-4 people), reduce the labor intensity of workers,
  • greatly reduce the production cost, improve the production efficiency.
  • All the technical indexes of the machine meet the requirements of the standard.
  • It is widely used in the automatic filling of various dry powder and granular materials.

Fier Sand/cement packing machine

Fier Sand/cement packing machine Main technical parameters:

1. Bag weight error: 50±0.3kg

2. Bag weight qualified rate: 98%

3. Output per month :10t/h

4. Voltage 220 v

5. Single bag weight: adjustable within 10-100kg

The packaging machine is equipped with dust removal port, You can be equipped with dust removal equipment according to their needs.

The biggest characteristic of this product is that through the processing of the controller, it solves the problems that cannot be solved in the same kind of products in the past, and shows its higher scientific and technological content and accuracy, which is incomparable in the same kind of products.

Cement packing process

Manually bag→automatic filling →Automatic weighing→Automatic conveying→Automatic sealing→Next progress

The working Video

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