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FIER Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine for Your Project

1. Simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, less occupation, labor-saving, electricity-saving characteristics.

2. The finished product is uniform.

3. Good sealing and clean working environment.

4. Can be continuously pressed production, durable.

5. FIER coconut shell powder making machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of biomass raw materials (corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust, and other agricultural materials as raw materials or wood factory waste materials).

Get FIER Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine to Boost Your Business

Coconut husk Pulverizer machine

FIER coconut shell powder making machine is used for light material, fiber material, brittle material, toughness material, and other special difficult crushing equipment.

Equip with fineness analyzer, fineness of finished product can be adjusted in the range of 40-400 mesh according to user demand. Send us a quote now!

Questions You May Ask About Our Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine

Q: 1. How to make coconut shell powder?

A: coconut shell powder manufacturing project report: Processing. First, the coconut shell and the coconut meat are separated by hand. Then, the coconut meat is gathered together. The coconut shell can be first broken and then crushed in our Coconut shell powder-making machine.

The powder from our pulverizer is sent to the cyclone separator, and the finished product is collected in the bag filter and processed.

coconut shell powder price is high, so you can making money through them.

Q: 2. What is the use of coconut shell powder?

A: Coconut meat powder contains a lot of vitamins, which contribute to human health and is edible.

Coconut shell powder can be used as feed, waste, and activated carbon.

All in all, coconut shell powder uses is plenty, coconut husks are a treasure, and when processing well,  it can bring you huge economic benefits

Q: 3. Can you burn coconut shells?

No, The coconut shell is a treasure house. If burned, it not only causes air pollution but also wastes natural resources.

Coconut shell powder buyers are very much, Use the coconut shell to its full advantage, and it can bring you unexpected benefits

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As a big professional Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine manufacturer in China, we can supply you with a turn-key solution for your coconut shell powder machine at a competitive price.

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Coconut husk Pulverizer machine

What is a Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine?

Fier Coconut shell powder making machine, also known as pulse grinder, is a new type of Pulverizer.

It can directly smash all kinds of coconut shells and other materials into different sizes of sawdust, fiber, particle, powder, etc.

Fier Coconut shell powder making machine  can not only be used for chopping and processing of bark, board skin, coconut shell, branches, bamboo, and other plant stalks,

It can also be used for chopping and processing various crop straws and herbage.

The finished products can be used for power generation, papermaking, wood-based panel, refining hexanol, feed, and so on.

Fier Coconut shell powder making machine is also an advanced production of edible fungi, cultivation of wood chips needed for the ideal machinery equipment.

It can process wood, branches, and other raw materials into wood chips at one time

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What do Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine features?

1. The grinding temperature is low, and the temperature of the powder produced by the grinder without a cooling system * will not exceed 45 degrees in the case of continuous operation. Therefore, for the vast majority of customers, it can completely save expensive and occupying cooling facilities. For customers with special requirements.

2. High fineness of crushing, so that most animal and plant materials can be crushed to 150 to 250 mesh, hard materials can reach 1000 mesh;

3. Low grinding cost and energy consumption under the same conditions. Generally, the consumption of ultrafine powder above 1000 mesh is less than 0.5 degree;

4. Reasonable design, less consumption of the machine itself, simple maintenance, can greatly reduce the production cost.

Note: The grinding fineness of the Fier Coconut shell powder making machine is determined by the size of the screen hole. Users can reasonably select mesh screen according to the size requirements.

coconut shell powder machine

How to Installation and commissioning Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine?

1. When the coconut shell powder making machine is working, it should be installed on a smooth and solid site.

2. The motor shall be equipped and installed as required.

3. Before installing the belt, check whether the rotation direction of the index power is consistent with the cutting direction of the hay cutter, and adjust the installation belt after confirming there is no mistake, and make the belt tighten properly.

4, should not start before the moving and fixed knife guillotine clearance inspection and adjustment, so that the gap adjustment control in 0.8mm below without knock, and then lock the bolt.

5. All parts are adjusted normally. After confirmation, power on for test run, check whether the fastener connection of each part is loose or whether there is abnormal sound in each rotating part.

Coconut husk crusher machine

How to maintenance Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine?


  • 1. Before starting the Fier Coconut shell powder making machine, the operator must read the operation manual carefully and adjust and maintain it according to its fixed position. The operator must master the structure and functional requirements of the machine.2, supporting power must meet the requirements, not allowed to improve the spindle speed.
  • 2. Check whether the operation direction is the same as the cutting direction before starting up; otherwise, it is strictly prohibited to start up.
  • 3, the need for cutting materials should not be mixed with metal, stones, and other hard objects, otherwise it will cause machine damage.
  • 4. After several hours of operation, it is necessary to observe whether all parts are loose, so the bearing must be regularly filled with butter.
  • 5. During feeding, the operator’s hand is strictly forbidden to get close to the blade, so as to avoid accidents. Feeding should be evenly adequate, not too much or too little, fast or slow.
  • 6, is strictly prohibited under the influence of alcohol, illness, or excessive fatigue work, is strictly prohibited to wear gloves, mentally retarded, under 18 years of age, over 60 years of age, and do not know the hay cutter use rules of the individual operation.
  • 7. In the work, if grass blocking or other faults are found, power off shall be immediately pulled, and the work shall be carried out after troubleshooting. It is strictly prohibited to work with diseases.
  • 8. Non-working personnel and those who are not familiar with the performance of the machine are not allowed to start the machine casually.10. When the machine is not in use for a long time, it should be stored indoors or in a shed to prevent the machine from rusting.
coconut shell powder machine

How much coconut shell powder making machine price?

The detailed price of  Our Fier Coconut shell powder making machine is determined according to the production of equipment, accessories, moisture content of materials, motor, and other factors required by customers.

The price of coconut shell powder making machines of different models, specifications, and sizes is different.

From small wood grinder to large size, the main engine price is generally between 2000-5500usd,

Add the accessories (motor, distribution cabinet, conveyor, etc.) and the price is not fixed.

We purchase all these parts externally, and the main price is based on the market price.

coconut shell powder machine

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We Fier Machinery can supply you with the one-stop turn-key solution for your coconut shell powder-making machine order.

Not only the quality and service are guaranteed, but also we offer a competitive coconut shell crushing machine price。

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine

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