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Drum mixer for thermal insulation mortar on sale

Fier Drum mixer is also named Thermal Insulation Mortar Mixer.

It is used for the mixed production of vitreous microbeads thermal insulation mortar.

Fier Machinery produces the drum mixer is a new type of high shear drum mixer.

It has the advantages of saving time, convenient operation, high uniformity, no residue, good sealing, no vibration, small dust, and so on.

The advantage of the equipment is that it is not broken in the process of mixing glass bubbles.

Drum mixer

Fier Drum Mixer Working Principle:

1. Fier Drum mixer adopts a centrifugal drum mixing, driven by a new cycloidal pin reducer, equipped with a special high strength rubber roller drive, with smooth rotation and gentle movement.

2. The well-designed guide plate in the drum body can make the material gently rotate and mix with the shell body, without damaging the original state of glass bubbles.

3, the unique design of the forward and backward unloading way, to ensure that the equipment to achieve rapid discharge, and no residual.

The advantage of a drum mixer is that the original shape of glass beads is not damaged in the mixing process, so as to ensure the good thermal insulation effect of mortar in practical application.

Drum mixer

Fier Drum mixer features:

1. The whole machine uses to roll at a low speed, so that  avoid the damage of glass bubbles in the production process;

2. Guide board is used inside the main machine to evenly mix the materials, with short mixing time and high output;

3. Large mixing bin capacity, no dead Angle or residue in mixing;

4, good sealing, small dust, simple operation, easy maintenance.

 Fier Drum mixer production line structure:

Drum mixer

1. Mixing system: the mixing machine adopts a drum mixer with a large capacity mixing bin. The mixing time is short, the output is high, the uniformity is high, and there is no residue or breakage.

2. Lifting and conveying system: the lifting conveyor used in this project is a bucket elevator, which can effectively protect the melting weight standard of glass bubbles and improve the lifting speed. 

3. Dust removal system: the whole equipment is completely airtight without dust leakage, and multi-point dust remover is adopted to collect the dust at the feeding and discharging outlets, which optimizes the working environment and ensures the health of employees.

Drum mixer

The main parameters

Product name Output type motor power(KW) Reducer (KW) note
Thermal insulation mortar mixer 5m³ FM-BZ-5 5.5 XWD-5 Mixer 1m³,cylinder thickness 6mm,
7m³ FM-BZ-7 7.5 XWD-7 Mixer 2m³,cylinder thickness 6mm
soil FM-BZ-C
Area 5m³ FM-BZ-P5 simple type
7m³ FM-BZ-P7 simple type

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