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  • 1. Dry Mortar mixer, also known as a dry powder mixer, is a horizontal cylinder with three layers of screw belt inside and outside. It has a unique structure, low noise, stable operation, long service life, and convenient installation and maintenance;
  • 2. Widely used in internal and ready mix dry mortar, dry cement mortar, coating, waterproof materials, chemical industry, ceramics, refractory materials, and other industries; Fast mixing speed, high uniformity, no dead Angle, small residue;
  • 3. Can be equipped with screw elevator or bucket elevator according to user needs; Horizontal body is provided with a movable door so that users can clean; Can be customized carbon steel, half stainless steel, all stainless steel mixer.
Mini Mortar Mixer

Mini Mortar Mixer

Ribbon Blender for dry mortar

Mixer for Cement Mortar

dry mortar mixer

5ton/ batch Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Auto Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Dry mix mortar plant

Dry mix mortar plant

50ton/h Dry Mortar Mixer Mahicne

50ton/h Dry Mortar Mixer Mahicne

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Dry Mortar Mixer Machine for tile adhesive

Dry Mortar Mixer Machine for tile adhesive

Mixing speed is fast, mixing uniformity is high, especially viscous, screw belt can be installed scraper, more suitable for thick, paste mixing

dry mortar plant mix cement sand

Dry Mortar Mixer Machine for all kinds mortar

Applicable to putty powder, dry powder coating, masonry coating, plastering mortar, insulation system required mortar, decorative mortar, and other dry mortar

dry cement mortar

Dry Mortar Mixer for wall Putty

Increase material contact surface area to promote chemical reaction; It can also accelerate physical changes, such as the addition of granular solute to the solvent, through the action of mixing machinery can accelerate the dissolution and blending.

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dry mix mortar plant
dry mortar mixer machine
dry mortar production line

FIER Dry Mortar Mixer Machine In Peru

Questions You May Ask About Our Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

FIER Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Fier machinery specializes in the production of industrial mixing equipment since 1997, dry mortar production line,  dry mortar mixer machine, dry powder mixer, widely used in feed, building materials, highway, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, refractories, and other fields.

We Fier Machinery have been awarded eight utility model patents and three appearance patents.

Our Machines have passed the international quality management department ISO9001 certification, production license, THE EU CE certification, TUV Rheinland Safety certification, France international inspection Bureau BV quality certification, and honor Henan Top-ten business operators.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Because professional, so reliable, Fier Machiner will give you the turn-key solution for your dry mortar mixer machine order.

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FIER: Dry Mix Mortar Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

dry mortar mixer

dry mix mortar plant

As the professional manufacturer of the dry mortar mixer machine, Fier Machinery can supply dry mortar manufacturers with the best solution for your dry mix mortar machine completed with the packing machine. 

Fier dry mortar mixer machine is based on the high-efficient multi-screw belt putty powder mixer.

It equipped with an electric feeding conveyor, a finished product storage tank, an automatic packaging machine, and an electric control cabinet.

Thus forming an efficient, reasonable, and easy to operate simple flow operating system for you.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

What is dry mortar mixer machine Advantages?

  • 1. Compact equipment layout, small floor space, low investment, quick effect, simple operation, convenient maintenance, good sealing, less dust;
  • 2, the machine added packaging machine in the finished product packaging, shorten the packaging time, reduce the labor intensity, to achieve the feeding, stirring, packaging the whole process of continuous operation;
  • 3. Suitable for individual and small and medium-sized factories.

Fier dry mortar mixer machine adopts automatic weighing valve port packaging machine to pack bags every 4 to 6 seconds, workers only need to insert bags, no second operation, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

dry mortar mixer machine for sale

dry mix mortar mixer machine for sale

What is dry mortar mixer machine Structural components?

It is generally a dry powder mixer and two screw conveyor and finished products silo, automatic packaging machine, dust removal equipment composed of automatic dry powder mixer production line

Single batch stirring 1-5 tons, daily production 30-200 tons for dry mix mortar.

Fier Dry mortar mix machine of automatic dry mix plant belongs to the horizontal mixer with a good sealing effect.

Dry mix mortar plant

dry mortar production line

What does dry mortar Mixer featuers?

  • 1. Diversified driving modes, single chain drive, gear drive, and two-way drive can be selected according to your needs;
  • 2. Good mixing effect not only for low specific gravity materials but also for high specific gravity materials such as ore powder, metal powder, etc.;
  • 3. For the soft masses or condensation blocks that may appear in the material, the soft masses or condensation blocks can be broken in the upper part of the mixing pulp blade through the sheer force generated by its high-speed operation;
  • 4. The bottom discharge adopts a wide-open door structure, so as to realize fast unloading, reduce mixing dead Angle and less residue;
  • 5. You can choose a jacket and spray device according to the process requirements, so as to heat and cool the material or spray an appropriate amount of liquid into the material

What does dry mortar Mixer application?

Fier Dry mix mortar equipment can meet the requirements of different properties of ready mix dry mortar needs.

For example masonry mortar. Plastering mortar. The insulation system required mortar. Decorative mortar and other bell mortar.

Widely used in the chemical industry, medicine, food, compound fertilizer, dye, pigment, rubber, building materials, refractory materials, feed, plastic glass and new materials, and other industries of powder and powder, powder in glue slurry material mixing.

It has an obvious price advantage over similar products.

The production project of exterior wall insulation and decorative mortar, not only has low investment and high benefit but also avoids the idle equipment and waste of resources caused by excessive investment.

dry mortar plant drawing

dry mortar production line drawing

How to mix mortar in a mixer?/how to make mortar in a mixer?

When the dry mortar enters the silo of the dry mortar mixer, the motor drives the spindle to rotate. Under the action of the stirring ribbon, the dry mortar particles cause instantaneous weightlessness due to their fluidity.

All kinds of raw materials permeate each other and then produce multi-directional compound circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. 

FIER dry mortar mixer machine can solve all your industrial mixing solutions.

dry moratr production line

dry mortar production with sand dryer

Mixed mortar, quickly put into the finished product warehouse to start caching, storage. 

The finished product warehouse is linked to the packaging machine, so as to start measuring and packaging.

Dry mortar production plants with large production capacity can be connected with lifting belt conveyors behind the packing machine to transfer the finished products to the finished product area or trucks

dry mortar mixer plant

dry mortar plant

How to use a mortar mixer?

In the operation of Dry mortar mixer mchine, the feeding capacity shall not exceed the rated capacity.The tool shall not collide with the blender when feeding, nor shall it be put into the blender to scrape the material while running.

Note that the dry mortar mixer should be checked to confirm that the parts and components are complete and effective before operation. Before feeding, the machine should be run emptyfirst, check whether the rotating direction of the mixing blade is correct. It must be installed on a solid foundation, and pay attention to adjust the feeding platform.

During the operation of the mortar mixer, it is not allowed to put hands or sticks into the mixing material pocket or clean mortar at the mouth of the mixing material pocket.

If a fault occurs in the operation, the power should be cut off and the mortar in the agitating material pocket should be poured out for maintenance and troubleshooting.

After the completion of the work, do a good job of cleaning inside and outside the mixer and around the mixer

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