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1. FIER dry mortar plant mix cement sand, drymix mortar, dry putty, dry powder materials, dry powder binder, insulation mortar, and other products with different performance requirements, such as putty powder, coating, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, bonding mortar, insulation mortar, decorative mortar, and other mortar series products

2. Small footprint, less investment, quick results, simple operation (3-5 people can operate)

3. All FIER dry mortar plant can be customized according to your factory size, investment budget, and working environment

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  • 1. You use a dry mix mortar plant to what kind of project.
  • 2. Output capacity per day you need.
  • 3. Which raw materials you can find? The cheaper the better, it will affect your whole cost.
  • 4. What kind of package or shipment method?
  • 5. What’s the destination of your country?
  • 6. Need any other auxiliary equipment or not, such as a Sand dryer?

Fier dry mortar plant has different kind types for your choice.

Dry Mortar Plant: 5 Essential Things You Need To Know

What is a dry mortar plant? It is easy to assume that most people can answer this question. The truth, however, is that most individuals cannot give an accurate definition of this incredible machinery despite its popularity in the construction industry.

Well, if you don’t know what it is, you are in the right place. This article provides all the facts you need to know, including what it is and its application areas.

Essentially speaking, this guidepost takes you a step closer to becoming a dry mortar mix plant export.

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What is dry mix mortar? To understand what this machine is and what it does, you ought to know the answer to this question. So, let me inform you what it is in simple terms.

Well, it is a balanced dry mix of sand, cement, mineral, and other purposeful additives. This mixture falls into three distinct categories depending on its usage. These categories include;

  • Colored powder coatings
  • Adhesive dry mortar
  • Road or ground repair and hardening mortar
dry mortar plant/dry mortar production line/ dry mix plaster plant

dry mortar plant for sale

Some of you probably wonder why they have to invest in a mixing machine when they can do the job manually. You need to mix all the elements proportionally to produce the perfect mortar mix. You can only achieve this perfect mixture by using a mortar plant.

Moreover, any attempt to mix the sand, cement, and all the other elements of a dry mortar mix manually will take an excessive amount of time. What is dry mortar used for? This article answers this question and much more. So, sit back and read as keenly as you can.

1. What is the dry mortar used for?

Generally speaking, a dry motor consists of sand, cement, and minerals like limestone. However, you can add other materials to the mixture depending on its intended application.

There are several uses of dry mortar in the construction industry. For example, bricklayers use it to create ample support and solidity between bricks when building walls. Other notable uses of the dry motor mix include;

  • Filling deep holes on concrete walls
  • Leveling concrete surfaces
  • Repairing plasters and stuccos
  • Dry mortar mixed with water can be used as fillers
  • Bonding agent for tiles
dry mortar plant

fully automatic dry mortar plant

 Dry mix products play a critical role in speeding up the construction process. There is no doubt that speed and optimal time utilization are essential for the success of any construction business.

You can indeed buy packaged dry ready mix mortar for your building project. It would be wise to go for the ready-made option when dealing with a small-scale momentary building project. However, it is advisable to invest in a dry mix mortar manufacturing plant if you run a large-scale construction business.

Dry mortar offers exceptional technical features that meet the strict performance necessities in all construction projects.

Moreover, there are quite a few other advantages of using this incredible mixture. Let us look at some of the benefits you will reap if you decide to use it in your construction project.

Advantages of using dry motor

  1. Dry mortar improves construction work efficiency

If you’ve ever procured employment on a building site, you can attest to the fact that logistical challenges tend to slow down the working speed.

Dry mortar is, without a doubt, a one-stop solution to all logistical challenges. Compared to old-fashioned mortar prepared on-site, dry mortar is pretty easy to transport.

The ease of transportation coupled with the fact that dry mortar minimizes sand and cement wastage tends to improve overall work efficiency.

In fact, recent studies show that dry motor increases work efficiency by approximately 500%. Is this not enough motivation to invest in a dry mortar mixer machine, especially if you manage a large-scale construction business?

     2. Dry mortar provides consistent strength and durability

Generally speaking, a lot of work goes into producing the perfect dry mortar. As I mentioned earlier, this mixture comprises cement, sand, and several other components depending on its intended application.

Logically, there is no way to maintain appropriate proportions when mixing such ingredients manually. However, when using a dry mortar plant, you can regulate the ratio of each element. Usually, one part of cement mixed with four parts of cement forms the ideal mixture.

Adding an unadulterated volume of water to this perfect dry mortar mixture guarantees maximum stability and unparalleled longevity.

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         3. Dry mortar minimizes labor costs  

Mixing cement, sand, and all other necessary components on-site will require you to employ an additional labor force. Your overall expenditure increases with every extra individual you have to hire for this task. Considering that all you need to do when using dry mortar is to add some water to the mixture, it is safe to say it minimizes these unnecessary costs.

      4. Dry mortar has thermal insulation properties and environmentally friendly components

Have you ever strolled into a building and were shocked to find cracks on the walls? In most instances, these cracks arise as a result of extreme temperatures. Well, choosing to use dry mortar instead of traditional on-site mixtures combats such heartbreaking sights. This is primarily because dry mortar products have excellent thermal properties. It is also worth noting that dry mortar production mainly involves the use of environmentally friendly components.

2. What is dry mix in construction?

When laying a tile, you must use a material that can bond the tile to the ground. This is where a tile adhesive comes in.

Essentially speaking is an ecologically friendly, non-toxic amalgamated bonding substance. Why exactly do you need to manufacture it, and how do you carry out the manufacturing process?

Logically, there is no need to manufacture tile adhesive if you are working on a single project.

You can easily buy ready-made tile adhesives from a store near you at an affordable price.

Nonetheless, if you possess a business that involves constantly installing tiles, you might want to consider another approach.

In such a business, you will need to use a sizeable amount of cement. So, it is more feasible to manufacture tile adhesive than buy ready-made ones in such a scenario.

Generally speaking, the first step of manufacturing this bonding material is investing in a dry mortar mix plant.

In contradiction of common belief, it is not hard to purchase one of these. All it takes is to find a dependable dry mix mortar plant manufacturer.

You are in the right place since you are reading this article because China’s Fair machinery has got you covered. We have a wealth of expertise in machine manufacturing, and our prices are pretty affordable. What else could anyone want when looking for a dry mortar plant for sale?

The process of manufacturing tile adhesives is pretty straightforward once you invest in our top-of-the-line dry mortar plant. The primary raw materials you need for this process include;

  • Portland cement
  • Quartz sand
  • Limestone
  • Cellulose fiber
adhesive manufacturing plant

adhesive manufacturing plant

3.What is dry mix mortar manufacturing process?

There are several dry mortar mixing plants that you can choose from depending on your specific needs.

Still, the process of manufacturing dry mix mortar remains the same regardless of the type of mixer you opt for. Whether it is a small dry mortar batching plant or a top-of-the-line dry mortar production line, you must follow these steps;

  1. The first step is sand pretreatment. This stage often involves crushing, grinding, screening and storage. Nevertheless, if you are using river sand, you only need to dry and screen it. You can also opt to purchase sand that has gone through these processes in a warehouse.
  2. Secondly, you need put cement, fillers, and any other necessary additives in their respective storage compartments       
  3.  Next, measure each ingredient of the dry mortar mix to ensure they are of the right proportion.
  4. Once you confirm that all ingredients are of the right proportion, place all the materials into the dry mortar plant for mixing
  5. Once the machine finishes mixing, the final logical step is packaging

4.How to design a dry mortar plant

Composition of Fier dry mortar production:

1. Sand dryer →2. Automatic batching system →3. Conveying and lifting machine→ 4. Small silo →5. Mixer →6.finished product warehouse →7.packing machine→8.Industrial dust collector →9.Control cabinet

sand dryer

Proficient design capabilities are a basic necessity for the success of any dry mortar plant manufacturer.

I can assure you that Fair Machinery’s design team is up to the task of designing dry mortar mixers. The design process may vary from one manufacturer to another.

However, any proficient manufacturer adheres to the following basic steps when designing a dry mix plant;

  1. First, the design team employs cutting-edge automated technology
  2. Secondly, the design team factors in specific foundation and construction requirements into the design formulation
  3. Using unique technology, the design team tests various aspects to ensure that the machine can deliver optimum mixing uniformity.
  • 2. Raw material tank
cement silo
  • 3. Batching system
Batching scale
  • 4. Mixing system: 
Dual-shaft mixer
  • 5. Packaging system:
cement packing machine
  • 6. Dust removal system:
Pulse dust collector
  • 7..Conveying and lifting system: 
Bucket elevator
  • 8. Control system: 
PLC control cabinet
  • 9.Steel frame, platform, ladder, guardrail
dry mortar plant platform

5.What is the investment cost for dry mortar plant?

Generally, the investment cost varies depending on your specific requirements and the dry mix mortar plant supplier you choose to work with. Some of the factors that affect the overall investment cost include;

  • The size of the plant
  • The plant’s production capacity
  • Your specific configuration requirements

Fair Machinery guarantees exquisite quality at a competitive investment cost for any dry mortar plant you may need.

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer mouth-watering discounts for all our products, including the tile adhesive manufacturing plant.

All it takes to get the best deal is to contact us and tell us precisely what you need.

Our devoted sales team will get back to you with a price quotation that is guaranteed to blow your mind away.  

FIER Dry Mortar Plant Successful cases

Within the Industry mixing and packing, Fier Machinery is holding a 63% market share in China and is developing more and more dealers across Europe and North America.

While in the processing dry mortar market, lots of successful projects are built and earning profit for our clients from Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

10 ton/h tile adhesive production line in Bolivia

Dry mortar production line

ready mix plaster plant

25 tons/h dry mortar production line in Iran

fully automatic dry mortar production line

dry mortar plant design

20ton/h Dry Mortar production in Uganda

dry mix motar production lilne

dry mix mortar plant

Fier Machinery can provide you with a full-automatic and semi-automatic dry mix mortar plant/ production line.

  • 1. Accept customer consultation, according to customer needs, determine the scale of operation, provide plant plans;
  • 2. To provide the project design, process design for customers, suitable for your machine and equipment selection plan, timely for the consideration
  • Customer to provide relevant technical documents;
  • 3. According to your special needs, design and manufacture products, training technical operators for your preliminary design and construction design.
  • 4. We can send engineers to your country according to your needs

 If you are looking for a dry mortar plant manufacturer, Fier Machinery will be your best choice.

We can supply you with the best turn-key solution for your dry mix mortar plant.

and we welcome you to visit our office and factory at any time! Seeing is believing!

Choice Fier, work with us, build your further!

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how many silos does dry mortar plant need?

A complete dry mortar plant contains silos, but the number of silos depends on the type of raw material you use. 

FIER can customize the size and quantity of silos accoring to your requirements.

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