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1, the whole drying room adopts a fully closed structure, hot air box circulation, energy saving.  

3, adjustable air plate, uniform temperature inside the box. 

4. The insulation layer is 80mm thick and conforms to GMP standard with small heat loss. 

5, baking tray network disk is suitable for many industries, strong interchangeability. 

6. Automatic constant temperature control, regular working hours, mechanized production, batch product quality stability. 

7, can be customized according to the customer’s requirements of non-standard size, heating methods, materials can be customized.

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Fruit Dehydrator

1. Energy saving and low operating cost.

2. Good drying quality and beautiful appearance:

Close to natural drying, it can maintain the original color, flavor, and nutrition of nuts.

3. Drying parameters are easy to control and the adjustable range is wide:

4. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free:

The drying process does not produce any harmful substances, does not emit CO2

Questions You May Ask About Our Fruit Dehydrator

In order to use Our drying equipment to achieve better working performance and drying effect, there are some precautions to be noted:

1. The working temperature is high, so flammable and explosive items must not be placed around our fruit dryer;

2. Clean the inside and outside of our drying equipment of regularly;

3. Do not exceed the temperature range of our fruit dryer;

4. Do not use our fruit dehydrator room to dry inflammable, explosive, volatile or corrosive materials;

5. Our Drying equipment should be placed in a dry and ventilated place when stored.

FIER Food dryer, Vegetable and Fruit Dehydrator on Sale

fruit dryer

Fier Fruit dryer room is the equipment for all kinds of drying fruit slices.

how to dry fruit dehydrator?

After further processing, not only the preservation time of fruits was prolonged, but also the added value of vegetables and fruits was increased, and the economic benefits of vegetable farmers and fruit farmers were improved.

Fier fruit dryer room is suitable for the users of fruit farmers and fruit and vegetable processing plants with large planting volume.

Fruit dehydrator and vegetable Drying Room

drying fruit dehydrator

What is Fruit Dehydrator features?

  • 1) Convenient installation: it is convenient for installation and demolition. It covers a small area and can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • 2) Energy-saving: compared with coal burning, oil, and gas drying equipment, it can save about 75% of operating costs.
  • 3) Environmental protection and no pollution: it is an environmentally friendly product with sustainable development.
  • 4) Safe and reliable operation: it is a safe and reliable completely closed drying system.
  • 5) Long service life, low maintenance cost: it is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, and the process is stable and reliable
  • 6) Comfortable, convenient, automatic, a high degree of intelligence: the use of automatic control thermostat, 24 hours of the continuous drying operation.
  • 7) Wide range of applications, not affected by the climate: can be widely used in food, chemical industry, medicine 1 medicine, paper products, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing, and other industries heating drying operations.
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dried fruit dehydrator

What does the fruit dehydrator working principle?

Fier best fruit dehydrator not only can be used to dry a variety of fruits such as mango, strawberry, pineapple, plum, apricot, apple, banana, etc.

But also can fit  drying tea, Marine products, medicinal materials, fungi, vegetables, mushroom, corn, coconut, betel nut, agaric and other agricultural and sideline products, etc

commercial drying room

dry fruit dehydrator

What does a fruit dehydrator application?

Can dry all kinds of vegetables, fruits, tea, clothes, spices, hemp, tobacco, etc

Drying Room

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Choose our Fruit Dryer Machine

FIER fruit dehydrator is not affected by the external environment, weather, season, and climate, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

And Our fruit dryer can well guarantee the quality, color, appearance, and active ingredients of the dried products.

Can meet the drying requirements of different products, is a multi-functional drying equipment

And we FIER also have a sand dryer, packing machine, etc.

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Vegetable and Fruit Dehydrator

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