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1.Made of high-quality stainless steel, the surface is smooth and easy to clean, meeting the requirements of food hygiene;

2. FIER hemp dryer is not only for drying materials but also for baking, burning, or curing of materials.

3, Our industrial hemp drying equipment structure is not complex, easy to install, can run for a long time, in case of failure can enter the box internal maintenance, maintenance is convenient.

4. FIER hemp belt dryer has the advantages of a high drying rate, high evaporation strength, and stable product quality.

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FIER industrial hemp drying machine is suitable for heating, curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry, and other industries.

Such as raw materials, raw drugs, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, extract, powder, granules, granules, water pills, packaging bottles, pigment dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, plastic resin, electrical components, baking paint, and so on.

Questions You May Ask About Our Hemp Drying Machine

FIER Hemp Drying Room

1, There are coal heating, electric heating, heat pump, biomass pellet heating and other types, users can choose according to the actual situation.

2. Temperature and humidity range can be set in advance, which can realize automatic control of drying temperature and humidity.

3, the standard type has 2 groups, 4 groups, 6 groups, 8 groups, and other specifications, can also be customized according to needs.

4, The material of baking tray is galvanized, stainless steel, special drying plastic tray, etc., the size of baking tray is 1500mm×1000mm or 800mm×600mm, can also be customized according to the need.

5, low investment cost, safe and reliable operation, wide application range.

6, simple training can achieve one person multi-machine management operation, save human resources for customers.

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FIER Hemp Drying Machine, Portable Hemp Dryer on Sale

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Do you want to post-harvest processing medicinal hemp when preparing for hemp oil extraction?

Fier Hemp Drying machine is essential to handle the massive volumes of commercial hemp drying by large-scale hemp farms.

Fier industrial hemp drying equipment that USES stainless steel braided mesh belt as conveying material for continuous drying. It is suitable for flow line operation.

Since the conveyor belt is reticulated, various lumps are dried regularly or irregularly

Such as hemp, Garlic slices, French fries, dandelion, apple slices, herbs, food, vegetables, etc.

Our Hemp drying machine can be used with other equipment. It can also be used alone.

Our portable hemp dryer can be widely used in food processing and other industries can do multi-layer design, to meet your large production hemp drying services.

Hemp Drying Machine

commercial hemp drying machine

What is a hemp drying machine features?

The drying area, air pressure, air volume, drying temperature, and speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted to meet the characteristics and quality requirements of hemp drying solutions.

Our hemp dryer USES negative pressure to draw the air, so that the hot air at 10-16m/s speed and material surface uniform contact, hot air utilization rate is high, fast drying speed.

The temperature of all parts in the drying room can be adjusted to be constant. It can be uniformly exchanged. The machine is divided into two layers for a group, multi-group superposition, each group operates separately.

Also Suitable material for turning over dryer: suitable for drying and processing materials such as flake, granule, strip, block, stalk, slag, and so on.

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mobile hemp drying machine

What does the hemp drying machine Working principle?

Lay the Hemp flower and hemp leaves evenly on the net belt and drag them back and forth in the dryer by the driving device

The drying section is divided into several units, and the hot air of each unit circulates independently from bottom to top or from top to bottom through the stainless steel mesh belt covered with material to take away the material moisture.

The hot air passes through the material, and the water vapor is discharged from the dehumidification hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying

The mesh belt moves slowly. The running speed of the material can be adjusted according to the temperature of the material.

After drying, the finished product falls into the receiver continuously.

The finished products can be ground and processed by our grinding machine, and then packaged by the packaging machine, which is convenient for storage and sales

hemp flower drying system

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Advantages of Fier industrial hemp dryers

  • 1. The vibration and impact of the material on the belt dryer are slight, and the material particles are not easy to be pulverized and broken, so it is also suitable for drying some materials that are not allowed to be broken.
  • 2. The material is fully turned in the drying process, which improves the drying efficiency.
  • 3. The temperature and transfer speed of each drying section can be adjusted according to the nature of the material, and different air volume can be designed
  • 4, mesh belt drive can be step-less speed regulation, hot air temperature automatic control, to ensure stable drying temperature, simple operation; 
  • 5. Adopt a special hot air circulation structure, the hot air distribution is even, energy-saving and practical; 
  • 6. The net belt is equipped with stainless steel baffle, which can effectively prevent the material from falling during the drying process; 
  • 7, Our hemp drying machine is equipped with a cleaning door and access door, so that cleaning and maintenance more convenient.
commercial hemp drying

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What does a hemp drying machine application?

Fier hemp drying machine not only can dry Hemp flower and hemp leaves, but also can satisfy the drying of root, stem, leaf, stripe, block, flake, large grain and other vegetable materials and mass continuous production,

and at the same time, Our hemp belt dryer can retain the nutrition composition and color of the product to a large extent. 

Typical dry materials are: fruit, vegetables, meat, pumpkin, carrot, Konjac, yam, bamboo shoot, pepper, onion, apple, and so on.

drying room setup

shipping container hemp dryer

What are the components of a hemp drying machine?

  • Drying box,
  • heat exchange furnace,
  • conveying device,
  • equalizing device,
  • sealing device,
  • heat preservation device,
  • the hot air input device,
  • electric temperature control device.

FIER homemade hemp dryer observation door material: stainless steel, color steel tile material, and polyurethane insulation board material, you can choose according to your requirements.

Small hemp dryer

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Hemp Drying Machine

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