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Feed mill machine

Feed Mixer Grinder Manufacturer, Fier Feed mill machine for sale for quality feed powder production

If you want to buy your feed mixer grinder or want to process the feed for poultry.

Fier feed mill machine is Specialized in light body materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials, and another special difficult grinding of new poultry feed mill equipment.

We can supply you with a competitive price with SGS, CE, ISO certificates. and give the best solution for your feed mill machine order.

Fier feed mill machine

Fier feed mill machine, feed mixer grinder introduction:

Fier Feed mill machine adopts the roller to screen the material, the fineness of the finished product is more even, the pulverizer is fully closed operation, and the dust collector is configured to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The machine has the function of cooling, especially suitable for processing thermoplastic, fibrous material, suitable for chemical industry, medicine, spices, pigments, dye, feed, plastics, carbon black, catalyst, aluminum hydroxide, alumina, talc, mica, graphite, AC foaming agent, petroleum coke, pesticide, paint, flame retardants, electronic materials, rubber, metallurgy, ceramics, food, building materials, iron ore, cement, refractories, inorganic mineral, such as grains, smash the ideal equipment.

Fier feed mill machine

The working principle of Fier Feed Mill Machine, feed mixer grinder

  1. Crushing knife is composed of type 7 knife, type 1 knife, and centrifugal knife.
  2. The attached machine is composed of a fan, powder collector, and dust collector.
  3. driven by the motor crusher rotor high-speed operation, so that the mechanical high-speed airflow to crush materials produce high strength impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction, to achieve a unique crushing function.
  4.  in the process of three kinds of blade cutting grinding, high-speed rotor airflow over the blade direction, materials in the airflow speed and repeated impact, friction, cutting by three kinds of crushing effect at the same time, the crushed material with airflow into the analyzer is analyzed, and when the rotor of the centrifugal force role by parsers and the centripetal force of the by air, so when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles with airflow into the powder collection, coarse particles in centrifugal rifle crushing chamber to smash until you are satisfied with the fineness of is reached.

Fier feed mill machine

Fier feed mill machine advantage

  • 1. High output, Compared with other feed grinders, the output is increased by 20-30% under the same dynamic condition, and the grinding pressure of the grinding wheel on the material is increased by 60-80% under the action of high-pressure centrifugal force; Compared with hammer crusher, the yield is increased by 150 ~ 300%
  • 2. Energy-saving: when the output and fineness indexes are the same, the energy consumption of feed crushing materials is only about 1/3 of that of airflow grinding.
  • 3. Good product fineness index: when crushing the feed for poultry, the fineness can reach 5 ~ 30 mesh.
  • 4, equipped with a grading impeller governor, you can adjust the particle size of the product without stopping the machine, and all the fine powder can be recovered, not polluting the environment.
  • 5, the machine has a cooling function, when the temperature is low, especially suitable for processing heat sensitive and fibrous materials, uniform product size.
  • 6. The dust removal effect fully meets the national dust emission standard.
  • 7. FIER feed mixer grinder,Feed mill machine device adopts overlapping multi-stage sealing with good sealing performance.
  • 8. Wear-resistant alloy materials are used to crush some vulnerable parts with long service life.
  • 9. It has stable mechanical properties and can work continuously for 24 hours

Fier feed mill machine

Product parameters

Model FMMF-400 FMMF-500 FMMF-600 FMMF-700 FMMF-800 FMMF-900
Power(kW) 15 22-30 30-37 37-45 45-55 75-90
Speed  (rev/min) 4000 4200 3300 3300 2900 2900
Number of blades 24 36 54 72 72 96
Output(kg/h) 50-500 200-500 300-600 400-700 500-800 600-1000
Degree of fineness 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500
Feed particle size(mm) ≤30-35 ≤30-35 ≤30-40 ≤35-50 ≤40-60 ≤40-60
Material moisture content <6% <6% <6% <6% <6% <6%
Floor area(m) 4*1.8*3.1 4.6×1.8×3.5 5.2×2.5×4.3 6×2.8×4.3 6.5×2.8×4.3 7×2.8×4.3
Note: The yield depends on the fineness of the finished material.

Fier feed mill machine, feed mixer grinder Working video:

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Fier Machine Based on German powder technology, combined with the needs of domestic powder customers, with professional powder process, efficient products, pragmatic spirit, to provide customers with the professional crushing, grading, mixing, packaging equipment.

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