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Cattle feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer on sale- Fier Machinery

Looking for a feed mixer for your livestock? Do you attach value to reliability and good service?

Don’t look any further. As a professional manufacturer, Fier Machinery can offer the one-stop solution for your feed mixer order.

We can supply you with the different amounts of vertical augers and self-propelled feed mixers and all with the best mix quality.

For every dairy or livestock farmer, Fier Machinery is your best choice.

feed mixer/Cattle feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer

Fier feed mixer introduction

Fier feed mixer is a mixture of feed additives, pet feed, It is one of the mixers on a large farm.

Under the condition of not destroying the mixture, the horizontal screw belt mixer can produce transverse cross-convection, mixing, diffusion and other compound movements in the body, so as to achieve the mixing effect of the material in a short time

It is widely used in feed, food, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, medicine and other industries powder, granule, flake, block and sticky material

Fier feed mixer is mixing by the principle of instant weightlessness in the body by the mechanical action of the material to produce a comprehensive compound cycle, widely interleaved without dead Angle, to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

At the same time, according to customer needs can be equipped with a feed grinder.

feed mixer/Cattle feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer

Advantages and features of Fier horizontal feed mixer

  • 1. Horizontal installation, small floor area, less investment, convenient feeding, first-class stirring effect, higher efficiency.
  • 2. Reasonable structure, material can be evenly mixed and stirred, suitable for mixing high viscosity material or powder.
  • 3. Easy to clean, no sticky materials, corrosion resistance, economical and applicable.
  • 4. Stable operation, low noise, simple operation, low maintenance rate, high output.
  • 5, low energy consumption, is the general mixer 1/4. It can be a closed operation, reliable operation.
  • 5. Can mix peanut, corn, wheat, soybean, melon seeds, cottonseed, potato, melon vegetables, grass, and other seeds as well as various feeds.
  • 6. Continuous operation, fast and even seed mixing speed, no damage to seeds, fast dosing, fast discharging.
  • 7..Cycloid pin-wheel reducer, long life, low noise
  • 8. The protective door is specially designed, which is easy to maintain and maintain the equipment. It is specially equipped with a ladder and more convenient for feeding.
  • 9..Two-way S-shaped propeller blade can stir quickly and evenly
  • 10. Visible window on top, easy to observe mixing situation

feed mixer/Cattle feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer

Application scope of  Fier Grain feed mixer 

Fier feed mixer is a small feed processing equipment designed for rural farmers, small farms, and small and medium-sized feed mills.

Fier cattle feed mixer can also be used as a small seed mixer, especially the use of stainless steel cylinder, chemical raw materials can also be stirred, really achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Fier tmr feed mixer can pack peanut, corn, wheat, soybean, melon seeds, rice, melon vegetables, plant seeds, continuous operation, fast speed, uniform, no damage to the seeds, instead of traditional artificial seed mixing to avoid human and animal poisoning, effectively protect the environment, is the majority of agricultural farmers to obtain the guarantee of harvest.

feed mixer/Cattle feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer

Product Specification

Model FMGJ-300 FMGJ-500 FMGJ-1000 FMGJ-2000 FMGJ-3000 FMGJ-5000
Power(KW) 3 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5
Speed(r/min) 24 24 24 24 24 24
Barrel size (mm) Φ680×1250 Φ800×1670 Φ1050×1880 Φ1350×2400 Φ1380*2520 Φ1600*1510
Size L*W*H(mm) 2100×700×1450 2800×810×1780 3200×1100×2000 3600×1400×2200 3625*1480*2370 4255*1820*2935
Capacity(m³) 0.45(450L) 0.85(850L) 1.8(1800L) 3.5(3500L) 5.1    (5100L) 8.6  (8600L)
Hoist power(KW) 3 3 4 4 5
Mixing time(min) 5–10 5–10 5–10 5–10 5–10 5–10
Daily output(Tons/day) 3 5 8 12 18 25

Our service

  • 1. One year quality warranty for the machine and spare parts
  • 2. Whole-life after-sales service and free consultation
  • 3. Customized requirements available
  • 4. 24Hr online service
  • 5. Support free training and installation services
  • 6. Engineers can be sent to the site for installation guidance according to customer needs.

Why us?

We Fier Machinery are a professional manufacturer and supplier, and we are committed to provide good quality equipment of Industrial Blender, feed mixer machine, Powder mixer, Twin shaft mixer, etc.

We Fier Machinery have mixing technology patents, and we were named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province”.

We Fier Machinery will provide users the best feed mixer machine with our high-quality brand awareness and thoughtful service.

FIER has the business goals of being the model in our industry and being famous in the world brand with you.

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Choice Fier, Build your future with us!

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