Fier Industrial Blender shipping to Sri Lanka

powder mixer/industrial blender/dry mortar plant

5 sets of Industrial blender shipping to Sir Lanka

On June 15, 2020, Five sets of  FIER easy type of Dry mortar plant was loaded and sent to Sir Lanka. The following are some pictures took on the loading site.

ribbon blender manufacturer

Fier industrial blender was widely used in mixing putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, etc.

dry mortar plant /industrial blender

As FIER regular customer, They bought five sets of dry Powder mixer, two sets of dry powder mixing plant for 1 ton,  two sets of  Industrial Blender for 2 ton, and a set of three-ton easy type dry mortar plant

powder mixer/industrial blender/dry mortar plant

These dry powder plant equipment are modular in design for easy transport,   and industrial blender also  Small footprint, low overall equipment, convenient feeding. it is the O-type ribbon blender.

FIER provides both U-type industrial blender and O-type industrial blender for customers to choose from.  U-type industrial blenders have polished and easy to clean. Customers can choose either type according to the actual demand. If you are not very sure, you can ask our sales and engineers for advice.

Ribbon blender manufacturer

As an experienced dry mortar plant and putty /tile adhesive plant manufacturer and exporter, FIER  has export our industrial blender and different kinds of mortar plants to many countries. such as Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, etc. And they already have brought benefits to our customers!

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