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Want to find a hammer crusher for your business? Do you care about quality and service?

We Fier Machinery as a big professional crushing manufacture, our hammer crusher is Equivalent to two crusher reasonable combinations into one.

The efficiency is higher, the quality of the materials is higher, but our hammer crusher price is lower.

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hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

Description of Fier Hammer crusher 

Fier hammer crusher as know a doubler stage crusher, It is a new type of Jaw Crusher.

Our hammer mill crusher has overcome the defect that the material is not easy to discharge due to the large bonded grate bottom with water content.

FIER heavy hammer crusher has the advantages of high production efficiency and good crushing effect, etc.

 Our machine is suitable for crushing materials such as calcite, limestone, cinder, slag, shale, gangue, construction waste, construction waste, etc.

It solves the problem of using gangue and cinder as additive and internal fuel in brick factories. The problem of high wet material crushing of standard brick and hollow brick produced by gangue and shale.

hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

Fier hammer crusher working principle

when our impact crusher working under driven by two motors

  • Two sets of rotors connected to each other rotate at high speed at the same time,
  • The material is broken in the machine cavity by the higher rotor and is immediately broken again by the hammerhead of the rapidly rotating lower rotor.
  • The materials in the inner cavity collide with each other at a high speed and break each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and powder.
  • The cinder particles with a particle size of less than 3 mm were formed. To be able to meet your different needs.

hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

 Fier hammer crusher design features:

1. The upper and lower stages of the double rotors are crushed — two sets of rotors are connected to each other

so that the materials smashed by the superior rotor are immediately broken again by the hammerhead of the rapidly rotating lower rotor.

The inner cavity materials collide with each other rapidly, when each other is broken, to achieve the effect of hammer powder, powder, direct discharge. 

2, there is no sieve bottom, high wet material, never block.

The traditional crusher with a grate sieve plate is not suitable for the raw material whose moisture content is higher than 8%.

When the moisture content of raw material is higher than 10%, the serious blockage is easy to occur.

It makes the hammerhead unable to rotate, material unable to discharge, and even burns out the motor, seriously affecting production. 

Our swing hammer crusher does not need the bottom of the sieve net, there is no strict requirement on the moisture content of the material, there is no problem of plugging the sieve plate.

The water content of the feed can reach 100%, the fineness of the discharge 90% is all in 2MM (less than mm), 1MM (less than mm) accounts for 70%, both dry and wet, production as usual in rainy days.

Moreover, there is no problem that fine powder cannot be discharged in time and repeatedly crushed, so the crushing efficiency is high and there is no ineffective wear phenomenon of a hammerhead. 

hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

3, double rotor two pieces of grinding, the yield is large, the granularity of output is 3 mm less than, 2 mm less than 80%. 

4. Wear-resistant combination hammerhead — high alloy wear-resistant hammerhead. Hammerhead hammer handle is used in combination, only the hammerhead is changed, not the hammer handle. 

5. Unique shift gap adjustment technology — no repair is needed after the hammerhead is worn, and the moving position can be used repeatedly. One set of hammerheads can be used against three sets of hammerheads. 

6. Hydraulic electric starting case — it can be opened and closed easily by only one person, which is not only light, fast, safe, and reliable, but also easy to maintain.

hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

Special advantages of Fier Hammer Crusher

  • Simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance

Electric – hydraulic control, one person can easily complete the operation, maintenance, replacement parts

  • Uniform grain size and high yield

The output particle size is uniform, it can crush more than 20 tons of material per hour, and the cost of crushing coal cinder per ton does not exceed 0.25 USD

  • Wear parts have a long service life

The machine adopts high alloy wear-resisting hammerhead, which reduces the time of material staying in the crushing chamber, and thus improves the service life of the vulnerable parts

  • High utilization rate of hammerhead hammer crusher wear parts

Unique shift gap adjustment technology, no need to repair the worn hammerhead, the moving position is used repeatedly, one set of hammerhead can be used against three sets of hammerhead

hammer crusher/ rock crusher/ jaw crusher/impact crusher

Our crusher  machine Working Video

Technical parameters:

Fier hammer crusher design technical  as follow:

Model (FMPM -) Material (mm) Out material size(mm) Output(t/h) Power (kW) Weight   (t)
600*400 ≤100 ≤3 15-25 18.5+18.5 1.2
600*600 ≤180 ≤3 25-35 22+22 1.9
800*600 ≤270 ≤3 45-55 45+37 3.7
800*800 ≤300 ≤3 55-65 55+55 5.8
1000*800 ≤360 ≤3 60-80 75+55 6.7
1000*1000 ≤400 ≤3 80-100 75+90 8.5
1200*1000 ≤500 ≤3 100-130 110+90 13
1200*1200 ≤550 ≤3 130-160 132+110 16.4
1400*1200 ≤630 ≤3 160-180 132+132 21
1600*1400 ≤700 ≤3 200-260 160+160 30

Can be customized according to your special needs

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