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1. Advanced design technology, strong structure, and impact resistance.
2, feeding granularity, high yield, good grain shape.
3. Powerful crushing, coarse, medium, and fine crushing in one step.
4, Compared with the output of 30%, needle (powder) less than 20%, more energy saving.
5. Hammerhead and sieve plate are made of chromium-manganese alloy material, which has good impact resistance and stronger wear resistance.
6. Large crushing ratio, high production capacity, uniform product granularity.
Hammer Mill Crusher With Diesel Engine

Hammer Mill Crusher With Diesel Engine

Mobile Hammer Mill Crusher

Mobile Hammer Mill Crusher

Smll Hammer Mill Crusher

Smll Hammer Mill Crusher

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reversible hammer mill
  • 1. FIER Hammer mill crusher is used to break all kinds of medium and hard and weak abrasive materials, the compressive strength of the material is not high, the moisture content is small.
  • 2. FIER hammer mill crusher is one of the main equipment for crushing limestone, coal, or other brittle materials with medium hardness in metallurgical, building materials, chemical industry, and hydropower, and other industrial sectors.
  • 3.According to customer needs, equipped with diesel engine, customized mobile type

Questions You May Ask About Our Hammer Mill Crusher

Q: My material is rock stone, the size is 300*450mm, can I use your hammer mill grinder to break them? What’s the hammer mill cost?

A: 1.  Our small hammer crusher is enough. Its small volume and output are generally within 100T, and it is more popular among small and medium-sized stone mills.

It is  widely used in the crushing of bluestone, marble, glass, river pebbles, limestone, dolomite, and other materials,

The material can be formed at one time without secondary crushing. The combination of coarse and medium-fine crushing can save costs and simplify the crushing process.

Regarding Our FIER hammer mill crusher cost,

We will give you our factory price according to your specific needs, such as electric power or diesel engine, etc., so don’t worry. Very cost-effective for you!

Q: What is your hammer mill crusher delivery time?

A: We are factory direct selling. Usually, we deliver goods within 7 days if we have inventory, and about 15 days if we need customization

Q: What is the service life of your industrial hammer crusher?

A: The wearing parts of our FIER hammer mill grinder equipment are made of high wear-resistant materials.
For example, the cylinder body, lining board, medium, silo board, and grate board of the rotary part are made of high-quality components.
They are durable and their service life is more than twice that of ordinary wearing parts.

Q: How about the energy consumption of the limestone grinder?

A: Our Hammer mill crusher is a new type of energy-saving environmental protection equipment, less energy consumption

It consumes at least 30% less energy than similar machines

FIER Hammer Mill Crusher for Your Project

hammer mill crusher

hammer mill drawing

Do you want to buy a hammer mill Crusher for crushing Cement, coal, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, limestone, chalk, and other rock materials? 

Do you care about the hammer mill grinder’s quality and service?

If yes, Congratulations! you no need to look more.

We Fier Machinery as a big professional crushing manufacturer in China, We not only can supply you with the best quality and service but also we can give you the turn-key solution for your hammer mill crusher design order.

Send us your inquiry and we will reply to you in 24 hours.

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What is a hammer mill used for?

Fier Hammer crusher can crush all kinds of ores and rocks of medium hardness and above, whose pressure strength is 100MPa, and water content is not higher than 15%.

It also suits for fiber structure, flexible and tough structure of wood, paper crushing operations, or broken asbestos-cement waste for recycling.

Fier industrial hammer mill is an ideal crushing equipment for sand production line with low investment and quick effect.

Our hammer mill grinder is widely used in mineral processing plant, refractory material plant, cement plant, sand and gravel plant, concrete sand making, dry mortar, mechanism sand, desulfurization of power plant, quartz sand, metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silica acid industry, glass factory and other industrial sectors.

Mobile Hammer Mill Crusher

hammer mill for sale

How does a Hammer mill crusher working principle?

You must want to know how hammer mill work:

The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port.

Hammer mill rock crusher is crushed by the impact, impact, shearing, and grinding of a hammer moving at high speed.

At the lower part of the rotor, the sieve plate and the grain size smaller than the sieve hole in the crushed material are discharged through the sieve plate.

Coarser resists larger than the size of the screen hole remain on the screen plate and continue to be hit and ground by a hammer before being discharged through the screen plate.

hammer mill crusher particle size can be adjusted, The screen plate screen gap can be adjusted according to needs, the range is below 8mm.

hammer mill diagram

coal crusher

What do the advantages of hammer mill?

1. Large crushing ratio, large input particle size, and small output particle size, which can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

2. Low energy consumption and low investment can reduce the operating cost by 50%.

3, chromium alloy hammerhead, with wear resistance, impact resistance,

4. Compact structure, reasonable layout, convenient installation, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance, less wear and tear, simple operation.

5, can be broken wet material, can be added water to reduce dust pollution, protect workers’ health and the environment.

6. Large feeding size, large crushing ratio, and high efficiency;

7. Simple structure, compact assembly, lightweight, and good applicability.

8. Strong crushing, coarse, medium, and fine crushing in one step.

9. The output is increased by 30% compared with last year, and the needle-flake (powdery) is less than 20%, which is more energy saving.

10. The structure of the body is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution and dust leakage of the body in the crushing workshop.

Of course, the disadvantage of hammer mill is The size of the feed port can only be customized according to your material size. 

the capacity of hammer mill we can produce as your requirement

hammer mill grinder parts

hammermill screen size chart

What the types of Hammer Mill Crusher?

1. According to the motor we can provide electric power hammer mill crusher and diesel power crusher

Electric power hammer mill crusher

Diesel powder hammer mill crusher

2. Depending on the site, we can provide portable hammer mill and mobile hammer mill crushers

Portable hammer mill crusher

Mobel hammer mill crushers

Of course, we can design and produce different kinds of  hammer mill crushers according to your specific needs

universal impact crushers

coal crusher

How to judge Hammer Mill Crusher's failure?

1, bearing overheating

Reason: Insufficient grease; Excessive grease; Deterioration of grease pollution; Bearing damage.

Elimination method: add the proper amount of grease; Lubrication inside the bearing should be 50% of its space volume; Clean the bearing; Replace the grease; Replace the bearings.

2. The size of discharging is too large

Reason: The hammer headwear too much; The sieve broke.

Elimination method: replace hammerhead; Replace the sieve bar.

3. Production reduction 

Cause: the gap of the sieve is blocked; Uneven feeding.

Method of elimination: stop the car and clear the blockage in the gap of the sieve. Adjust the feeding mechanism.

4. The portable hammer mill construction produces a tapping sound

Reason: non-broken objects enter the machine; The liner fastener is loose and the hammer hits the liner; Break a hammer or other part.

Elimination method: stop the car and clean the broken cavity; Check the fastening condition of the lining plate and the clearance between the hammer and the sieve bar; Replace broken parts.

5. Machine vibration

Reason: when the hammerhead is replaced or the hammerhead is worn differently; Rotor static balance is not required; The hammerhead is broken and the rotor is out of balance; The pin shaft bends and breaks; The anchor bolts are loose.

Elimination method: remove the hammerhead and select the hammerhead according to the weight to make the total weight of the hammer on each hammer shaft equal to the total weight of the hammer on the relative hammer shaft, that is, the static balance meets the requirements; Replace the hammerhead; Replace pin shaft; Welding repair or replacement; Tighten anchor bolts.

rock crusher

hammermill screen size chart

Why us?

We Fier Machinery are a big professional crushing equipment manufacturer and supplier,

and we are committed to providing good quality equipment of hammer crusher, brick pulverizer  Crusher MachineJaw CrusherImpact PulverizerScrap Metal Shredder, aggregate pulverizer as your requirement.

We Fier Machinery can supply you with the one-stop turn-key solution for your Hammer mill crusher order.

It would be appreciated if you could contact us at any time. We will reply in 24 hours.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Hammer Mill Crusher

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