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Looking for a horizontal mixer for your business? Do you care about quality and service?

As a top manufacturer and supplier of the horizontal mixer, Fier Machinery can supply you with the best solution for your horizontal mixer order.

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horizontal mixer /ribbon blender/ powder mixer/ inudstrial blender

The introduction of Fier horizontal mixer on sale 

Fier horizontal mixer machine, also known as Ribbon Blender.

It Is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more than two kinds of Powdery or granular material evenly mixed machinery.

Fier horizontal mixers can combine a variety of materials into a uniform mixture.

It can also increase the contact surface area of materials to promote chemical reactions. It also speeds up physical changes.

For example, granular solute added to the solvent, through the mixing machine can accelerate the dissolution of mixing.

It is suitable for a variety of dry powder, granular materials mixing.

Such as: putty powder, flour, plaster, dry mortar, feed, chemical materials, organic fertilizer and so on

horizontal mixer /ribbon blender/ powder mixer/ inudstrial blender

Fier horizontal mixer design features 

Fier Horizontal mixer has two kinds of structure: horizontal U-type and cylindrical O -Type.

horizontal mixer /ribbon blender/ powder mixer/ inudstrial blender

U-shaped upper cover can be opened, suitable for customers who often need cleaning,

However, there was no difference in mixing uniformity of mixing time.

  • 1. The outer screw strip is 1-2mm from the gap of the cylinder wall, which not only avoids the wear of the cylinder wall, but also can well stir the materials around the cylinder wall that are not easy to stir.
  • 2, horizontal structure, smooth operation, the material is not easy to enter the bearing caused damage to the stirring shaft, there are two horizontal O- type and horizontal U type to choose from!
  • 4, cycloid needle reduction, maintenance rate is close to zero, low noise, avoid gear reduction putty powder mixer production process noise, belt often need to replace the trouble.
  • 5, brand copper core motor, quality assurance.
  • 6. High-quality steel plate material, durable, normal use of 8-10 years.
  • 7. High production efficiency, uniformity up to over 98%.
  • 8. Open the door to discharge materials and release them clean; The cleaning door is provided to facilitate clearance, which has little impact on the production of the next batch of different formula products
horizontal mixer /ribbon blender/ powder mixer/ inudstrial blender/mass mixer

Fier industrial horizontal mixer machine advantages

  • 1. Fast mixing speed, multi-layer screw belt agitation, the overall movement of materials, fast of horizontal mixer efficiency, high yield, the average stirring time of 5-10 minutes.
  • 2 can be a multi-purpose machine, can produce tile glue, putty cream, plaster, flour, and so on. also can as commercial feed Mixers.
  • 3. Low maintenance rate, bearing at both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, equipped with reducer, low maintenance rate.
  • 4. High mixing uniformity, multi-directional movement of material, multi-layer screw belt, multi-directional stirring, high uniformity.
  • 5. Small floor space, automatic feeding device, increase working efficiency.
  • 6. U-type/O-type barrel structure, stable operation, low noise,
  • 7. Internal and external multi-layer screw back stirring, multi-directional, fast mixing speed, high uniformity.
  • 8. Adhesive mortar mixer adopts spiral lifting feeding, the feeding port, and the ground are level, convenient feeding.

horizontal mixer /ribbon blender/ powder mixer/ inudstrial blender/feed mixer

According to your actual needs, we can customize


Q: Are you a professional manufacturer?

A: 1. We have more than 20 years of experience in mixing machinery.

Our quality is well received by our customers and we offer you a competitive price.

We will always provide a warranty service for your machines.

Q: What is the time of delivery?

A: The delivery time after confirming the cooperation is about 10-15 days, depending on the product.

Q: How about the payment terms?

A: T/T, Western Union, Alipay, LC at sight, etc.

Why us?

We Fier Machinery are a professional manufacturer and supplier, and we are committed to providing good quality equipment of the ribbon mixer, Paddle Mixer, Powder Mixer, horizontal mixer as your requirement.

Within the present industrial mixing and packing business, Fier Machinery is holding a 63% market share in China and is developing more and more dealers across Europe and North America.

and also lots of successful projects are built and earning profit for our clients from Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Choice us, build your brighter future!

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