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You should know how to mix mortar for tile

How to mix mortar for tile and what the Matters needing attention of tile mortar?

As you know Mortar shall be mixed by mortar machine.

The important is mixing time of cement mortar and cement mixed mortar shall not be less than 2min.

The mixing time of mortar for cement fly ash mortar and admixtures shall not be less than 3 minutes.

For mortar with plasticizer, the mixing mode and mixing time shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current industry standard “Plasticizer for Masonry Mortar” (Jg/ T164-2004).

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The matters needing attention

Tile Mortar should be used along with mixing, after mixing or when using, the application of ash storage containers.

Then thinset working time:

dry mortar / tile mortar / dry mortar production line

Sand and cement mix for tiling mixed mortar must be used up within 3h and 4h after mixing;

When the maximum temperature exceeds 30℃ during construction, it must be finished within 2h and 3h after mixing.

The strength grade of the mortar shall be sampled.

Each batch of ordinary masonry mortar of all kinds and of various strength grades not exceeding 250m³ shall be inspected at least once for each mixer.

Acceptance batch of mixed mortar, autoclaved aerated concrete block mortar, sampling inspection can be divided into three groups.

During sampling, mortar samples are randomly sampled at the outlet of mortar mixer or at the outlet of wet mortar storage containers to make mortar samples.

For mortar made immediately, the same batch of mortar shall only be used as a set of test blocks, and the strength test shall be conducted after 28 days of the test block label.

The wet mixed mortar consistency in the pre-mixed mortar shall be sampled at entry.

Pay attention to tile placement. Wet the wall ahead of time, pay attention to the flatness and type s mortar mix ratio when stacking bricks.

Attention should be paid to fully moisten the bricks, and the openings and reservations within the vertical height should be strictly controlled

dry mortar / tile mortar / dry mortar production line

how to make mortar from scratch/ how to mix tile grout

The mortar mix for floor tiles viscosity should be well mastered, the mortar ratio, the way of laying bricks or stones, and the mortar bonding surface during masonry.

Indwelling test block, control the elevation, concrete mixing should pay attention to the proportion of concrete, and mixing time, according to the specification requirements of the indwelling test block.

In concrete pouring, the structure of the column, beam, and slab is different, so it is necessary to adopt different pouring methods.

Retention of stubble position, timely curing, retention of the test block.

dry mortar / tile mortar / dry mortar production line

how thick should tile mortar be

It’s according to your needs,

The ash joints of hollow bricks and lightweight aggregate concrete small hollow blocks shall be 8 ~ 12mm.

When cement mortar, cement mixed mortar or autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are used to build mortar, the horizontal and vertical width of mortar joints shall not exceed 15mm;

When autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are bonded by autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, the horizontal and vertical width of mortar joints should be 3mm ~ 4mm.

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