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FIER Impact Pulverizer Machine used for crushing wood raw materials such as light material, fiber material, brittle material, and ductile material

Usually used in wood, plastic, paper, mosquito coil incense, feed, breeding, and other industries.

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1. The fineness of the product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 30–400 mesh and the finest part of the material can reach about 1000 mesh.

2. Equipped with a screen, can be equipped with different specifications of the screen according to customer requirements.

3. The yield and fineness are different according to the specific gravity of the material.

4. The main motor can be large or small, depending on the fineness of the material.

Questions You May Ask About Our Impact Pulverizer Machine

FIER Industrial Pulverizer Machine

Fier Impact Pulverizer machine can production Materials of different fineness from 10-300 mesh for your requirement.

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What is the impact pulverizer working principle?

  • 1. Materials are manually invested, and then the motor drives the rotor of the pulverizer grinding machine to run at high speed.
  • 2. The high-speed airflow generated by the Fier pulverizer machine produces high impact force, compression force, cutting force, and friction force on the crushed material. To achieve a unique crushing function.
  • 3. In the process of cutting and crushing, the rotor produces a high-velocity airflow which rotates in the direction of the blade.
  • The material is accelerated and repeatedly impacted and subjected to cutting friction in the air stream.
  • 4. The crushed material enters the analyzer with the airflow for analysis,
  • Due to the centrifugal force of the rotor of the analyzer and the centripetal force of the airflow,
  • 5. Therefore, when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, fine particles will be collected with the airflow into the powder collector.
  • 6. The coarse particles go into the centrifuge to be further crushed in the crushing chamber until they reach the desired fineness.
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What does the impact pulverizer machine Structural components?

1. Fier Impact pulverizer machine is composed of three parts: the body, the middle body, and the lower body. The middle body is equipped with a triple stator coil, a crushing knife disk, and a fineness analyzer. 

2. The crushing knife is composed of type 7 knife, type 1 knife, and centrifugal knife. 

3. The attachment machine is composed of a fan, a powder collector, and a dust collector. 

4. Main machine crushing chamber adopts type 7 knife, type 1 knife and centrifugal knife, including coarse crushing, fine crushing and centrifugal crushing

Impact Pulverizer Machine

pulverizer machine for powder

What does the Industrial impact pulverizer machine feature?

  • 1. Double-layer body to achieve continuous operation and reduce grinding worries of some materials;
  • 2. Multiple types and complete, providing customers with a wealth of options;
  • 3. Changed the disadvantages of the traditional powder processing equipment, realized the no-screen bottom processing, and solved the inconvenience caused by the uneven fineness of the finished products;
  • 4. Select fineness according to customer’s requirement, with a fineness analyzer, the fineness of materials can be controlled at will.;
  • 5. Introduce high yield from Germany and reduce uneven manual feeding;
  • 6. Reasonable design, low loss, low noise, no pollution, easy to operate.
  • 7. High yield, more than 50 times more efficient than the traditional wood flour mill
  • 8. Tap water can be injected to cool the water. All the bearings are water-cooled to protect the bearings.
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What does the Impact pulverizer machine appliactaion?

Fier Impact pulverizer machine is suitable for the crushing and processing of all light body materials, fiber materials, brittle materials and ductile materials, such as bamboo powder, wood chips, bark, shrimping, spices, feathers, feather stalks, straw, wheat bran, rice husk, ballast, cassava, cake, magnesium silicate, etc.

Fier Pulverizing machine Is bakelite, plastic, paper, mosquito-repellent incense, sanitary incense, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, culture, and other industries indispensable crushing equipment.

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What does Impact pulverizer specification regulation?

  • 1. Fineness: 30-300 mesh can be adjusted at will. The yield and fineness vary according to the proportion of materials. With the main motor can be large or small, according to the output of the material fineness.
  • 2. The machine is equipped with an air volume regulator, which can adjust the air volume, the air volume with high fineness, and low fineness, and the air volume with small fineness can be continuously produced when adjusted to the ideal fineness.
  • 3. There is a fineness analyzer inside the body. After loosening the bolts on the analyzer, move the fineness up to increase and the fineness down to decrease.

(1) The blade can be adjusted along the axis according to the fineness requirement. The smaller the clearance between the inclined blade and the conical surface, the smaller the fineness and vice versa.

(2) Test hood: the hood reduces the bottom fineness to increase conversely by thick, straight to remove the hood.

(3) Adjust the airflow: the air door is opened to reduce the airflow particle size is fine, otherwise coarse, the airflow is too small return nozzle is easy to spray powder outward.

(4) Adjust the main engine blades: if necessary, reduce 2-3 blades in the casing to improve the fineness. This method can also be used when spraying powder on the return nozzle. The above four methods can be adjusted from 10 mesh to 325 mesh.

pulverizer machine for powder

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How to use an Impact Pulverizer machine?

1. Before starting, please strictly check whether the installation of all parts of the machine meets the requirements. Do not drop metal objects into the machine.

2. Startup sequence: start the fan first, then start the host machine, and stop the host machine and then stop the fan when the machine stops.

3. The feeding size should be uniform. According to the hardness of the material, the diameter of the hard material should not exceed 5cm.

4. In the process of use, the motor load should not be overloaded and keep normal operation.

5. Always check the wear procedure of the blade and grinding plate. If the blade is seriously worn, replace it in time.

6. When the edges and corners of the impact pulverizer machine are worn, it can be used four times to change the corner turn and finally can be repaired with a high-chromium wear-resisting welding electrode for reuse.

pulverizer machine for powder

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Impact Pulverizer Machine

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