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  • 1. High dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration.
  • 2.Less energy consumption, less steel consumption, small floor area, stable and reliable operation, good economic benefits.
  • 3. Pulse spraying and blowing can achieve the purpose of thoroughly cleaning the ash
  • 4. Maintenance and bag changing can be carried out in the room under normal operating conditions of the non-stop system fan
  • 5. the box is gas-tight design, good sealing

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portable industrial dust collector

FIER Bag type dust collector is mainly through the method of filtering the dust particles in the dusty gas to stay on the fabric so that the gas can be purified

Because filtered fabrics are usually bag-shaped,

The structure is mainly composed of a filter chamber, filter bag, clean air chamber, ash hopper, ash discharge valve, pulse injection device, electric control box, etc. The box body is an all-welded structure, and the inspection door is sealed with foam rubber strips to ensure that the dust collector is tight and does not leak.

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grizzly industrial dust collector

industrial dust collector systems

  • 1. The dust-containing gas enters the dust hopper through the air inlet or into the industrial dust collector bags through the flowered plate hole.
  • 2. The dust-containing gas is transformed into clean gas through the dust removal filter bag, enters the box body, then passes through the upper vent of the box body, and is discharged by the fan.
  • 3. Dust accumulates on the inner surface of the filter bag and increases constantly. When the resistance of the bag filter rises to about 1500pa, the dust on the filter bag shall be cleaned regularly.
  • 4. Close the fan on the top and start the shaking motor to make the dust fall off. When the dust is discharged, stop shaking the motor and restart the fan.

The above actions are automatically controlled by a controller.

factory dust collection system

industrial dust collector machine

What are the components of an industrial dust collector?

  • 1. Upper box body: including removable cover plate (or fastening cover plate) and air outlet.
  • 2. Middlebox: including porous plate, access door, filter bag, keel, Ventrotube, etc.
  • 3. Lower box: including pressure measuring connector, etc.
  • 4, blowing system: including pulse control instrument, electromagnetic pulse valve, blowing pipe, gasbag

FIER Industrial dust collector Usually used with dry mortar production line

baghouse dust collector for dry mortar plant

small industrial dust collectors

What does an industrial dust collector working principle?

It is widely used in pigment, detergent, cosmetics, food, pesticide, daily chemical, coating, fuel, papermaking, adhesives, resin, ink, medicine, and other chemical industries, etc.

And also suit for Pharmaceutical, paint, ink, floor production line, coating production line, chemical, food, automobile, motorcycle, electronics, container ships, cosmetics, fragrance,  shoe factory, leather factory, wood products factory, arts and crafts, paper, adhesives, tire manufacturing, water treatment and other places.

If you are not sure whether it will be useful for your material, you can send me the sample and we will give you the test results.

industrial dust collector systems

baghouse dust collector parts

How to Daily maintain and repair an industrial dust collector?

  • 1. Replenish lubricating oil to the parts of the equipment that need lubrication regularly.
  • 2. Regularly check whether the pulse ash cleaning system of the dust collector is spraying normally.
  • 3. Failure of pulse valve should be eliminated in time. 
  • 4. Check the condition of gas cylinders and flanges regularly. In case of leakage, the sealing ring should be replaced in time
  • 5. If the sealing strip on the access door is aged, it shall be replaced in time.
  • 6. Check the operation of the equipment regularly according to the fluctuation of the operating resistance of the equipment.
  • 7. The filter bag is fragile and should be checked and replaced in time.
  • 8. Drain water regularly from the water separator of the compressed air system.
  • 9. When closed, work for a period of time to remove moisture and dust from the equipment.
industrial dust collector blower

factory dust collection system

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Industrial Dust Collector

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