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Lab mixer /Lab stirrer Manufacturer, digital overhead stirrer for sale

Fier Lab mixer is suitable for dispersing, stirring, and mixing small samples. and it is also named magnetic mixer.

Widely used in chemical industry, medicine, biology, cosmetics, health products, food and other liquid and liquid, liquid and powder, liquid and particle mixing, emulsification, dispersion of the experimental field. It is the ideal equipment for your scientific research, product development, quality control, and production simulation.

Fier Lab mixer

Fier Lab mixer features

  • 1. Flexible upgrade and easy to move.
  • 2. Small batch mobile production
  • 3. Stepless frequency conversion
  • 4. The air absorption rate is very low in the mixing and dispersing process
  • 5. Reasonable structure and simple operation
  • 6.lab mixer impeller adopts sawtooth structure, easier to vortex.

Fier Lab mixer

Laboratory mixer Uses and maintenance

  1. The equipment shall not be operated after failure or damage.
  2. In order to prevent electric shock, non-relevant professionals shall not open the equipment housing without authorization.
  3. When dealing with dangerous chemicals, you should take proper protective measures for your hands, eyes, and other body parts.
  4. When replacing the dispersing tool head, it must be done in the state of shutdown and power off!
  5. Do not attempt to modify this device!
  6. The glass reaction container must be fixed with a fixture before it can be used with the equipment.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment without the medium!
  8. During use, cleaning, and placement.Should disperse the cutter headset the rotor part downward!
  9. Prevent the equipment operation, the speed control process may cause the work material splash!

Fier Lab mixer

Fier Lab mixer technical parameters:

Model: FMSJ – 2.2D

Power: 2.2KW

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Capacity (H2O) : 0.2-7000ml

Maximum treatment viscosity: 6000CP          

Speed range (no load) : 0-1400rpm

Maximum linear speed: 27m/s

Lifting stroke(mm) : 900

Contact material: SS316L

Sleeve material: PTFE

Installation height(mm) 2600

Dispersion plate diameter (mm) 150-200

Allowable ambient temperature: 5-40℃

Allowable relative humidity: 80%

Process type: batch processing

Overall size: 800×710×1550mm

Weight: 127 kg

Fier Lab mixer

Working video

Choice Fier

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We have different kinds of mixing machines. Like an industrial Machine, Powder Mixer,  Lab mixer, and so on.

The equipment is widely used in mixing and dispersing and grinding various kinds of coatings, paints, inks, dyes, pigments, pesticides, leather, non-mining products and other industries, so that it can meet the requirements of full mixing and micronization

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