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1, Weighing type filling, high measuring accuracy, not affected by materials.

2, The filling valve composed of fast and slow adding can not only improve the filling speed but also improve the filling accuracy.

3, the measurement range is large, the measurement error is less than 10 g/barrel.

4. The filling head adopts an anti-drip leakage device, the filling material has no bubble, and the effect is good.

5, Automatic control of material feeding, equipped with a pneumatic cover and pneumatic pressure plate device.

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Questions You May Ask About Our Liquid Filling Machine

Fier Liquid filling machine is a high degree of automation of the packaging equipment is designed for the use of riot units.

mainly for the quantitative filling of water, oil, emulsion, and paste materials.

According to the filling demand, the working table can be adjusted, The main function is to automatically fill liquid materials into a predetermined weight.

FIER Liquid filling machines in the filling process can effectively avoid the material overflow, effectively prevent the material itself the environmental pollution,

so as to effectively protect the operator labor. Our machine of System work is stable and reliable, simple operation, accurate filling.

Fier liquid filling machine is mainly composed of filling a gun device, PLC system control part, weighing system, filling rack and conveying equipment, And so on.

FIER: Your Premier Liquid Filling Machine Supplier

In weighing solutions, due to business development needs, Our company in 2005 decided to set up an independent weighing equipment department.

Fier  Liquid filling machine department is professional to provide clients with the nominal heavy equipment solution.

and the development in the chemical liquid packaging industry specifically for weighing liquid filling machine.

Developed by our company after weighing filling machine is stable for the production test, then batch input sales market, of which 10 kg 5 kg weighing filling machine, weighing filling machine, 20 kg weighing filling machine, 200 kg weighing filling machine research and development on the market.

Our products are sold very well both at home and abroad.

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Packing/Filling machine for Paint

What about FIER Liquid Filling Machine features?

  •  USES the pneumatic butterfly valve to carry on the filling, carries on the metering adjustment through the eccentric mechanism.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Convenient to adjust, accurate to measure, and stable to work.
  •  304 stainless steel material of high quality is used comes into contact with the material,
  • Adopts the unique valve body structure, realizes the paste liquid dual use.
  • Easy convenient for disassembling and washing.

  • automatic filling, automatic cover pressing (can be pressed flat cover and flange cover).

  • Use 32-bit dual-core CPUs. Digital input sets the weight. The weighing value is realistic in time.

  • It can be set to store ten kinds of data, more convenient operation. 

  • There are two filling methods: net weight and gross weight.

  • Automatic zero trackings.

  • Quick feeding, slow two-stage speed.

  • Emergency stop/power off/tank removal triple protection (non-explosion-proof device)

  • Fier Liquid filling machine is the most ideal, practical, and economical filling equipment for the hospital, daily chemical, and fine chemical industries.

Fier Liquid filling machine parameters:

Weighing range: 1-70kg

Filling specifications: 300mm in diameter * 400mm in height

Filling speed: 6-10 cans/min

Overall dimensions: 1500 x 800 x 1200mm

Filling error: ±10-30g

Power supply: AC220/50 Hz

Air source: 0.3-0.8mpa

Operating temperature: -10℃-50℃

■ function selection:

 Feed pump ◆ filter Machine◆ air hood ◆ labeling machine ◆ stacker machine ◆ nitrogen filling device ◆ other customizations

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