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  1. microcomputer control, parameters can be adjusted, the error can be automatically corrected;
  2. Easy to use, not limited by the production site;
  3.  Good anti-corrosion performance, Protect the material from contamination;
  4.  The part in contact with the material is made of 316L stainless steel, which conforms to the medical packaging standards.
  5. Simple structure,  flexible combination.
  6.  automatic quantitative filling, weighing feedback,
  7. automatic error correction, out-of-tolerance alarm,
  8. material level control, automatic material cleaning,
  9. electronic balance overload protection, counting, and other functions.
small powder bagging machine

Small poweder Manual Powder Filling Machine

toner powder filling machine

500g-5000g Manual Powder Filling Machine

semi auto weighing filling machine

Manual Powder Filling and Sealing Machine

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small volume powder filling machine

Packaging materials available: woven bag, gunny bag, paper bag, cloth bag, and plastic bag materials

manual powder filling machine

The parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance

toner powder filling machine

Powder packaging machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of small bag packaging

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semi automatic weighing and filling machine
Small Powder Bagging Machine
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Questions You May Ask About Our Manual Powder Filling Machine

Fier Manual powder packaging machine is also named auger powder filling machine which is a small dose quantitative packaging machine.

What is auger filler?

It is mainly designed for ultra-fine powder that is prone to dust and the packaging requirements of high precision.

According to the signal given by the weight sensor under the container, the two-speed filling, metering, and lifting can be completed

Suitable for chemical, food, agricultural, and sideline products and other industries of powder materials quantitative small packaging.

Fier Low cost Manual powder filling machine is especially suitable for the quantitative packing machine of the more valuable products.

FIER: Your Premier Manual Powder Filling Machine Supplier

Manual Powder Filling Machine

Small powder filling machine

Fier machinery since 1997  as a professions powder fillers manufacturer has rich economic and technological strength, is a high-tech industry technology enterprise

We are engaged in the production, sales, service, research, and development of automatic packaging machinery in one of the manufacturing equipment company in the industry’s key enterprises has passed the iso9001:2000 system certification.

Main products such as CE certified dry goods filling machine, sealing machine, granules packing machine, sand packing machine, paint filling machine, and other products have been widely used in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, lubricating oil, and other industries. Excellent quality, good reputation, thoughtful and thoughtful service, all for the sake of the user’s purpose.

We will give you the best powder filling machine price.

Choice Fier, Built your future!  Ask the best quote now!

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semi automatic weighing and filling machine

How to operate a filling machine?

Manual bagging or manual canning → container rise → rapid filling, and container drop at the same time → weight reaches the premeasured value → slow filling → weight reaches the target value → take out the container manually.

The pneumatic bag holding devices and can holding devices can be selected, only need to choose different devices, can meet the requirements of canning and bag.

Two working modes can be switched, quantitative type or real-time weighing type, which has fast speed and slightly poor accuracy, and real-time weighing type, which has high accuracy and slightly slower speed.

manual powder filling machine

toner powder filling machine

Fier Manual powder filling machine Technical parameters:

Power supply: AC380V 900W

Packing accuracy: ±1%

Packing specification:2g-10000g (filling parts need to be replaced)

Packing speed: 1500-2500 bags/hour (depending on packing specifications and materials)

Total weight: 280kg

Overall size: 1000×850×1850mm

toner powder filling machine

manual powder filling machine

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Manual Powder Filling Machine

How to clean manual filling machine?

Usually, our packing machines are made of stainless steel, so it is very easy to clean, just with water or cloth.  

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