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Questions You May Ask About Our Mass Mixer

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       Q: What is the difference between the mass mixer and Ribbon Blender?

A: The biggest difference is the material.

Fier mass mixer is All stainless steel is used for contacting materials, but ribbon mixer is usually used carbon steel

         Q: Can you tell me the quality of your mess mixer?

A: Our equipment is guaranteed for one year, and we can provide you with spare parts free of charge.

         Q: How can I know your mess mixer fits me?

A: You can send your materials to us, we will do the test, and send the test results to you via video.

          Q: Can you provide installation instructions?

A: Yes, we will provide you with free training, and engineers can be sent to your country for on-site guidance according to your needs.

FIER: Your No.1 Mass Mixer Manufacturer and supplier

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Looking for a mixing machine for your business? Do you attach value to reliability and good service?

As the professional powder mixer manufacturer, Fier Machinery can supply with you the best mixing machine, pharmaceutical powder mixer, packing machine for sale at a competitive price.

We can supply you with the one-stop turn-key solution for your industrial mixing machine order.

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What is a mass Mixer?

Fier mass mixer specifications as know as powder mixer in Wikipedia is a new type of powder homogenizer mixer.

It uses ribbon belt agitation, U – type turnover design, more uniform stirring, stirring speed.

The body uses stainless steel material is used to completely solve the important problem of tank rust, upper open type, easy to clean.

Fier Powder mixing machine equipped with international standard copper wire motor, cycloid needle reducer, exquisite material selection, and reasonable design.

The mass mixer used for the production of drugs, coatings, food, chemical, and other thick pulp, powder, block, and other materials

Stainless steel industrial mixing machine

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What is the mass mixer working principle?

Fier mass mixer adopts U-shaped appearance design and double – layer screw belt design.

That is, The main parts of the mess mixer are two or more screw belts with the same conveying capacity, different screw diameters, and different rotation directions that are installed on the horizontal main shaft.

Usually, when the main shaft turns, one strip moves the material from left to right, and the other strip moves the material from right to left.

Therefore, convection interpenetration and mixing action occur in the machine to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

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What does mass mixer machine Advantages and Features?

  • 1. The inner wall gap between the screw belt and the casing can be adjusted, with stable operation, low noise, long service life, convenient installation, and wide application range.
  • 2. No dead Angle; the mixing blade is attached with wall scraping, which can solve the problem of material sticking to the wall. The mixing speed is faster and more uniform than the vertical mixing equipment;
  • 3, a wide range of use, not only can mix and scatter strong materials. And it can mix materials with poor scattering and strong adhesion.
  • 4. All stainless steel is used for contacting materials;
  • 5. This product adopts the rollaway design, which can be turned over for washing after discharge, which is convenient and quick.
  • 6. The machine covers a small area and is more convenient for installation and use.
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What does mass mixer application?

Food and beverage: dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, soy milk, fruit juice, jam, etc

Chemical industry: lubricating oil, grease, resin paddle, thickener, essence, fragrance, silicon material, etc

Cosmetics industry: detergent, conditioner, shampoo, lotion, perfume, etc

Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical emulsion, pharmaceutical cream, pharmaceutical paddle preparation, etc

Paper industry: pulp, adhesive, injection agent, resin-emulsion, etc

Petrochemical industry: Asphalt; Heavy oil emulsification; Diesel oil emulsification; Lubricant; Silicone oil emulsification, etc

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massive cement mixer

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Mass Mixer

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