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FIER Mobile rock crusher is used for more than 200 kinds of materials, and our hammerhead can be used for at least 40,000 tons by rebel crusher reviews.

we can supply you with the best choice for your Mobile rock crusher order.

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1. FIER mobile rock crusher is widely used in the recycling of mines, coal mines, garbage, and construction garbage, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, and other site operations.

2. Treatment of topsoil and other materials; Separation of viscous aggregate; Construction and blasting industries; Screening after crushing; The quarrying industry.

3. River pebble, mountain stone (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings sand production.

Questions You May Ask About Our Mobile Rock Crusher

  • 1. FIER best Mobile Rock Crusher is widely used in mining, coal mine, garbage, and construction waste recycling, earthworks, urban infrastructure, roads, construction sites, and other site operations.
  • 2. Treatment of topsoil and other materials; Separation of viscous aggregate; Construction and blasting industries; Screening after crushing; Quarrying industry.
  • 3. Artificial sand making of river pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone chips. 

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FIER: Your Leading Mobile Rock Crusher Manufacturer

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Fier Mobile rock crusher machine is also named mobile crusher, mobile concrete crusher. it is a new mobile onboard sand making equipment.

No matter it is an ordinary road or a rugged mountain road that can be free exercise, FIER whole machine adopts an all-wheel-drive that can realize in situ rotation.

Compared with the traditional fixed sand making machinery, Fier Mobile rock machine integrates the crusher, feeder, conveying and sifting,  sand making equipment into one, with tacit coordination, flexible mobility, and can be directly opened to the site for sand making processing.

FIER mobile stone machine is not only more efficient and effective but also more practical for you. buy our mobile rock crusher rental, and make money for you.

Diesel generators can also be equipped to solve the problem of inconvenient electricity consumption on your production site.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

mobile jaw crusher

What does a mobile rock crusher application?

Fier Mobile crushing station can be used to crush materials on-site.

Our machine helps you to eliminates the intermediate link of material transportation from the site for re-crushing and treatment, and greatly reduces your transportation cost of materials.

FIER concrete crusher /stone crusher is a lot of construction waste treatment and transportation environment poor material broken good helper.

We also have jaw crushers, metal crusher, Impact Pulverizer Machine for your choice, and our crusher machine can suitable for crushing all kinds of hard rocks, such as granite, basalt, marble shale, sandstone, quartz stone, limestone, manganese ore, coal gangue, nonferrous metal ore, cobblestone, and construction waste of urban demolition. 

selection of crushing equipment

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What does a Mobile rock crusher feature?

  • 1. Large crushing ratio (generally 10-25, up to 50 in high cases), high production mobile rock crusher capacity, uniform products,
  • 2. Little over-powder, low energy consumption per unit product, simple structure, light equipment quality, easy operation, and maintenance, etc
  • 3. Flexible movement: The whole machine adopts an all-wheel drive, which can realize in situ turning, saving time for fast entering the site.
  • 4. Various configurations: High-performance crushing equipment can be selected according to the nature of materials and requirements of finished products. It can also operate independently with a single unit.
  • 5. Reduce transportation costs: It can directly enter the site to crush the materials without having to transport the raw materials back to the site for crushing, thus reducing a large part of transportation costs. Meanwhile, the extended unit can also directly send the crushed materials to the transfer compartment and transfer them directly from the site.
  • 6. Unit integration: The installation form of integrated unit equipment is adopted. The reasonable and compact space layout of the units improves the flexibility of the site.
  • 7. Novel design, stable and reliable operation, compact structure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, small volume, easy to replace parts. Easy to move, can be broken materials anytime and anywhere.
  • 8. The process is simplified, the structure is simple, the change of three-stage crushing to two-stage crushing, the production capacity is large, environmental protection and energy-saving.
  • 9. The granularity can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. The hammerhead is cast with new technology, and it is resistant to wear and impact.
  • 10. High yield, suitable for high standard construction requirements, the size of the finished product is 5mm once accounting for more than 85%.
  • 11. The structure of the body is sealed, which solves the problem of dust pollution and dust leakage in the crushing workshop.
  • 12. The cost of maintenance and electricity saving is 50% to 70% lower than that of ordinary crushing machines.
  • 13. The output particle size can be adjusted according to users’ requirements. A mini Mobile Rock crusher can be choiced.
portable rock crusher plant

portable crushing and screening plants

How to Maintenance a mobile rock cruhser?

(1) Before starting and stopping, it is necessary to get in touch with the upper and lower processes related to the machine and carry out the correct operation according to the sequence of starting and stopping.

(2) To start an empty vehicle, it should be noted that the material in the crushing chamber should be discharged before stopping.

(3) Always check whether all the anchor bolts and lining bolts of the equipment are loose or not. If so, tighten them in time.

(4) Frequently check the use of easy to wear parts such as hammerhead and lining plate, and deal with the problems in time if found.

(5) Always check the lubrication condition to keep the lubrication system in good condition. The temperature of the rotor bearing should be kept below 60℃ and not more than 70℃. If the overtemperature is found, the cause should be identified and measures should be taken to eliminate it in time.

(6) Keep the feeding uniform and pay attention not to feed metal sundries.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Mobile Rock Crusher

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