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FIER Mobile Wood Chipper

  • Reasonable design, compact structure,
  • Safety, durability, high production efficiency,
  • Small noise
  • Simple structure, compact layout,
  • Cheap price,
  • Stable work
  • Less energy consumption
  • High output, low processing costs.
  • sawdust product quality Hight
  • Supple the wood chipper harbor freight at low cost.

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FIER mobile wood chipper is a Slicing, crushing machine set, can be processed for branches and branches of 1-20 centimeters in diameter, can also be used for bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk fiber stem shape materials such as chip, also can be 5 — 20 cm diameter rod and 20 cm wide chip crushing plate, used for small charcoal factory and feed processing, cultivation of edible fungi, and other industries.

Questions You May Ask About Our Mobile Wood Chipper

FIER Tractor supply wood chipper

The wood chips produced by FIER  mobile wood chipper machines are used for a wide range of purposes, including growing edible fungi, making high-density boards, and making paper.

FIER Mobile Wood crusher can process wood, fork, and other raw materials into wood chips at a time, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, easy maintenance, and so on.

FIER: Your Premier Mobile Wood Chipple

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Mobile Industrial Wood Chipper

Fier mobile wood chipper is a combination of cutting and crushing, it can crushing the branches and trunks of 1–20 cm in diameter.

 4-inch wood chipper is suitable for crushing various dry and wet branches, leaves, bark, branches, and trunks of large gardens, forest farms, orchards, etc.

After crushing, They can be used as a surface covering, garden bed base, organic fertilizer, biomass power generation, and can also be used to produce high-density board, particleboard, paper industry, etc.

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Mobile Wood Chipper for Sale

What is Mobile Wood Chipper working principle?

After the raw material is entered through the feed port, it is first to cut into the crushing chamber through the blade, which is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer and the selection of the shear knife.

and then the force generated by the internal air blade is pumped through the sieve outlet or the external fan outlet.

Your plant can also according to the required size to process custom–made models.

The fineness of the discharge can be controlled by the screen. 

mobile industrial wood chipper

Small Mobile Wood Chipper

What does Mobile wood chipper features?

  • 1, suitable for large and medium-sized farms, forest farms, orchards, tea farms, nurseries, gardens, etc. Pruning and felling branches and trees to smash.
  • 2. Due to its convenient operation, it can also be used for crushing tree branches, leaves, and bark in parks, landscaping, etc.
  • 3. It can also be used for the coarse crushing of the early materials of edible fungi base materials and auricularia planting materials.
  • 4. its simple operation, convenient use, high output, good crushing effect, low investment, and high return,
  • 5 it is highly satisfied and trusted by customers. Easy to move.
  • 6.the power system can use a motor or diesel engine, completely solve the majority of customers want to equipment and no electricity problem
  • 7. It has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, and convenient operation and maintenance.
industrial wood chipper/Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine

Industrial Wood Chipper

How to Maintenance Mobile wood chipper?

Check the bearings regularly and replace the high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Check the wearing parts frequently, such as blade and screen, etc.

If there is serious abrasion, replace it in time, so as not to affect the crushing effect.

We also have a wood powder making machine, stone crusher for your choice

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