Operation and Maintenance Requirements of Wall Putty Making Machine

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How to Operation and maintenance requirements of putty powder making machine?

In the putty powder market, many putty powder companies are able to produce inexpensive putty powder

But there are a lot of companies in the process of reproduction, do not pay attention to putty powder production machine maintenance, so as to increase the cost of production.

Because the Wall putty making machine is a kind of intelligent production equipment, can see the operation of the equipment through the work table, the work table needs to keep clean and tidy.

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And in the operation to often check the equipment parts.

At the same time to keep good lubrication of each part, regular maintenance of the putty powder making machine.

Maintain high performance and high-quality operation of equipment, so that you can produce the cheapest putty powder.

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Matters needing attention in putty powder making machine operation

1, Putty powder production line is an intelligent building materials production equipment, so the operation table should be kept clean at all times, convenient for operators to timely develop abnormal conditions, such as instrument indicator error. 

2. Regularly check the transmission mechanism, working device, brake, and other parts of the putty powder production line.

And to ensure that these components are solid and reliable, can work normally.

In addition, in order to ensure that the putty mixing machine is not affected by the external environment, for the putty powder production line of the large gear, pulley, and other parts of the installation of protective devices. 

3, although the putty making machine mixing function is very strong, but there are certain restrictions.

For some raw materials or can not be evenly mixed, so users should add putty powder formula raw materials should be checked. 

4, regular lubricating oil to each lubrication point, putty powder production line in the normal operation of gear and bearing, and other parts are in rapid rotation.

 Good lubrication effect can reduce wear, but on the contrary will cause some trouble, in the light of failure, heavy equipment scrap. 

5, the workers before starting a day of work, to putty powder production line for no-load rotation, to determine whether the equipment can operate normally.

If found fault to immediately deal with the solution, as soon as possible to restore normal operation. 

How to maintain the putty making machine?

1. Clean the surface of the putty powder making machine and the body itself.

  • Putty powder production line compared with other production equipment, the production environment is not very good.
  • Easy to produce dust, easy to be exposed to moisture, and you know putty powder is a kind of adhesive substance.
  • In the process of production, if accidentally dropped into the putty powder production line, it is easier to coagulate into a block, thus affecting the beauty of putty powder equipment, and even affecting the production.
  • This situation requires us to be able to timely and reasonable cleaning, to ensure its cleanliness.
  • If the putty powder production line has coagulated into the material impurities, it can use batching shovel and other related tools to remove it. 
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2, in the putty powder production line in the process of careful and careful inspection of the mixer transmission gear, motor, reducer

If the sound is abnormal, clean the inner wall of the mixer after the work. 

3, putty powder production line contains a lot of single machine equipment, parts of various bearings are widely used, long production time, and easy to wear out, so check every part every day. 

4. Before each startup, add water to the mixer and idle for one to two minutes to observe the performance of each component. 

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