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FIER Paddle Mixer

1. Good dispersibility, short cycle, no stirring dead Angle.

2. Simple operation, small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, high output.

3. High-cost performance, small investment, and quick results.

4. Long service life

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Professional welding workers, carefully welding each one ribbon plate

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+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

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Questions You May Ask About Our Paddle Mixing machine

Fier Paddle mixer Applicable to feed, food, medicine, fine chemical industry, and other industries, used for mixing powder and powder, particles and particles, powder and particles, powder and a small amount of liquid, particles, and a small amount of liquid.

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FIER mixing machine is manufactured directly using the USA technology.

According to the data provided by the user and the collection of data in the experiment, Our engineers have developed effective equipment to meet the different needs of our users, excellent production technology, and high-quality materials.

Our equipment of the characteristics of long service life, safe and reliable, mixing materials suitable for different industries.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, oil, chemical, pesticide, paint, cosmetics, plastics, paints, feed, and other industries.

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What is a paddle mixer features?

  • Wide range of applications. The powder can be mixed with powder, and liquid. It also can be used as reaction equipment, drying equipment.
  • Good mixing uniformity. It can make the material mix evenly at the ratio of 1:10,000, especially for the material mix with different proportions.
  • The mixing process is mild and has little crushability.
  • After the special design, the equipment conforms to the GMP standard.
  • High mixing speed and efficiency.
  • High loading coefficient, low energy consumption.
  • The discharge is quick and convenient, usually 2 ~ 5 minutes for a batch.
  • Stable and reliable operation, less wearing parts, long service life, convenient maintenance, simple operation.

FIER Paddle mixer Selection reference:

Structure form – two forms are available

U-shaped cylinder: a commonly used form with a large mixing capacity and easy to clean.

Round cylinder: usually used in vacuum or under pressure, with large heat transfer and cooling area when using a cold and hot jacket, like for paddle mixer concrete.

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Why choose FIER Paddle Mixer?

We can test your sample for free and send you the test results, or we can customize the production according to your needs!

We can help you check the Paddle mixer harbor freight and tell you all the details if you want.

  1. The cylinder body can be designed in the form of a jacket. When the jacket is filled with a certain temperature medium, it can meet the user’s requirements for process temperature control.
  2. Can be designed to meet the conditions of vacuum or pressure conditions;
  3. Can be designed to provide a liquid injection device and pneumatic device;
  4. Can increase the cutting device, can cut any size aggregates, to meet the process requirements;
  5. Teflon scraper can be added to the outer screw strip to reduce the mixing dead zone.
  6. It is usually not equipped with an electric control cabinet when the user needs it.
  7. Single-speed, double speed, variable frequency, or speed can be selected.
  8. Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and other materials available.

Of course, we FIER also have a drum mixer machine,  dry mortar mixer machine, paint mixer machine for your choice.

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