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FIER Paint Filling Machine

  • 1. Anti-collision bucket protection device
  • 2. Double cylinder process, multi-stage flow, accurate control
  • 3. Design of material recovery tank
  • 4. Material bucket positioning device
  • 5. Design of pneumatic component protection box
  • 6. Filling head and capping device can be replaced after quick loading and unloading
  • 7. Can be filled with protective gas
single head big flow liquid filling machine

1-50L Paint Filling Machine

spray paint filling machine

Water Paint Filling Machine

fully automatic paint filling machine

Filling Machine Plant

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semi automatic liquid filling machine

The weight to be packed can be set at any time, the operation is simple and convenient, and the measurement accuracy is high

aerosol paint filling machine

Fast feeding and slow feeding two processes, effectively improve the filling speed, and ensure the filling accuracy

paint filling machine

Automatic discharging, automatic calculation of material source pressure, reach the weight of automatic stop

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Questions You May Ask About Our Paint Filling Machine

FIER Paint Filling Machine is suitable for automatic quantitative filling of liquid such as anticorrosive paint, ink, interior and exterior wall latex paint, water-soluble paint, adhesives, polyurethane, interior wall latex paint, styrene-acrylic emulsion, true stone paint, multi-color paint, anti-fouling latex paint, printing and dyeing additives, water-encrusting sand, water-encrusting water, texture paint, imitation stone paint and so on.

FIER: Your Premier Paint Filling Equipment Manufactuer

semi automatic paint filling machine

Aerosol Paint Filling Machine

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We Fier Machinery as a top liquid filling machine manufacturer in China, Not only can supply you with the best paint filling machine but also we Fier Machinery can give you a turn-key solution for your liquid filling machine.

Fier Quantitative filling machine 1-30L semi-automatic explosion-proof filling machine can be filled with protective gas to support customized!

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Liquid Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Paint Filling Machine

What is the Paint Filling Machine Working principle?

Fier liquid filling machine is a new kind of liquid filling machine. It is an intelligent liquid filling equipment that is controlled by the program and integrated with machines, electricity, and gas.

1. Set the target weight according to the job requirements before filling.

2. Materials transported by gravity or power are automatically filled into standard containers.

3. And through the closure of the valve, quantitative control of the amount of material in each container, complete a filling.

4. Move the filled material bucket under the capping device, press the capping start handle to carry out the capping.

Main components of FIER filling machine

Fier quantitative Paintfilling machine is composed of a filling system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control system, and electric control system

automatic liquid filling machine

Fully Automatic Paint Filling Machine

What about FIER paint filling machine features?

Fier Automatic filling machine designs especially for paint packaging.

  1. Automatically recognize tare value before filling empty barrels, refuse filling beyond the range, avoid human error;
  2. The liquid drop is automatically corrected, the target value is always tracked, and the filling result is out of tolerance alarm;
  3. Store 30 groups of formula to facilitate product replacement;
  4.  Manually place the drum on the pound table, and press the start button after aligning the drum mouth to fill;
  5. The filling gun adopts adjustable filling to avoid the material flying shallow on the bucket and affecting the outer packing;
  6. Two levels of fast/slow feeding speed for each gun
  7.  At the beginning of filling, the system will automatically perform the function of weight deduction to clear the weight on the weighing platform;
  8.  Emergency stop/power off/tank removal triple protection
  9. Part of the material in contact with the material is 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning.
semi automatic liquid filling machine

Spray Paint Filling Machine

How to Operation paint filling machine?

  1. Starting up 
  2. Manually put the bucket on the weighing platform to quickly locate the counterpart
  3. automatic peeling
  4. automatically open irrigation gun start filling
  5. Large and small two-stage filling
  6. to reach the target
  7. filling gun automatically shut down
  8. artificial mobile to the gland (clamp cover)
  9. press 【 gland (clamp cover) 】 key
  10. pneumatic gland (clamp cover)
  11. hand stowage

◆ Automatic transmission/automatic positioning, matching/double gun double metering/multi-gun multiple metering/nitrogen filling device/other customized.

Optional model:

Standard, explosion-proof, all stainless steel structure.

paint bucket filling machine

Manual Paint Filling Machine

What about a paint filling machine application?

Fier filling machine Mainly applicable to petrochemical, chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticides, and other industries.

The paint can filling machine is mainly for the filling of liquid materials and explosion-proof materials in packaging barrels, such as paint, resin, oily combustible agent, ink, oily paint, lubricating oil, phenol, acetone, alcohol, Juice drinks, fresh milk, oil, hair care products, cleaning and washing products, sauces, glues, potions, liquid alcohol, and other explosive chemical products.

single head big flow liquid filling machine

Paint Bucket Filling Machine

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We Fier Machienry professional designs and builds filling machines for Paint and other packaging equipment.

Our Paint liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Paint industry. and we also have a paint mixer machine for your choice.

We Fier Machinery manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Paint filling needs and meet your production goals. 

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Aerosol Paint Filling Machine for Sale

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Paint Filling Machine

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