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  • Fier color Paint mixer  Connecting rod adopts an electric bit which can be manually disassembled and assembled flexibly. One top three sets are mostly used for sample allocation in coating factory, ink factory, etc., which can reduce the space and use cost
  •  Direct factory price, automatic spraying oil supply system, automatic spraying machine, automatic spraying line oil supply device, can be configured or customized.
lab mixer

Small Paint Mixer Machine

electric lab mixer

Electric Paint Mixer Machine

Industrial mixer for Paint

200-300L Paint Mixer

car paint mixer machine

500L Paint Mixer

industrial paint mixer machine

1000L Paint Mixer

homogenizer mixer

Biaxial Paint Mixer

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electric lab mixer

Electric lift paint mixer

For the dissolving and dispersing of different viscosity products, it can make the material disperse and dissolve quickly and the particles become fine

lab stirrer mixer

Manual lift paint disperser

With frequency converter, to achieve a wide range of frequency control, automatic overload protection

color paint mixer

Hydraulic lift paint mixer

Hydraulic lift, built-in hydraulic cylinder, no oil leakage Stepless frequency conversion speed regulation Overload and overcurrent protection Less air absorption in the process of mixing and dispersing Suitable for mass production

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Industrial mixer for Paint
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Questions You May Ask About Our Paint Mixer Machine

FIER Paint Shaker

Wholesale and retail agitator (machine), Our paint color mixer machine is used for the mixing of paint, paint, ink, the chemical liquid is to ensure that the liquid mix and stir evenly essential products, dedicated to spraying, painting, oil injection, coating, is to reduce the color difference, spraying oil is not enough oil, shiny and other bad use.

We prepare the small paint mixer machine for the experiment, with small vibration and even mixing, which is suitable for the special mixing of high-precision coating. It can be customized according to the needs of different customers * with different types of stainless steel rods and blades, electroplating rods, and plastic blades, with different shapes of blades, welcome to buy!

Paint Mixer Machine for Sale

If you want to find the Industrial paint mixing machine for your business?

We are a professional manufacturer since 1997 and can supply you with the top quality for your paint mixer machine with SGS, CE, ISO9001 certificates.

As one professional industrial mixing machine manufacturer,  we FIER have a dry mortar mixing machine, drum mixer, paint filling machine, and other equipment, so we can give you the best solution for your order.

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color paint mixer

Asian Paint Mixer Machine

What does paint mixer machine featuers?

We have an electric paint mixing machine and pneumatic mixer machine for Dulux

Electric and Pneumatic paint mixer  features:

  1. Use compressed air as power, no spark, explosion-proof safety
  2. Stepless speed regulation. The revolution of the motor is regulated by the pressure and flow of the air supply.
  3.  No overload risk. If the load of the pneumatic mixer is too large, it will not cause danger to the mixer itself and the temperature will not rise.
  4.  It can work continuously with a full load for a long time.
  5. Two-way rotation.
  6.  Easy to operate.
  7. Suitable for working inflammable, explosive, vibration, moisture, and another harsh environment.
lab stirrer mixer

Color Paint Mixer

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Paint Mixer Machine

What is Paint Mixer Machine?

paint color mixer machine

Industrial Paint Stirrer

The paint mixing machine is also named industrial stirrer and industrial paint shaker.

Fier paint mixing machine used for mixing, dispersing, and mixing color all liquids. High production efficiency.

It raised and lowered hydraulically, Frequency control of motor speed, Flexible frame rotation.

When mixing and dispersing, the air absorption and retention are very little.

Stir, blend, dissolve and disperse two or more liquid and solid powder materials.

which can make the material dissolve quickly and the particles become smaller.

The mixing and homogenization effect is very good.

How does paint mixer machine work?

The dispersing plate of the paint dispersing machine rotates at high speed in the container, making the slurry into a rolling ring and producing vortices.

Examples of raw surfaces such as paint spiral down to the bottom of the vortex. A turbulent zone is formed at the edge of the dispersion disc 2.5-5mm.

The slurry and particles are subjected to strong shear and shock, and two beams are formed outside the region, and the slurry is fully circulated and flipped.

The slurry at different velocities diffuses with each other to disperse and mix

What the types of paint mixer machine?

1) Emulsification Disperser:

It is suitable for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing all kinds of liquids in the laboratory, as well as dissolving and dispersing high viscosity materials in the laboratory. It is widely used in dispersing experiments of various pigments and coatings

2) explosion-proof dispersing machine:

It is mainly used in the production of solvent-based flammable and explosive chemical products such as paint, ink, coating, color paste, floor paint, road marking paint, polyurethane paint, alkyd enamel, blending paint, and so on.

3) lifting and dispersing machine:

It is a new type of high-efficiency stirring equipment for crushing, dispersing, emulsifying, and mixing liquid raw materials with different viscosity slurry, which is operated at high speed through the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing plate. It is an efficient equipment for mixing, dispersing, and dissolving solids such as coatings. Lifting and dispersing machine is widely used in mixing, dispersing, and dissolving process of chemical products such as paint, ink, pigment, and adhesive.

homogenizer mixer

Industrial Paint Mixer Machine

4) Paint dispersing machine:

Paint dispersing machine for paint crushing, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing, through the high-speed operation of the upper and lower drama teeth of the dispersing plate is new and efficient

Mixing equipment, paint, and other solids for mixing, dispersion, dissolution of efficient equipment. FIER MACHINERY is specialized in the production of paint, coating, ink equipment material testing machine, and coating industry laboratory special equipment of the largest enterprises.

5) Mixing and dispersing machine:

Used for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing liquid and liquid-powder materials in paint, dye, ink, pigment, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, emulsion, medicine, petroleum, and other fields at high speed, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily (0-1440

What the capacity of the paint mixer machine?

General production from 1 gallon, 5 gallons, to 100 liters, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 5000L.

FIER Machinery can provide a variety of types of paint mixers according to your needs.

5 gallon paint mixer machine

5-gallon Paint Mixer Machine

What does the paint mixer machine application?

It is widely used in pigment, detergent, cosmetics, food, pesticide, daily chemical, coating, fuel, papermaking, adhesives, resin, ink, medicine, and other chemical industries, etc.

And also suit for Pharmaceutical, paint, ink, floor production line, coating production line, chemical, food, automobile, motorcycle, electronics, container ships, cosmetics, fragrance,  shoe factory, leather factory, wood products factory, arts and crafts, paper, adhesives, tire manufacturing, water treatment and other places.

If you are not sure whether it will be useful for your material, you can send me the sample and we will give you the test results.

How to use a paint mixer machine?

First. Before starting

Check whether the dispersion plate of the paint mixer rotates flexibly. Check whether the accessories are loose. Have the same ring

Second, Working

Place the dish in the center of the container

Three, Turn off the paint mixer machine

Press to stop the main motor first, so that all the impellers stop

How to clean and maintenance paint mixer machine?

Any equipment related to machinery has a run-in period, so the high-speed disperser /paint mixer machine is no exception.

Under normal use, the lubricating oil should be replaced every six months and the filter should be cleaned every month.

If there is overheating or abnormal noise in the process of using the high-speed disperser, the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately and the equipment should be thoroughly and carefully checked.

If any damaged parts are found, please contact the manufacturer in time to replace the parts or purchase the parts by yourself.

The lifting system and electrical control system of the high-speed disperser/paint mixer machine need routine screening on a daily basis, routine inspection and timely replacement of wearing parts on an annual basis, an inspection of electrical control components every six months, such as AC contactors, switches, etc. If any damage is found, it should be replaced immediately.

What the cost of paint mixer machine?

Depending on your mix of materials, volume, and configuration, the price can vary greatly.

 FIER MACHINERY will give you the best price of paint mixer machine and a variety of specifications for your choice; Common and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance;

Strong continuity of production, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved, good dispersion effect, high production efficiency, smooth operation, easy installation.

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