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low-cost powder filling machine for 5-50kg/bag on sale

If you want to buy a dry powder filling machine, Fier Machinery can supply you with the best solution for your powder packing machine order.

Fier automatic powder filling machine is a new type of auger filling machines adopts the latest weighing structure and highly reliable integrated electronic technology, diversified feeding methods, with coarse and fine feeding ingredients setting, single package weight setting value, packing bag counting.

Weight display and automatic peeling, automatic zero, automatic drop correction, fault alarm, and other functions.,

Suitable for all kinds of powder, granular material automatic quantitative packaging.

Fier automatic powder filling machine

Fier automatic powder filling machine Main functions:

1. Automatically complete material packaging, integrating weight display, packaging, timing control, process linkage, and fault alarm.

2. High brightness fluorescence display, can store seven different packaging specifications of each package weight and control parameters.

3. Standard serial communication interface rs-232, you can select remote transmission of upper computer or micro printer to print production data statistical report.

4. Frequency adjustable automatic peeling function, double speed feeding function.

5. Widely used: the machine can be used for dry powder mortar, lime, calcium carbonate, gypsum powder, bentonite, kaolin, black carbon, alumina, fire materials, Flour, grain, spices powder and other powder, granular materials packaging.

Fier automatic powder filling machine

Basic configuration of Fier automatic powder filling machine

Hopper with electronic level; Pneumatic bag clamping device; Double helix coarse and fine feeding and weighing body; Belt conveyor;  powder filling and sealing machine,Stitching machine; Computer weighing display control box.

Fier automatic powder filling machine

If you want a simple powder packing machine, You can also choose the semi-automatic powder filling machine.

The semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is cheaper, and without a sealing machine.

Fier automatic powder filling machine Technical parameters:

Model FMPM-10F FMPM-25F FMPM-50F
Filling Range 1-10 Kg 5-25 Kg 10-50Kg
Filling Accuracy ≥ 99.6% ≥ 99.8%
Packing Speed 5-10 bags / min 4-8 bags/min 3-6 bags / min
Feeding Method Auger Doser Filling
Measurement Method Clamp and Hold Bags Weighing
Air Pressure & Consumption 0.4-0.6Mpa 1 m3/h
Power AC Three-phase 380V 50Hz
Dimensions 600 × 1400 × 1800 mm 820×1400×2300 mm 820×1400×2300 mm

Working video

Fier automatic powder filling machine Advantages

  1.  High packaging accuracy, there are two ways of feeding through the imported Mitsubishi frequency conversion speed regulation, the electronic control of the machine adopts PLC control, using high The precision weighing sensor is equipped with a quantitative control instrument imported from Japan.
  2. The instrument can be equipped with a standard interface to realize the communication with the central system and implement the monitoring of packaging by the master control system.
  3.  the hopper is equipped with a broken arch device, before the spiral conveying.
  4. the bag mouth adopts environmental protection rubber block bag clamping device, which can seal and clamp the bag mouth, so that there will be no dust overflow during packaging.
  5.  Supporting conveyor bag system can be implemented
  6.  Widely work process scope of application: pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, non-metal, coating, ceramic and other industries quantitative packaging.

Fier automatic powder filling machine

Your No.1 factory of Powder filling machine -Fier Machinery

Fier Machinery As a leading modern industrial intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

We have established an industrial automation equipment and technology supply system integrating technology research and development, product design, production and manufacturing, sales, and service.

Specialized in the production of automatic weighing control system, automatic packaging machine, automatic control production line, customized automation equipment, and other major series. Nearly 100 different specifications of products.

Our Products are widely used in construction, chemical, agriculture, food, and other industries.

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