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5 Things Nobody Told You About Ribbon Mixer.

A ribbon mixer is often used in a plethora of processing applications worldwide. This type of mixer is ideal for blending or mixing countless products, including pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, and beverages.

Do you plan to venture into a business that requires mixing? A ribbon-type mixer guarantees the quality and homogenous mixture that every individual longs for. Nevertheless, choosing the right option for your business is pretty challenging.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before you embark on a shopping expedition. Some of the critical queries you must find answers to before picking the ideal option include;

  • Which is the ideal mixer for your business, a large industrial ribbon mixer or a small one?
  • How exactly does the mixer work?
  • What kind of products can you blend in your mixer?
  • How do you maintain your blender to ensure maximum longevity?

Well, you don’t have to worry about immersing yourself in a time-consuming research exercise to find answers to these questions. I am proud to say that we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive free buying guide provides all the information you need to pick out the most suitable ribbon mixer machine.

You will not have to pay an expert to help you choose a mixer by the time you finish going through this post. Therefore, it will serve you well to read every piece of information keenly.

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Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

1.What is a ribbon mixer?

A ribbon mixer is not precisely a cutting-edge invention because people have used it for several years. Still, most people cannot differentiate between this type of blender and other machines that perform a similar role.  Are you one of those people? Do not feel anxious because we got you covered.

A ribbon blender, also known as a mixer, is a high-tech appliance whose purpose is to blend a wide variety of products.  If your business involves product processing, for instance, pharmaceutical production, there is a significant chance that you need a mixer.

There are several kinds of mixers that you can choose from, but a ribbon-type mixer is the most common option. It is prevalent because it is exceptionally cost-effective and versatile. More importantly, today’s ribbon mixer manufacturers can produce extraordinarily efficient and reliable blenders due to modern technological advancements.

ribbon mixer

Industrial Ribbon Mixer

A typical ribbon mixer design features a U-shaped horizontal furrow and single or double helical-shaped blades. Ideally, the blades rotate at approximately 300 feet per minute to facilitate a quick and homogenous mixture.

Most people often wonder if these blades can mix solid materials. Well, the answer is yes. It can blend products in different states of matter and is suitable for various applications, including;

  • Mixing dry solids in large volumes
  • Drying powder ideal for wet phase blending
  • Blending medicines, cosmetic materials, and various chemical substances
  • Dry mixing of different capsule elements
  • Lubricating dry pellets in bulk volumes
  • Producing baby foods, additives, dried foodstuff, and various other goods in the food processing sector  

Still, there are several aspects you ought to consider when choosing a suitable ribbon blender for your business. Some of these aspects include;

i. Size and volume of the mixer

 Size and volume are the most critical features you need to consider when picking out a mixer. Generally speaking, a blender’s ideal size and volume are subject to the amount of substance an individual intends to mix. Some people may need a large mixer, while others require a small ribbon mixer. Essentially, the suitable choice is entirely dependent on your business’s specific needs.

Nevertheless, it might be wise to invest in several small blenders rather than a singular large blender in some instances.

i. The ribbon blade type

This machine blends materials using them with a blade. There are two parts of the blade, namely, the outer helix and the inner helix. Generally speaking, there are three distinct types of ribbon mixers differentiated by their blade construction. The three types include;

The double ribbon mixer blender is the most popular option. It consists of two blades operating in opposite directions.  The inner ribbon thrusts the mixture towards the machine’s center while the outer one pushes it away from its center. These opposing forces generate a swift, gentle and excellent mixing action.

i. Mixer assembly materials and polish

Generally, ribbon mixer manufacturers use mild or stainless steel in the construction of mixers. It would be best to choose a mixer based on its construction material and the products you intend to blend. For instance, if you want to mix some foodstuffs, you must pick an easy-to-clean and sanitize blender. Considering that some foodstuffs have corrosive properties, settling for a corrosion-resistant material will also be wise. In this precise situation, I would advise you to go for a stainless steel mixer.

You also have to note that we can customize any mixer, including the industrial ribbon mixer, to meet your business’s specific needs. Some of the most popular finishing materials you can choose for your mixer include;

  • A wide variety of weld finishes comprising sterile and ordinary welds
  • Industrial varnish paint or epoxy dye
  • Stainless steel for food rating mixers
  • Scrape resistant linings, for example, ceramic material

2.What does a ribbon mixer do?

If you were to request most individuals to answer this question, they would say that a ribbon mixer blends different products. This explanation is valid for all types of mixers. However, a ribbon blender can mix more products compared to any other kind of mixer.

This is especially true when dealing with powders and bulk solids. It is important to note that this incredible mixing machine comes in many sizes to suit different needs.

Food grade mixer

Ribbon Blender Diagram

A ribbon blender is pretty popular, considering that there is not much that it cannot do. Due to its demand, several manufacturers produce this type of mixer. It would be best to buy from any blender, including a ribbon powder mixer from a dependable manufacturer.

Some manufacturers use more complex designs in an attempt to optimize the blending proficiency of the mixer. Consequently, when looking for a ribbon mixer for sale, you need to ascertain the working principle of the manufacturer before buying one.

More importantly, you must ensure that the manufacturer studied the helix twists to guarantee an excellent discharge rate.

Henan Fair Machinery offers various mixing machine designs that guarantee a wide range of benefits at a reasonable ribbon mixer price.

For example, the simple, straightforward designs and components will allow you to clean and troubleshoot your mixer with ease.

Also, all our ribbon-type mixers have the benefit of low energy consumption.

3.How does a ribbon mixer work?

Essentially, ribbon mixers are convective blenders. As I mentioned earlier, most of them have two-part ribbons. One ribbon pushes the product in one bearing while the other pushes it in the opposite trajectory. In time, these movements will grind the mixture to the prerequisite degree of homogeneity.

ribbon mixer

The ribbon mixer comprises several components that work together to achieve optimum results. The main constituents include;

i. The mixing vessel

This is the compartment of the mixer where the mixing process occurs. It allows you to mix products in different forms.

ii. A robust top flat cover

It is essential to cover the mixing vessel during operation, especially when dealing with foodstuffs and medication. This is why the mixer comes with a robust flat cover.

iii. The rotating shaft

The rotating shaft is the horizontal ribbon mixer tunnel that revolves at a high velocity to guarantee swift and efficient agitator movement. The rotating shaft’s speed often varies depending on the outer ribbon’s circumference. Generally speaking, the suitable rapidity of the shaft ranges between 80 to 100 meters every sixty seconds. The shafts speed is crucial because it informs the duration that the mixer takes to produce a perfect uniform blend.

 Other essential components of a ribbon type mixer include;

  • The agitator element
  • The discharge division
  • The control system
  • The drive mechanism

4.How to clean a ribbon mixer

Most people often consider cleaning a ribbon mixer a challenging task, but that does not always have to be true.

Cleaning is pretty simple, provided you select the appropriate cleaning technology for your specific application.

Essentially, you need a high-pressure jet head cleaning device coupled with a pump to deliver high pressure. You can manage easy-to-clean residues with light dousing equipment.

Once you choose the most cleaning kit, you must cover the entire length of the mixer, including the shadow areas.

5.Batch mixer- ribbon mixer vs. paddle mixer

Is a ribbon blender a static mixer?

There are several that offer batch mixing capabilities. The two most common types are ribbon and paddle mixers. People often try to draw comparisons between these two types of mixers.

So let us take a look at ribbon mixer vs. paddle mixer. What are their features? What is a ribbon mixer used for, and when is a paddle mixer the most suitable option?

The paddle mixer has a more straightforward structure than a ribbon mixer. Its shape features can come into two varieties: a flat-blade paddle and an inclined paddle agitator.

In spite of this difference, the ribbon option offers an excellent and efficient general blending process within a short duration.  

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