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1.smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long life, easy installation, and maintenance.

2, double spiral mixing, mixing quickly, high mixing Degree of uniformity

3. High efficient and high precise mixer

4. widely used for powder, granule, paste material

5.  Smart uniformity, easy operation
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Industrial Ribbon Mixer

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Stainless steel Ribbon Mixer

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Ribbon blender Assembling

After rigorous testing, the assembly takes shape

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Ribbon Mixing blade Welding

Worker flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Ribbon Blender Bending

Ribbon Blender Bending

bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

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Ribbon Mixer for Sale

Whether to look for a reliable, good performance mixing machine for your business?

As a top manufacturer and supplier, Fier Machinery can supply you with the one-stop turnkey solution for your ribbon mixer order.

FIER ribbon Blender is adaptable not only to mix and scatter materials, And also can mix materials with poor scattering and strong adhesion.

Make your best choice for our ribbon mixing machine and save your money now!

What are Ribbon Mixer Features and advantages?

  • 1. Reasonably designed, the volume of agitating material accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the total capacity of the agitating cylinder
  • 2. Small floor area, less investment, stable operation, low noise, small dust, easy installation, and maintenance.
  • 3. Promote the secret sealing, screw blade layout is reasonable, can meet the requirements of various powder materials without leakage rapid promotion.
  • 3, the mixer mixing speed, multi-layer screw belt mixing, the overall movement of the material, the average mixing time in 5-8 minutes;
  • 4, the mixer mixing uniformity is high, the material three-dimensional movement, stirring without dead Angle.
  • 5. The gap between the outer ring of the screw belt and the wall of the barrel can be adjusted to 1-2mm.
  • 6. Scraper can be installed on the outer helix belt according to customer requirements, which is more suitable for thick and paste mixing;
  • 7. Under the mixing requirements of different materials (special materials must be cleaned after each mixing),
  •      Can adopt different spiral belt structure, can heat, dry clip type;
  • 8. Special liquid atomizer can be installed;
  • 9. Can be customized for the production of putty powder mixer according to customer requirements and practical experience; Can be customized 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel putty powder mixer.
dry moratar mixer

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

What is the Horizontal ribbon mixer Working principle?

FIER continuous ribbon mixer design horizontal, U-shaped, or cylindrical appearance design, and the interior adopts a double or multi-layer double screw belt design.

Usually, when the main shaft turns, one strip moves the material from left to right, and the other strip moves the material from right to left.

Therefore, the ribbon mixer mechanism of mixing convective occurs in the machine to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

When the heated ribbon blender is working and mixing, the materials in the machine are subjected to the action of two rotors in opposite directions and carry out the compound movement.

The materials in the tank form a full range of continuous circulation turning, mutually staggered shear, so as to achieve a fast and soft mixing uniform effect. 

Industrial Ribbon Mixer

What is a ribbon mixer Structural features?

  • 1. The gap between the outer ring of the screw belt and the inner wall of the casing can be adjusted, and there is a lower cleaning door, which can be used for no residue production.
  • 2. Speed up mixing.
  • 3. Strong adaptability is not only able to mix and scatter strong materials. And it can mix materials with poor scattering and strong adhesion.
  • 4, can add a certain amount of liquid to participate in the mixing, the maximum amount can be up to 10%.
  • 5. Small floor space.
  • 6. Horizontal barrel with three spiral belts inside and outside
  • 7. Stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, with a variety of agitator structure,
  • 8. Fast mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, no dead Angle, small residual, screw belt can be installed scraper.
  • 9. Under the mixing requirements of different materials (special materials must be cleaned after each mixing), a different spiral belt structure is adopted.
  • 10. Spiral elevator or Bucket Elevatorpackaging machinery, and so on can be equipped according to users’ needs
  • 11. The horizontal body is provided with a movable door for cleaning.
  • 12. A double ribbon mixer can also be customized according to specific needs.
Food grade mixer

Ribbon Blender Diagram

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Fair Machinery is a professional manufacturer engaged in independent research and development, production, and sales of crushing machinery, mixing machine, and packing machine since 1997

now we FIER Machinery production of dry mortar complete set of engineering, dry powder mixer, putty powder mixer, ribbon blender and a series of powder materials mixing machinery.

We can supply you with the best solution for your different requirements.

Choice FIER, built your brighter future!

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