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Rice husk grinder machine

Rice husk grinder machine Manufacturer, Best quality rice husk hammer mill with low price on sale

Fier Rice husk grinder machine is the mini flour mill machine special equipment for producing high-quality powder.

The Rice husk grinder machine produced by our factory is suitable for crushing soft mineral, brittle material, ductile material, fiber material, and other solid materials with a hardness of grade 3 or the easy to condense into block material.

It can be ground into powder, grain, fiber, and 99% of finished products with the fineness between 10-525 mesh. There is no residue. No drying equipment is required.

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

The structural principle of Fier rice husk grinder machine/ hammer mill for rice husk

  • 1, it adopts high-speed impact, sharp cutting, gap grinding and flow self-grinding principle, so that the material to achieve the purpose of fine grinding.
  • 2. The main machine is composed of a rotor, upper body, and lower body. The crushing chamber adopts the multi-stage crushing process and the principle device of fine crushing.
  • 3. The whole wood powder machine is composed of the main engine, fan, analyzer, powder collector, dust collector, and other parts. Each component structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, it’s outstanding, especially easy to operate, safe to use, good sealing, small noise.

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

Fineness adjustment method of Fier rice husk mill

  • 1. There is a fineness analyzer inside the body. After loosening the bolts on the analyzer, move the fineness up to increase and the fineness down to decrease. Adjust to the fineness you need, then the fixing bolts can be produced.
  • 2. 7.5 HP flour mill is equipped with an air volume regulator, which can adjust the air volume, the air volume with high fineness, and low fineness, and the air volume with small fineness can be continuously produced when adjusted to the ideal fineness.
  • 3. Fineness: 30-500 mesh can be adjusted at will. The yield and fineness vary according to the density of materials. The main engine motor is used according to the output of material fineness.

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

Applicable Scope and Effect of the finished product of Fier Rich husk grinder machine:

Rice husk powder uses animal feed.

Bamboo powder, shells, bark, leaf, wheat bran, rice husk, corn cob, straw, starch, food, shrimp skin, fish meal, seaweed, and dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, spices, jujube, paper, chemical raw materials, mica, graphite, bentonite, pearlite, lees, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, potato slag, tea, soybean meal, cotton, cowhide, sheepskin, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, all kinds of edible hundreds of complicated materials such as processing,

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

It is the chemical industry, building materials, medicine, health care, farming, food, mosquito-repellent incense, etc in the ideal grinder.

The Effect of the finished product as follows:

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

Working video of Fier rice husk grinder machine

Installation instructions:

1. The machine shall be placed on the pre-made concrete foundation, and after the level of the machine is corrected, the low-foot screw shall be poured into the hole with concrete, and the foot screw shall be tightened after the concrete is set.

2. After the installation of the machine, it shall be equipped with electrical protection device, and the machine shall be tested after wiring by the electrician. All electric power shall be controlled by the electric control cabinet.

Fier Rice husk grinder machine

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