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Fier Sand dryer is also named portable frac sand dryer, it is a kind of drying machine to deal with a large number of materials, reliable operation, flexibility, adaptability, processing capacity.

It is mainly used to dry granular materials within a certain humidity range.

Such as the dry mortar industry used in the yellow sand, casting industry for various specifications of sand.Blast furnace slag for cement industry. Small particle clay is used in the chemical industry for small particle materials that can not bear chemical change and are not afraid of high temperature and dust.

The moisture content of dried materials can be less than 0.5% according to the requirements of different industries.

Fier Sand dryer

Applicable scope of  Fier sand dryer

  • 1. Chemical industry, miners, metallurgy and other industries, such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomite, kaolin.
  • 2. Agriculture, feed and fertilizer industries, such as straw, herbage, leaves, fish meal, corn paste, starch residue, wine grains, pharmaceutical residue, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, turf, organic compound fertilizer, sludge, aquatic product waste, food plant waste, slaughterhouse waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, ammonium sulfide.
  • 3. Dry powdery and granular materials with special requirements.Such as a variety of crystals, light calcium carbonate, active clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime slurry, ore mud, phosphorus slag, aluminum plant red mud.
  • 4. Materials requiring low-temperature drying and continuous bulk drying.

Fier Sand dryer

Performance characteristics of Fier Sand dryer

1. Adopt a multi-combination feeding device.

2, suitable for a variety of combustion furnaces, high-temperature fluidized bed furnace, pulverized coal, and artificial coal feeding furnace.

3, drive the size of the gear pin column changeable gear, replace the traditional cast steel gear, save cost investment, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost and time.

4, the adoption of a centralized control system, can achieve large enterprise microcomputer central monitoring and management.

5. Larger production capacity and continuous operation.

6. Simple structure and convenient operation.

7. Fewer faults and low maintenance costs.

8. Wide application range, it can be used to dry granular materials, for those materials with high adhesion is also very beneficial.

9, the operation is flexible, the production of the product is allowed to have a large range of fluctuation, will not affect the quality of the product.

Fier Sand dryer

 Fier Sand dryer advantages

1: Less investment

Dryer equipment investment is 1/6 of the imported products, using alloy steel manufacturing, than ordinary steel wear 3-4 times.

2: High efficiency

Dryer thermal efficiency up to 80%, improve thermal efficiency of 48%

3: Small materials

The fuel can be used for white coal, bituminous coal, gangue, oil and steam, and can bake lumps, granule and powdery materials below 20-40mm

4: Small footprint

Dryer than a single-cylinder dryer to reduce the floor area of about 50%, civil construction investment by about 50%

5: No air leakage phenomenon

The difficulty of sealing is completely solved, and the installation can be completed within 2 hours.

Fier Sand dryer

The structure and workflow :

 Fier Large sand dryer  production line supporting equipment, mainly by the bin disc feeder (can be increased), Belt conveyor (can be lengthened and widened),

Dryer body, hot air furnace, blower, classification screening equipment, dust removal system (shaken or water dust removal) and other components

Fier Sand dryer

The working principle :

The heat source of the dryer comes from the combustion device. The dryer adopts the down-flow heating mode.

1. The belt conveyor or bucket elevator will be sent to the hopper

2. Then the feeder through the hopper enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe

3. In the process of the material moving forward in the cylinder, heat from the heat carrier is directly or indirectly obtained, so that the wet material can be dried.

4. Then it is sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharging end.

Fier Sand dryer

Fier sand dry working video :

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