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FIER sand dryers are CE and ISO9001 certified.

Our sand dryer can dry River sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, mineral powder, slag, coal ash, coal slag for up to 3-50ton/ hour depending on the machine.

FIER cheap dryers heat source you can choose Electricity, coal, gas, oil, biomass fuel, wood, etc.

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Sand Dryer

1: Less investment: Dryer equipment investment is 1/6 of the imported products, using alloy steel manufacturing than ordinary steel wear 3-4 times.

2: High efficiency: Dryer thermal efficiency up to 80%, improve the thermal efficiency of 48%

3: Thermal energy is optional: The fuel can be used for white coal, bituminous coal, gangue, oil, and steam, and can bake lumps, granule, and powdery materials below 20-40mm

4: Small footprint: Dryer than a single-cylinder dryer to reduce the floor area of about 50%, civil construction investment by about 50%

5: No air leakage phenomenon: The difficulty of sealing is completely solved, and the installation can be completed within 2 hours.

Questions You May Ask About Our Sand Dryer

FIER DRYER can dry mixed mortar, yellow sand, river sand, quartz sand, cement factory slag, clay, coal gangue, mixture, fly ash, gypsum, iron powder, and other raw materials drying, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, casting and other industries.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Sand Dryer

 Looking for a reliable sand dryer machine?

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about sand dryer equipment.

Whether you want to learn about the feature, some working problems, or working principles, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more. Let’s dive right in.

What is a Sand Dryer?

The sand drying machine is also named portable frac sand dryer is a kind of drying machine to deal with a large number of materials, reliable operation, flexibility, adaptability, processing capacity.

The rotary sand dryer is mainly used to dry granular materials within a certain humidity range.

Such as the dry mortar industry used in the yellow sand, casting industry for various specifications of sand.Blast furnace slag for the cement industry. 

The moisture content of dried materials can be less than 0.5% according to the requirements of different industries. like production dry mortars etc.

Sand Dryer

Sand Dryer for Sale

How Does A Sand Dryer Works?

The heat source of the dryer comes from the combustion device. The dryer adopts the down-flow heating mode.

1. The belt conveyor or bucket elevator will be sent to the hopper

2. Then the feeder through the hopper enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe

3. In the process of the material moving forward in the cylinder, heat from the heat carrier is directly or indirectly obtained, so that the wet material can be dried.

4. Then it is sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharging end.

small sand dryer

Small sand dryer

What is a sand dryer application?

1. Chemical industry, miners, metallurgy, and other industries, such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomite, kaolin.

2. Agriculture, feed, and fertilizer industries, such as straw, herbage, leaves, fish meal, corn paste, starch residue, wine grains, pharmaceutical residue, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, turf, organic compound fertilizer, sludge, aquatic product waste, food plant waste, slaughterhouse waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, ammonium sulfide.

3. Dry powdery and granular materials with special requirements.Such as a variety of crystals, light calcium carbonate, active clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime slurry, ore mud, phosphorus slag, aluminum plant red mud.

4. Materials requiring low-temperature drying and continuous bulk drying.

portable sand dryer

sand in tumble dryer

FIER sand dryer features

1. Adopt a multi-combination feeding device.

2. Suitable for a variety of combustion furnaces, high-temperature fluidized bed furnace, pulverized coal, and artificial coal feeding furnace.

3. Drive the size of the gear pin column changeable gear, replace the traditional cast steel gear, save cost investment, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost and time.

4. The adoption of a centralized control system, can achieve large enterprise microcomputer central monitoring and management.

5. Larger production capacity and continuous operation.

6. Simple structure and convenient operation.

7. Fewer faults and low maintenance costs.

8. Wide application range, it can be used to dry granular materials, for those materials with high adhesion is also very beneficial.

9. The operation is flexible, the production of the product is allowed to have a large range of fluctuation, which will not affect the quality of the product.

rotary sand dryer

Silica Sand Dryer

What is the sand dryer design?

 The sand dryer design mainly by the bin disc feeder (can be increased), Belt conveyor (can be lengthened and widened),

Dryer body, hot air furnace, blower, classification screening equipment, dust removal system (shaken or water dust removal), and other components

sand in tumble dryer

Sand dryer design

How to Get Sand Out of A Dryer?

After reaching the drying effect, the sand is discharged from the drum rapidly under the action of hot air.

The wet sand that has not reached the drying effect cannot move fast because of its own weight.  When The sand is fully dried in the dryer, so as to achieve the drying effect.

sand dryer plant

Sand Dryer Plant

How to deal with the noise when the sand dryer works?

Sand drying equipment will produce air dynamic noise and mechanical noise during operation. In order to reduce the noise, we can take the following measures.

1. Install a sound absorption screen around the fan of the sand dryer, and add a sound insulation cover on the fan or build an anechoic room at the vent to reduce noise. 

2. The muffler can be installed at the noise source of the dryer fan to reduce the noise.

3 in the dryer foundation around the vibration reduction groove or groove; Use spring, cork, rubber, and other elastic materials to make the vibration isolation device of the machine base. This can also effectively reduce the noise of the sand dryer.

How can you make sand dry faster?

1. When the rotary sand dryer working, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the sand particle size is enough to wash. The sand particle size is finer, the thermal contact surface is larger.

2, the sand in the dryer vent can be more fully and hot air contact, so that not only can improve the drying efficiency, but also can make the drying effect of the material more thoroughly.

3,  strictly control the water content before the sand material drying, if there is excess water in the sand drying equipment, it is bound to reduce the drying efficiency and drying effect, so sand in a dryer drum is necessary to control the water.

How to reduce dust when the sand dryer works?

Dust is mainly caused by loose sealing in the operation, and the loose sealing will increase dust.

The sand dryer needs to be partially sealed. Make the configuration of each operation more flexible, also can reduce the scattered fly ash dust

How to accurately control the temperature of the sand drying equipment?

1. Increase the area of heat source inner wall;

2. Electric heating elements are arranged on the top and bottom of the heat source to achieve uniform heating on both sides.

3. The inner wall of the heat source is coated with high radiation coating;

4. A fan is installed in the heat source to strengthen the convection heat transfer of furnace gas.

5. The circular heat source is used to replace the box furnace, which can strengthen the uniform heat transfer effect of the furnace to the workpiece and reduce the heat dissipation of the furnace wall.

How to calculate the heat required per hour for a sand dryer?

To calculate according to the initial moisture and final moisture of the drying sand materials you dry, and the heat utilization rate.

 After obtaining these values, the heat required by the sand dryer per hour can be calculated accurately.

For example, 625 silica sand drying plants every hour if drying 7 tons of sand, from 10% moisture drying to 1%, about 400,000 calories of heat.

How to plan the site of the sand dryer?

When You choose the production site, you should do a good survey of the surrounding environment to prevent some unnecessary problems in the production process of the dryer machine.

First of all, the size of the site should be determined according to your own production scale.

Because the body of the traditional sand dryer is relatively long, and the whole drying process is complicated, it needs to occupy a large area.

 FIER machinery shortens the length of the body by 40%, simplifying the whole drying process and making the whole sand drying process easier to control and operate.

Secondly, in the process of building, attention should be paid to the connection of various related auxiliary equipment. The whole process comes down to the disk feeder, belt conveyor, hot stove, host, hopper, linear vibrating screen, elevator, and dust removal system.

These parts should be placed reasonably to ensure the normal operation of the whole drying process.

How to choose the heat source of the sand dryer?

The common heat source equipment of sand dryer is pulverized coal combustion furnace, gas producer, biomass burner, wood powder burner, oil and gas burner, electric hot blast stove, direct heat hot blast stove, etc.

Different heat sources use different fuels. Pulverized coal combustion furnace is burning coal, biomass combustion opportunity to burn some biomass particles, wood powder combustion machine is mainly burning wood powder particles, etc.,

the electric hot stove is relying on electricity as a heat source, the rest of the hot stove is mainly burning biomass straw, wood, and so on! There are natural gas combustion machine is to rely on natural gas as a heat source.

Sand dryer plant using different heat source has its characteristics.

For example, if coal is used as a heat source, the sand in dryer production cost is low, natural gas is cleaner, the electric sand dryer is easier to obtain, hot stove investment is less, and so on. You can choose the right fuel as the heat source according to your situation.

We FIER Machinery as a professional rotary dryer manufacturer can provide a variety of heat source equipment. you can choose the right products according to your actual situation or directly call us.

What's the price of a sand dryer?

The sand dryer cost is mainly based on raw materials, labor, and output.

It’s raw materials for steel, the greater the output, the more raw materials needed. The price fluctuation of steel affects the production cost.

Secondly, labor cost also affects the price of river sand dryers. With the rising labor cost, the price cost also rises.

In addition to steel prices and labor costs, there are marketing strategies, market conditions, production efficiency, and other factors, a variety of factors stacked with each other long ago price instability.

Fier machinery can not only guarantee the quality but also give you 100% factory price

How to choose the best sand dryer manufacturer?

You can visit the factory, test the equipment, and understand the reputation of the sand dryer manufacturer, which is to master the information from the front and side,  will be of great help to us to buy the equipment.

Before you buy a sand dryer, you should first understand your requirements.

Generally, price and equipment quality will have your standards, such as the price can not exceed the budget, and the quality to achieve their own drying purposes, with these two goals we can refer to when buying,

By asking the price, you can find out if it’s within your budget,

Through the trial machine, we can achieve whether the dryer equipment can meet your production needs.

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