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  • used for crushing all kinds of hard and brittle materials such as rocks, abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz stone, iron ore, and concrete aggregate.
  • Our crushed sand making machine is a kind of high efficiency, energy-saving crushed stone sand making equipment, compared to the traditional crushing machine energy saving 50%, which is currently the world’s advanced crushing equipment.
  •  used for bridge construction, high-speed road, wharf, airport, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station, etc., to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate, is the artificial sand and masonry stone field of the first choice equipment.

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Crushing machine Hydraulic equipment

Convenient unpacking, one person can operate, easy maintenance

impact crusher wear parts

Crusher Machine Internal rotor

High strength wear-resisting material, easy to change, can be used for many times

impact crusher parts

Bottom Screen

By changing the gap, the material passes through the bottom screen, adjusting the discharging particle size of you want

Sand Making Machine for Your Project

selection of crushing equipment

[Applicable materials] : barite, quartz stone, iron ore, bauxite, fly ash, lignite, red iron, talc and other minerals finely crushed.

[Application] : Road construction, water conservancy engineering, construction, mechanical sand, refractory materials, ceramics, and other fields.

[Features]: FIER sand making machine has the advantages of beautiful shape, reasonable and compact structure, small weight, and low energy consumption.

Questions You May Ask About Our Sand Making Machine

FIER Hydraulic open box crushing machine, pebble sand making machine adopts hydraulic open box system, hydraulic open box sand making machine because of the use of hydraulic power system, one key open box, not only replace the hammer, side plate, roof is convenient, but also can quickly solve the problem of blocking material!

The whole process only takes 5 minutes, which saves about 3-4 hours of closing and closing time compared with the traditional sand making machine, and saves time and labor.

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FIER: Your Premier Sand Making Machine Supplier

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Sand Making Machine for Sale

Do you want to the large size of rock materials and stones to make sand?

FIER High-efficiency hydraulic unpacking sand making machine can grind for  granite, quartz stone, ore and other more than a hundred kinds of materials to make sand

As a big professional crushing manufacturer, We Fier Machinery will help you choose the right crushing machine based on your raw materials, and this will ensure the long life span of your sand making machine.

Not only we can supply you with the best quality and service, but also We Fier Machinery will give you the best solution for your  crushing machine.

Send your inquiry and we will reply to you in 24hours.

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Rock Sand Making Machine

What are sand making machine's features?

1. Simple structure and long service life and reusable hammerhead

2. Small discharge particle size, less dust, uniform particle size, large production capacity, simple structure, stable operation

3. High efficiency, very low power consumption, good dustproof, long life of easy parts.

impact crusher wear parts

sand core making machine

4. The investment is lower than the traditional crushing equipment of the same scale, 35%-50%, and supporting auxiliary equipment such as belt machine, dust collector, etc. Besides, the installation cost, civil construction cost, and engineering land investment are relatively saving, and the consumption of wear-resisting parts and the input cost in the later period will be greatly reduced.

5. High output efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs.

6. Multiple crushing methods to meet the needs of customers for crushing different materials.

impact crusher blow bars

stone crusher sand making machine

7. High yield, changed from three-stage crushing to second-stage crushing, large processing capacity, increased production by 30% and stabilized. (Primary yield rate ≤5mm accounts for more than 85%).

8. Hydraulic cover opening device greatly reduces the maintenance cost and makes it more convenient to replace wearing parts. Compared with the same scale process sand machine equipment maintenance by 50%~60%.

impact crusher parts

crushed sand making machine parts

9. Constant temperature of bearing level, automatic circulation of oil pump, extending maintenance cycle, and service life.

10. The discharge size can be adjusted, which simplifies the sand crushing process and effectively prevents material clogging and motor burning.

11. The feeding size is doubled compared with the VSI sand making machine.

12, compared with the same traditional scale process sand machine energy saving 50%~70% (one motor can produce).

13. Finished sand, stone cubic shape, strong compressive capacity, suitable for standard building needs (needle shape, less flake).

stone crusher mill

rock sand making machine

What does the sand making machine Working principle?

When Our FIER sand making machine is working, the material enters the cavity.

Falling on the head of the high-speed rotating movable hammer, through the action between the hammer and the counterstrike plate, the material is preliminarily broken in the hammer strike area.

After being repeatedly hammered and attacked by high-frequency many times, the material falls on the middle partition, forming a pile and producing a slide.

Landing on the high-speed rotating lower rotor of the swing plate, and high-speed thrown to the counter plate into the impact, falling

And by the mobile plate hammer mandatory counterattack, crushing, grinding.

The material after its weight fall in the process of multiple composite grinding, scouring, and grinding.

Finally, it is discharged from the discharge outlet

sand making machine

artificial sand making machine

What does a sand making machine application?

1. Artificial sand making of cobblestones, river pebbles, mountain stones, and wind fossils (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, corundum, talc, olivine, feldspar, fluorite and stone chips.

2. Production of construction aggregate, highway fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete, and cement concrete aggregate.

3. Fine grinding process in the mining industry, material crushing in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory, ceramics, cement, abrasive, and other industries.

4. High abrasion and secondary disintegration, desulfurization, steel slag, construction waste crushing, and other environmental protection projects in the thermal power and metallurgical industries.

5. Production of glass raw materials, quartz sand, and other pure materials.

6, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, wood ore, lead and zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore and other special hard, hard and abrasive materials fine and coarse grinding operations.

selection of crushing equipment

Sand Making

What is the price of sand making machine?

The price of our sand making machine is mainly based on your raw materials and output you require.

As you know, the performance of the sand making machine directly affects the quality of the gravel, including the choice of equipment type, the choice of specifications, etc., and the nature of the material that needs to be combined.

From the model of crushing machine, in addition to the traditional sand making machine, there are different sand making equipment, such as HVI crushing machine, Jaw Crusher and Hammer Crusher, their performance is different.

In addition, you can select vibrating screen, feeding conveyor, Hammer crusher, sand washing machine, and other equipment, constitute a complete sand making line

sand making machine

Impact crusher for sand making

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We Fier Machinery as a big Professional production and research and development of machinery and equipment manufacturers.

In order to meet the needs of the market, we Fier Machinery constantly make progress and innovation, combined with the current environmental factors to develop, design, and manufacture: Crusher MachineJaw CrusherHammer CrusherAluminum ShredderMobile Rock Crusher, etc.

We Fier Machinery not only provide you with equipment design, equipment selection, installation but also we supply debugging maintenance and technical training for free. 

We will give you the best turn-key solution for your sand making machine order and help your cause more brilliant.

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