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FIER Sawdust Making Machine

  • The main machine consists of three parts: rotor, upper body and lower body.The crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and fine crushing principle device, which is characterized by large working impact force, high production efficiency and strong fine crushing ability. 
  • FIER sawdust crusher is composed of main machine, fan, analyzer, powder collector, dust collector, etc.The components of the compact structure, reasonable layout, its outstanding especially easy to operate, safe use, good sealing, low noise.

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FIER sawdust making machine can pulverize various types of wood such as pine, miscellanewood, Chinese fir, raw bamboo, etc.

It can also be used for processing fiber materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk etc.

Widely used in papermaking, edible fungus, machine-made charcoal, particleboard, sawdust board, high density board, medium fiber board and other industries.

Questions You May Ask About Our Sawdust Making Machine

1. Saw dust is a very good nutriment

Saw dust is a kind of cheap soilless culture substrate. Saw dust can keep warm in the root of flowers and trees, and can make flowers and trees survive the winter safely.Saw dust after fermentation and decay, comprehensive nutrition, no partial nitrogen lack of phosphorus and potassium at risk, moderate dry and wet, suitable for potted asparagus, orchids, etc.

2. Make compression plates

Plywood, compression board, plywood, big core board and other materials are people use wood sawdust and corner waste manufacturing and become, greatly improve the use of wood, reduce waste.

3. As fuel

It can be used as fuel for fumigating food.

4. Making paper and chopsticks

It can be used to make paper, make disposable chopsticks and so on.

5. Make your own organic manure

Saw dust is used to keep the pen clean and sanitary.Fermented sawdust mixed with pig manure and urine is a good organic fertilizer.

The sawdust market can be said to be very broad, of course, the waste wood mill using sawdust mill processing into sawdust is the most can reflect the recycling example, but also very consistent with the theme of environmental protection in our times.In addition also for those of us who open sawdust processing plant to earn substantial profits.

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Wood Sawdust Making Machine Plant

Do you want to buy a sawdust miking machine for your business?

you want to grow edible fungi, make high-density boards, paper, or fertilizer?

Superior sawdust making machine quality ensures you the most profitable operation,

As a top professional crushing machine manufacturer, We Fier Machienry provides sturdy solutions of your sawdust making machine order.

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Sawdust Powder Making Machine

What is a Sawdust Making Machine?

Fier Sawdust Making machine is also known as wood hammer mill, sawdust crusher, wood chipper.

A mini sawdust machine is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood powder (sawdust).

Fier sawdust making machines are widely used in papermaking, edible fungi, mechanism charcoal, particleboard, sawdust board, high-density board, medium fiberboard, and other industrial production of material preparation section and a single wood powder (sawdust) production base.

It can process wood, waste wood, branch tree, wood chips, edge materials, bark, bamboo, bamboo skin, straw, and other raw materials into sawdust at one time for you.

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How to make sawdust?

Fier Sawdust making machine adopts blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, collision, and double crushing function in one.

And can complete the micromaterial separation process at the same time.

During the cutting and crushing process of the blade,

The rotor produces high-speed airflow, which rotates with the cutting direction of the blade.

The material is accelerated in the airflow, and the repeated impact causes the material to be double crushed at the same time, which accelerates the crushing rate of the material.

wood sawdust making machine

Wood Sawdust Making Machine

What does sawdust making machine features?

  • 1. Double-layer shell, the shell is made of thickened steel plate, and the inner shell is made of wear-resisting lining plate, which is compact and durable;
  • 2, the spindle through dynamic balancing experiment, to ensure the performance of each machine can be stable, give play to the advantages of stable performance;
  • 3, the wood grinder blade quality is good. Fixed knife after carburizing heat treatment, improve the service life, moving knife material is alloy steel, more wear-resistant.
  • 4, the wood grinder built-in screen, simple replacement, can meet the different needs of different users for the discharge.
  • 5. High production efficiency, good uniformity of finished products, low processing cost, and high profit.
  • 6. Small investment, low energy consumption, and convenient maintenance.
  • 7. Wide application scope
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Sawdust Making Machine for Sale

What does sawdust making machine Structure composition?

  • The mainly composed of the crushing system, power system, and fan system.
  • The unique lining plate of the equipment increases the abrasion resistance of the equipment;
  • Dust removal equipment more humanized to solve the dust pollution problem.
  • Workers will not be contaminated by dust during operation, and the finished products are very clean.
  • Large sawdust machine, there are two kinds of belt wheel drive and direct driving;
  • level separation and tilting are the two kinds of feeding,
  • Discharging also has up discharging, and down discharging two kinds of ways.
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Wood Log Sawdust Making Machine

How to maintenance sawdust making machine?

  • 1. Set and produce according to model parameters. Overload production is prohibited to avoid damage to the machine.
  • 2. For parts easy to wear out, frequent inspection should be carried out, and parts should be replaced in time if excessive wear is found
  • 3. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking the machine. First, check whether the screw and belt are loose, whether the rotation direction is correct, and whether there is a case jam in the machine.
  • 4. Keep the machine in good lubrication condition. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees. Main engine bearing once a week with butter, molybdenum disulfide, high-speed butter better effect.
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Small Sawdust Making Machine

Why us?

We Fier Machinery are committed to providing good quality equipment of sawdust making machine, Wood Crusher machine, tire shredder machine, Metal crusher machine, etc as your requirement.

We Fier Machiner have crushing technology patents, and we were named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province”.

We Fier Machinery can supply you with the one-stop turn-key solution for your sawdust making machine order.

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