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1. The knife is made of alloy steel casting,  firm, and has a long service life.

2. Thick frame plate, resistant to high torque, very strong.

3. Microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set up start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

4. Low speed, large torque, low noise, dust can meet the environmental protection standards.

5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economic and durable.

6. The thickness of the cutter and the number of the cutter claws can be changed according to different materials

mini scrap metal shredder

Mini Scrap Metal Shredder

Crushing machine for matel

Industrial Scrap Metal Shredder

crusher machine for plastic

Multi-function Metal Shredder

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metal crusher machine

Scrap Metal Shredder for Plastic and rubber

In plastic recycling, according to the need of the size of the blade can be wide or narrow, do dense or thin, to ensure that the specifications of the crushed products to meet the immediate needs of users, convenient for subsequent cleaning and granulation work.

Crusher Machine for Metal

Scrap Metal Shredder for Metal

In the field of scrap metal recycling, it is often used for shredding scrap steel and iron with large volume, such as scrapped cars, colored steel tiles and large paint buckets, to facilitate further processing by metal crushers.

scrap metal processing

Scrap Metal Shredder for Household Waste

In the treatment of biomass waste, used to crush a variety of waste wood, waste straw, wood branches, and other renewable resources, through crushing - granulation production cost for power plant biomass combustion particles, can also crush peanut shell, corn cob, etc., to make farm feed particles, to achieve the recycling of resources.

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heavry wood crusher machine
green waste shredder
primary shredder

Questions You May Ask About Our Scrap Metal Shredder

FIER Scrap Metal Shredder

 Tell Us Your Need, We Will Provide You Right Type:

1. Determine the size of your crushed material when purchasing a machine
2. Material of you want crushing 
3. The size of materials needed after crushing
4. Production output of your requirements
5. If possible, prepare certain materials for testing, and it is advisable that the equipment does not reverse (reversal means the power is too small)

You can send us your materials, we can do the free test for you and show you the shredding result.

FIER: Your Scrap Metal Shredder Supplier in China

portable scrap metal shredder

Portable Scrap Metal Shredder

Do you want to buy a small scrap metal shredder for recycling metals like steel and aluminum or want to tackle bulk waste cables, plastic, wood or tire, etc?

Do you care about the service and quality of your scrap metal shredder?

OK, Don’t look more.

We FIER Machinery as a big professional crushing manufacturer in China, not only can supply you with the best solution but also we will give you the best quality and service at a competitive price for your scrap metal shredder order.

Send us your inquiry and we FIER Machinery will reply to you in 24 hours!

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largest scrap metal shredder

Metal Shredder

Fier mini scrap metal shredder for sale

Fier Scrap metal shredder is an environmentally friendly recycling shredder device designed and produced by our technical staff with years of manufacturing experience based on the introduction and absorption of advanced technology.

Fier small metal shredder machine has the advantages of even discharging, high shredding efficiency, large output, reliable performance, and so on, and can be widely used in the waste recycling and recycling industry.

Scrap Metal Shredder Working Video

What does Industrial scrap metal shredder?

The main function of Fier Industrial scrap metal shredder is to combine the large and hard metal materials and the large diameter drum metal materials which are not easy to transport, Through the shears of the metal shredder,

Scrap metal materials from large volumes to meet the requirements of the small volume of flake, granular form.

scrap metal shredder machine

Industrial Scrap Metal Shredder

What does industrial metal shredder features and advantages?

1. The driving part is driven by a heavy-duty star gear reducer, which has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, and low noise;
2. The reducer vibration damping device protects the transmission components
3.  Fier small metal shredder cutter tool is made of special alloy steel (high-speed steel or tool steel) through a special processing technology, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high strength, and repairability.
4. The lower and upper split bearing seat design is convenient to maintain the bearing and rotor
5. Low dust, advanced sealing system prevents material from leaking from the box and guarantees the service life of the bearing
6. Fier industrial scrap metal shredder whole system complies with CE safety standards
7. Very low maintenance frequency, alloy steel movable knife, sturdy, long service life
8. The iron frame has thick plates, can resist high torque, and has good stability
9. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable
10. The unit output is the theoretical calculation throughput, and the specific use should be determined according to the actual density and shape of the crushed material.
11. The electrical part adopts PLC program and touch screen control, automatic detection of overload protection and reverse functions
12. The tooth knife has a unique design in terms of thickness, tooth profile, arrangement sequence, etc., with strong shearing force, which can improve the shredding efficiency;
13. The powerful rotating shaft of the large-angle hexagonal column, so you can safely put in large materials;

industrial scrap metal shredder

Small Scrap Metal Shredder

What the scrap metal shredder application?

1. Scrap metal: JMC recycling, car crushing and shredding, motorcycles, bicycles, aluminum alloys, color steel tiles, and steel plates with a thickness of less than 5CM, etc.
2. Waste home appliances-furniture: TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, batteries, batteries, sofas, wardrobes, cabinets, beds, etc.
3. Waste tires: car tires, truck tires, etc.
4. Waste wood-templates: building templates, tree roots, branches, tree poles, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets, etc.
5. Waste plastic-pipes: woven bags, rubber plastic waste, PVC pipes, large pipes, PE pipes, etc.
6. Waste containers: pop cans, plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, paint barrels, fuel tanks, packaging boxes, packaging barrels, etc.
7. Waste garbage: kitchen waste, domestic waste, animal carcasses, medical waste, biological oranges, garden waste, etc.

scrap metal processing

Green Waste Shredder

Important noted:

 1. The thickness of the Fier small metal shredder knife is divided into 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. The knife body can be selected according to the particle size after the object is broken.

2. Fier mini scrap metal shredder knife is a single-claw knife body. Users who need a double-claw knife body and a multi-claw knife body can contact us.

largest scrap metal shredder

Scrap Metal Processing

We Fier Machinery are a professional manufacturer and supplier, and we are committed to providing good quality equipment of  Crusher MachineHammer Crusher. scrap metal shredder, Jaw Crusher as your requirement.

We seek success as much as you do. The more profit you earn, the more reputation we earn. Win-win situation!

Your satisfaction is our success! This is how we do business. We are not just selling products, we are selling you a brighter and greener future!

We FIER Machinery can give your best solution for your scrap metal shredder order.

It would be appreciated if you could contact us at any time. We will reply in 24 hours.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Primary Shredder

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Scrap Metal Shredder

What is shred scrap metal?

Scrap metal refers to metal fragments and debris discarded by metallurgical industry and metalworking industry, as well as metal implements discarded by equipment renewal, etc., as well as metal packaging containers and scrap vehicles and other metal objects recovered from municipal garbage.

Scrap metal is also a kind of resource, and there are specialized units operating the recycling and utilization of scrap metal in all countries of the world.

Recycling scrap metal is mainly used for smelting into recycled metal, part of which is used to produce machinery and equipment or parts, tools, and civil appliances.

Generally speaking, the classification of scrap metals can be roughly divided into two categories: one is scrap iron, scrap steel, and other waste iron-containing metals; Second, waste nonferrous metals, including iron, manganese, chromium, and all other waste metals collectively.

Waste non-ferrous metals can be divided into heavy metals (such as copper, lead, and zinc), light metals (such as aluminum and magnesium).

Generally common scrap metal, including scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap lead, scrap zinc, and so on.

Why do recycle scrap metal?

If these waste metals are discarded at will, it will not only cause environmental pollution but also waste the limited metal resources.

All metallic materials are derived from metallic mineral resources. Due to the limited and non-renewable mineral resources, with the continuous development of human beings, these resources are constantly decreasing, the shortage of resources is bound to become human

It has been estimated that recycling a discarded aluminum can costs 20% less than making a new one, and saves 90% to 97% of energy. Recycling 1T scrap iron and steel can make good steel 0.9T, compared with smelting with ore, can save the cost of 47%, but also can reduce air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste. It can be seen that setting up the concept of sustainable development, strengthening the classification and treatment of waste, recycling, and recycling waste metal has huge economic and social benefits.

How to be a scrap metal collector?

Recycling is also a business, from individuals walking through streets to the establishment of material recycling companies, this industry involves many fields, but the industrial chain is very short, with flexible ways of entry and work.

1. The traditional way to enter the industry: first go to the waste station to understand the prices of all kinds of waste recycling, and then prepare some necessary items for waste collection, such as storage bags, speakers, protective gloves, etc., and find valuable waste items for recycling according to the information given by the waste collection station

Collect your own waste.

2. Innovate the way to enter the business: find a point where there are too many express products, such as office buildings, communities, schools, etc

Build a good relationship with the property and get permission from the property

Business can be an effective way to save manpower but also can be more efficient, but you need to choose the right location, as well as a good relationship with the property.

3. Entry into the industry through investment: understand each link of the waste acquisition industry chain, and look for the point that I am interested in or with greater income potential to make an investment

Investment in the industry is equivalent to finding a position in the waste collection industry chain so that their own funds can use this industry chain to realize appreciation.

4. Starting a business: At present, there are many emerging enterprises in the field of waste recycling. In addition to the traditional recycling of electronics, plastics, and paper, there are also upstream and downstream industries related to waste cleaning and transportation, automatic sorting, renewable bio-energy, etc., which can enter the waste recycling industry through entrepreneurship and innovation

A reminder:

Operators of waste materials engaged in waste metal recycling, such as scrap iron and steel, waste non-ferrous metals, and waste mechanical and electrical equipment, must obtain the “special trade license” issued by the public security organ before applying for tax registration.

To enter the industry in an entrepreneurial way, market research and business planning need to be done well in advance, and investment and entrepreneurship must be cautious if there are risks.

How much do scrap metal collectors make?

Scrap metal recycling is an important link of resource recycling and now it has considerable profits.

In foreign countries are supported by the government, in the domestic government support intensity is much less;

Of course, making money or no problem, the key is the size of the profit.

If you encounter price fluctuations, a good operation may lead to higher profits, of course, improper operation will also lose money!

If you want to ask how much money scrap can make, the key is to see the ability to do business, as well as your upstream customers and downstream customers of the master’s degree!

How to start a scrap metal collection business?

For the convenience of processing and utilization, it should be classified and collected according to different materials.

For example, different kinds of cast iron or steel, different grades of steel, different kinds of non-ferrous metals or alloys, etc., should be collected and stored separately.

Then according to the different nature of the crushing treatment, at this time, you need a scrap metal shredder, FIER Machinery can provide you with the best scrap metal shredder and a complete set of solutions), the recovery of the large metal shredding into small blocks, easy to store, transport and processing recycling.

What material of metal shredder blades?

crusher machine parts

Scrap metal shredder Blades

The main difference between Scrap Metal Shredder materials is Scrap Metal Shredder Blades

The blade of SKD-11 has high hardness, strong toughness, and is very sharp. It can break the hard rubber head material and the more difficult materials to break.

Tungsten steel material is hard, strong corrosion resistance, used for crushing high wave fiber or corrosive materials;

DC-53 sharp material, wear resistance, high toughness, used for crushing silica gel material.

9CrSi, 12 chromium molybdenum vanadium, the price of the two blades is low, the cost is relatively low, can be used for crushing general materials, disadvantages: use time is too long easy to wear.

SKD-11, tungsten steel, the price of the two blades is high, the cost is high, can be used for special requirements of materials, disadvantages: high cost.

DC-53, used for crushing silica gel and similar materials.

What are the parts of scrap metal shredder?

crusher machine drawing

Metal Shredder Drawing

1. Dedicated movable blade for portable metal shredder
The shredder blade is divided into a fixed knife and a movable knife. The fixed knife is fixed on the main shaft of the shredder through the internal hexagonal locking hole to crush the material.

2. Main shaft of metal shredder
The regular hexagonal interface shaft is connected to the reducer through a bearing and a coupling.

3. Fier scrap Metal shredder chassis
It mainly provides support for the installation of bearings and the fixation of the main shaft, while providing a relatively closed space for the four-axis or two-axis linkage crushing.

4. The bearings
The internal pressure-bearing cylinder reduces the friction during the rotation of the spindle, thereby reducing torque loss.

5. Reducer
Adjust the output speed of the motor through the reducer, while reducing the damage of the motor caused by the impact of the spindle and increasing the torque of the spindle.

How does a scrap metal shredder work?

small scrap metal shredder

Mini Scrap Metal Shredder for Sale

Fier Industrial scrap metal shredder adopts dual-axis or single-axis rotation at low speed, and uses the cutter head to cut, cut, tear, and pull the material.

Directly connected to the worm gear motor, directly installed on the drive shaft of the scrap metal shredder machine

It is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear transmission, so that the movable knife of the driving shaft and the stationary cutter head on the housing form a relative movement.
The spiral cutter heads on the driving shaft are arranged staggered, so that after the material enters,

At the same time, it is subjected to the effects of squeezing, tearing and shearing, so that the material is broken.

How to check scrap metal shredder quality?

The easiest way to check:

Whether the motor, reducer, and distribution cabinet are debugged properly.

The scrap metal shredder blades are the most important, the material depends on it.

Whether the overall design is reasonable.

Best on-the-spot test machine or see the scene.

FIER scrap metal shredding machine adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, set up start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function, with low speed, large torque, low noise, and other characteristics. Bearing pedestal adopts split type, easy to disassemble and replace, suitable for shredding extra-large, extra-thick, and difficult materials.

Where we sale the scrap metal shredder?

Our metal shredder has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions in South Africa, Australia, UK, Japan, and so on.

Welcome to buy our FIER Metal Shredder

What the cost of metal shredder?

The price of scrap metal shredder mainly depends on what kind of material you shredded, how much is the output, and discharging size? Do you need a stand-alone device or a production line?

FIER MACHINERY can also be customized according to different production line requirements, can meet different production requirements, you can also bring material for an on-site test,  Welcome to field investigation!

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