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FIER Spice Packing Machine for Your Business

  • FIER 1-5000g Spice packing machine suitable for powder and granule materials with a certain fluidity. It is suitable for the bag, can, bottle, and other kinds of packing container powder quantitative packing with high speed and high precision.
  • FIER 5-50KG spice packing machine Include host machine, conveyor belt, bale sewing machine, controller networking, ensure humanized operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, suitable for quantitative packaging of powder and fluffy materials
25KG Bagging Machine

Stainless Steel Spice Packing Machine

small powder bagging machine

1-5000g Spice Packing Machine

powder filling machine

5-50kg Powder and Granule Packing Machine

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Packing machine for Powder

We can offer different types of spice packing machines from 1g to 50kg to meet your requirements.

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FIER: Your Premier Spice Packing Machine Manufacturer

Packing machine for Powder

Manual Spice Packing Machine

Do you want to buy a spice packing machine for your spice business?

Do you care about service and quality and the price for your spice packing machine?

As a big professional packing & mixing& grinding manufacturer, We Fier Machinery can supply you with a one-stop solution for your automatic packaging. and give you the best spice packing machine price.

We can offer different types of spice packing machines from 1g to 50kg to meet your requirements.

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small powder bagging machine

Small Spice Packing Machine

The types of FIER Spice packing Machine

We combine the needs of customers and according to the size of spices, developed two types of spice packaging machines.

FP-A small spice packing machine

FP-A small spice packing machine is suitable for the quantitative packing of all kinds of powdery and small granular materials.

Such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, disinfectant, detergent, food, milk powder, spices, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, starch, flour, milk powder, glucose powder, pepper, fish feed powder, curry powder, cocoa powder, washing powder, organic fertilizer, premix, additives, spices, feed powder, chicken essence, glucose, milk powder, seasoning, feed, powder, granule materials such as quantitative packaging.

25KG Bagging Machine

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Technical parameters  of FP-A small packing machine:

  • Packaging containers aluminum foil bags, paper bags, cloth bags, tin cans, jars, and so on
  • Packing specification: 1-5000g
  • Packaging speed 10-60 bags/units (variations by materials)
  • A fine degree of plus or minus 1%
  • Power supply. Three-phase four-wire AC380V (customized to your local voltage) 50HZ 900W
  • The total weight of 150 kg
  • Machine size: 690×1060×2000 (mm)
Spice Packing Machine

1 kg Packing Machine

FP-A small Spice packing machine Features and Advantages:

1. Adopt the high-speed reaction clutch brake to control the helix, which has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, and large torque;

2. Weighing feedback specific gravity overcomes the shortcoming of the change of package weight due to the change of material-specific gravity;

3. Digital tube display, the packaging weight can be adjusted at any time, the working status can be changed at any time, easy to operate;

4. All kinds of product adjustment parameters formula can be stored, ready for use;

5. Strong and weak electric isolation, effectively avoid interference and further enhance the stability of the system.

6. Reasonable design, simple structure, touch screen operation of the main chip using Siemens technology control

7.· With functions of density tracking, weighing feedback, power loss memory, automatic error correction, counting, out-of-tolerance alarm, etc.

8.· Using photoelectric control technology, only manual bagging is needed.

9. Ensure the material discharging is synchronized with the packaging, the material does not leak, the bag mouth is clean, the packaging bag is beautiful, and the sealing is firm.

10. Optional automatic feeding device, convenient for users to use and realize automatic operation!

11..Microcomputer control, quantitative accuracy, parameters can be adjusted, with an automatic error correction function.

12. High machining accuracy, good interchangeability, and reasonable classification of filling components.

13. Modular design, flexible combination, can be selected according to the needs of automatic feeding devices, bagging devices, and leak-proof devices, and special raw material components.

14. Low wear of rolling bearing, no interference of strong and weak electric circuit, high reliability, wide application.

15. All stainless steel design, corrosion resistance, can be applied to most of the raw materials, with longer service life. It is easy to disassemble and clean without tools.

Small Powder Bagging Machine

Spice Packing Machine in Sri Lanka

FP-B automatic spice packing machine :

FP-B automatic spice packing machine is widely used in weighing and packing materials with good mobility in various industries.

·Integrated structure·reduced height·easy maintenance.

FIER Spice filling machine can be used in perfume, dry powder, feed, grain, metallurgy, medicine, petrochemical industry, non-metallic ore, fine chemical industry, inorganic salt, rubber and plastic, leather, fertilizer, and other industries.

Powder packing machine Features:

1, automatic/manual function, packaging machine can run in the automatic or manual state, simple operation, easy maintenance.

2. Drop correction function. The packaging machine can automatically correct the advance weight according to the weight of the previous bag to reduce the packaging error.

3. Out-of-tolerance alarm function. If the package weight is not within the allowable error range, output an alarm indicator.

4. Bag clamping and decoupling functions. After the end of the packaging, bag clamping and decoupling will be automatically opened.

5, the hook can be adjusted according to the size and level of the bag, can adapt to a variety of bags.

6. Counting function, finished product accumulation.

powder filling machine

Whole Spices Packing Machine

  •  Quantitative error: ±0.2%FS
  •  Packing speed: 200-260 (bags/ HR) (depending on material characteristics, bag size, and mouth size)
  • Power supply: 380/220V,50HZ(adjustable)
  • Power: 2.0kW
  •  Temperature: -20-40℃
  • Humidity: < 95% (no condensation)
  • Packing speed: 150 ~200 packages/hour
  • Weight of each pack: 5kg ~ 15kg, 20kg~50kg, 50kg ~ 90kg three grades, each grade can be set freely
  • Compressed air: 0.4mpa ~ 0.6mpa and 0.5m3 / h
  • Working mode: gravity valve feeding

Fier Spice packing machine is widely used in weighing and packing of all kinds of granule materials. It can complete feeding by the weight of materials, such as typical materials, feeds, fertilizers, plastic particles, seeds, grains, chemical raw materials, and so on.

We can also provide you with a grinding machine and feed equipment according to your needs, to design a complete perfume production packaging line for you.

Powder 25kg Bagging Machine

Semi Automatic Spices Packing Machine

Why choose FIER Spice Packing Machine?

We Fier Machinery are committed to providing good quality equipment of Sand/Cement packing machineLiquid Filling MachineManual Powder Filling MachineValve bag filling machineGranules Packing Machine, etc as your requirement.

We Fier Machiner have packing technology patents, and we were named “outstanding enterprises in Henan Province”.

We Fier Machinery can supply you with the one-stop turn-key solution for your spice packing machine order.

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