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Fier tile adhesive manufacturing plant can produce all kinds of dry mortar type:

1, Adhesive mortar: such as ceramic tile adhesive, joint filler, thermal insulation composite system with bonding mortar.

2. Plastering mortar: such as plastering, putty, color decorative mortar, heat insulation mortar, etc.

3. Masonry mortar: such as ordinary masonry mortar, thin-bed mortar for concrete blocks, thermal insulation masonry mortar, etc.

4, floor mortar: such as ordinary floor mortar, self-leveling mortar, etc.

5, special mortar: such as repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder, etc.

6, compound additives: such as cracking agent, expansion agent, early strength agent.

Ribbon Blender for dry mortar

1-8 T/H Simple Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

10-20 T/H Semi Automatic Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

25ton/H Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

tile grout making machine

40T/H Automatic Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

tile adhesive manufacturing plant

30T/h Automatic Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

fully automatic dry mortar plant

Large Tower Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

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Dry Mortar Mixer Machine for tile adhesive

Equipped with weighing system, packaging system and bulk. Sand drying system can be customized according to customers.

tile adhesive manufacturing process

In developing countries, the present wall structure will still exist for a long time in the future. Therefore, dry mortar has large market demand in many countries.

dry cement mortar

Meet the different performance requirements of dry mortar production needs, such as: masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation required mortar, decorative mortar and other dry mortar.

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tile adhesive manufacturing plant
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tile adhesive manufacturing plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant Installation in Chile

Questions You May Ask About Our Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

All our Fier tile adhesive manufacturing plants have Semi-automatic and Fully automatic Type

(1) The sem-automatic line needs human labor to feed materials, while the full-automatic line no need.

(2) semi-automatic line no need material silos, full-automatic line need.

(3) The semi-automatic line is cheaper than the full-automatic line.

You can choose as your needs 

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dry mortar plant for tile adhesive

Dry Mortar Production Line for Tile Adhesive

How to manufacture tile adhesive?

Ceramic tile adhesive, also known as cement-based adhesive for tile walls and floor tiles,

The tile adhesive manufacturing process is a powder mixture composed of hydraulic cementitious material (cement), mineral collector (quartz sand), and organic additive (rubber powder, etc.), which shall be stirred with water or other liquid in a certain proportion when used.

These are also tile adhesive ingredients. Usually the tile adhesive raw material very accessible.

Mainly used for bonding ceramic tile, face tile, floor tile, and other decorative materials, widely used in interior and exterior walls, floors, bathrooms, and other rough architectural decoration places.

Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, aging resistance and convenient construction

According to the actual situation, cement-based tile glue is divided into three categories: C1: bond strength is applicable to small bricks

Bond strength than C1, C2 type: apply more large brick (80 * 80) (quality brick, such as marble you need to use solid glue) C3 type: bond strength and C1 close, applicable to small brick, jointing can do (can be prepared according to the color of ceramic tile adhesive for caulking directly, if not for caulking, then need caulking processing after ceramic tile adhesive action)

It is convenient for construction to add water directly, saving construction time and dosage;

The adhesive strength is 6-8 times of cement mortar, anti-aging performance is good, do not fall off, do not crack, do not empty muster shell, no worries.

No water seepage, no lack of alkali, good water retention, within a few hours after the construction, can be adjusted at will, less than 3mm thin layer construction has a certain anti-water performance.

dry mortar/tile mortar/thinset /dry mortar production line

Tile Adhesive

FIER Tile adhesive manufacturing plant Process flow:

1. The sand source is river sand, which needs to be dried and screened before storageIf mechanical sand is used, it needs to be broken, screened and then broken again, and then screened and graded for storage.

2. Cementing materials, fillers and additives shall be sent into the corresponding warehouse.

3. Carry out batching measurements according to the tiles chemical formula.

4. Put all kinds of raw materials into the mixer for stirring and mixing.

5. The tile adhesive mortar of finished products is sent to the warehouse for product packaging or bulk.

6. Deliver products to the site. Dry mixed mortar in bulk must be transported in bulk silos or special bulk transport vehicles to prevent segregation and affect the construction quality.

7. Dry mixed tile adhesive mortar is put into a mortar mixer and mixed with water in proportion.

8. Use the special mortar pump to transport the mixed mortar to the construction site or directly carry out spraying construction on site.

Dry mortar production line

Tile Grout Making Machine

How to tile adhesive manufacturing plant work?

The finished sand is lifted by the bucket and loaded into the storage bin respectively.

The powder is fed into the respective silos by the bulk tanker, and the additives and other bagged materials are lifted by the additive hoist and manually added to the respective silos.

Materials in sand silos, powder silos, and additive silos are discharged into their respective measuring buckets one by one through the screw conveyor for cumulative measurement.

When all kinds of materials are measured, start the screw conveyor to discharge all kinds of materials into the bucket conveyor at the same time, and then unload them into the intermediate storage hopper through lifting; When needed, the mixture of the intermediate storage hopper is directly discharged into the mixer for mixing.

After a certain period of time, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port of the mixer.

It is stored in the finished product transition bucket and is packed by the packaging machine, or sent to the finished product warehouse by the screw conveyor and the bucket lift machine to complete a working cycle.

tile adhesive production Line

Tile adhesive Manufacturing Pant Drawing

What is the Tile Adhesive manufacturing plant Composition system?

dry mortar production line for tile adhesive

Tile Adhesive Production Line

You can choose the Types of FIER Tile adhesive production line:

1.Tower-type tile adhesive production line

  • Tower-type tile adhesive manufacturing plant design is reasonable, height can be designed according to the user’s site situation,
  • It has the characteristics of a moderate investment, short construction period, and quick investment effect.
  • Equipment investment according to customer demand output per hour up to 5-15 tons,
  • Only 3-5 operators are needed to complete the production.
  • The equipment is 6-10 meters high and covers an area of 20-30 square meters.
tile adhesive manufacturing plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant for Sale

2.Horizontal tile adhesive plant.

  • 1. Adopt a multi-layer screw belt to stir, the material moves as a whole, and the yield is high. The average stirring time is 5-10 minutes;
  • 2. Suitable for junior investors, small investment, high return.
  • 3, low maintenance rate, bearing at both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, equipped with cycloid needle wheel reducer, low maintenance rate.
  • 4. High uniformity of mixing, multi-directional movement of materials, multi-layer screw belt, no dead Angle of mixing, high uniformity, good quality;
  • 5. Small floor space, an automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency.
  • 6. Circular barrel structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, wide application range;
  • 7, using internal and external multi-layer screw back stirring, no dead Angle, mixing speed, high uniformity;
  • 8, the mixer adopts the screw to lift the feeding, the feeding port and the ground level, feeding convenient;
tile grout making machine

Easy type tile adhesive procution Line

How to manufacture tile adhesive?

Ceramic tile adhesive mortar is mainly bonding, often label tiles chemical formula or tile adhesive chemical ratio, prevents cutting corners. It’s essentially mortar.

Mortar mainly consists of cement mortar, mixed mortar, and occasionally white ash mortar.

1. Adding cement to mortar is called “cement mortar”.

Cement mortar is made of cement and sand by mixing proportionally, it can mix the mortar with higher strength. Cement mortar is generally applied to foundations, basements that are soaked in water for a long time and masonry structures that bear large external forces.

2. Adding lime (paste) is called “white mortar” or “lime mortar”.It’s called plastering mortar

Lime mortar is a mortar made of mortar mixed by mortar and sand in proportion.

3. Add cement and white ash, called “mixed mortar”.

Mixed mortar is generally made of cement, mortar, sand and is generally used for masonry above the ground. Due to the addition of stone plaster, mixed mortar changes the workability of factory mortar, which is more convenient to operate and conducive to the density and efficiency of masonry.

dry mortar machines/dry mortar production line/dry mortar plant

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant In Indina

How to selecting a tile adhesive manufacturing production line?

1. Select and determine the voltage grade of the motor according to the enterprise grid voltage standard and power factor requirements.

2. Agitator for starting motor, brake, and operating speed according to the load and process conditions of the selected motor type.

3. The rated speed of the motor is selected according to the high speed of the tile adhesive making machine, the performance requirements of the electric drive speed control system, and the complexity of the mechanical deceleration.

4. Choose according to the environmental conditions of the place of use, such as temperature, humidity, dust, rain, corrosive and inflammable and explosive gases, and consider the necessary protective measures and the structure of the motor

5. Reasonable selection of the torque and overload capacity of the motor at the beginning shall be determined according to cooling and ventilation, and the type and grade of the selected motor shall meet the requirements of high-power hybrid equipment guidance.

dry mortar production line

Full automatic Tile Adhesive Production Line

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Planata

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