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1. Spindle speed 29 ~ 53r/min, flying tool 1440r/min,

2. Mixing time is 3-5 minutes according to different fibers, and the uniformity can reach 1/10000;

3. Unloading with pneumatic door (can be self-locking), automatic unloading can be completed within 5 seconds;

4. It can be started under full load;Blade, flying blade wear can be replaced

5. Mainly used in anti-crack mortar, insulation mortar, bonding mortar, plaster mortar, floor mortar and other dry mortar and high-grade putty powder production.

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Twin Shaft Mixer

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Twin Shaft Mixer for Dry mortar Plant

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Twin Shaft Mixer With Packing machine

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Twin Shalf Mixer Blade

The combined blade structure greatly reduces maintenance costs

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Twin Shalf Mixer Mortar

The gas phase equalizer makes the mixture even

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Twin shalf Mixer Rotary

The added high-speed rotary flying knife has the function of fast dispersing

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Questions You May Ask About Our Twin Shaft Mixer

Fier twin shaft mixer is High mixing speed, low energy consumption, wide application range,

Suit for: chemical drugs, detergent, paint, resin, glass silicone, pigment, medicine, fertilizer, feed, feed additives, wheat flour, milk powder, spices, trace ingredients, coffee, salt, additives, plastics and various pastes, powder drying and mixing.

You can also send us your materials and we can do the test for you.

Fier Machinery can supply you with the best the turn-key solution for your twin-shaft mixer order.

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FIER: Twin shaft mixer /Horizontal shaft mortar mixer manufacturer and supplier

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Planetary Cement Mixer

Fier twin shaft mixer is the dry powder mixing station, dry mortar production line equipment, and concrete batching plant in the most important part of the whole set of equipment, the mixing system is completely dominated by it.

And also often seen in feed mills and compound fertilizer factories

It Mixing time is about 0.5-3 minutes (batch every 90 seconds), mixing uniformity Cv≤2%, and can be equipped with liquid adding system;

The discharging door adopts a gate-type door, discharging is clean and quick, with less residue.

Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Stainless Steel Raw Material

What is a twin shaft mixer features?

  • 1. Wide application: widely used in mixing powdery, granular, flaky, miscellaneous, and viscous materials in feed, grain, chemical, pharmaceutical, and pesticide industries;
  • 2. Short mixing cycle and high mixing uniformity: the mixing uniformity CV of general materials within 50-90s is ≤5%, which reduces the mixing time and improves the production efficiency of the feed mill;
  • 3. Large variable loading range: the variable loading coefficient range is 0.3 ~ 0.8, suitable for mixing with materials of different specific gravity and particle size in many industries;
  • 4, mixing does not produce segregation: after mixing evenly within 1 minute, the machine will continue mixing materials without grading phenomenon, and will not produce segregation due to the large difference in specific gravity, particle size, and other physical properties, also known as a weightless mixer;
  • 5. Quick discharging and small residual amount: the bottom adopts a four-door structure, discharging quickly and leaving little residue;
  • 6. a large amount of liquid: adding 30% liquid can still mix the material evenly, that is, it can mix the viscous material;
  • 7. Unique chain tensioning mechanism is adopted to make installation, disassembly, and adjustment fast and convenient;
  • 8. Reliable discharge door seal: The discharge door adopts an airbag seal, which is reliable, long service life, and easy to replace;
  • 9. Convenient installation, disassembly, and maintenance: FIER twin shaft mixer design is W type mixing room, built-in air duct, integral machine stand, side access door, beautiful appearance.
twin shaft mixer gearbox

twin shaft mixer design

What does the twin shaft mixer working principle?

The horizontal cylinder body is equipped with a biaxial rotating reverse pulp blade.

It circulates and turns the material at a certain angle to make the material quickly mixed evenly.

The discharging form is generally pneumatic (manual) flap valve, no material accumulation and mixing dead Angle phenomenon;

The standard type can be divided into a big door and a small door. The big door can be opened to the side of the tube side, Quick and clean discharge, less residue

twin shaft mixer parts

Twin Shaft Mixer vs Planetary Mixer

What does the twin shaft mixer advantage?

◆ Fast mixing speed, mixing time of each batch: 0.5-2.5min; 

◆ Fier Twin-shaft mixer not easy to produce segregation when mixing materials with different physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size and shape; 

◆ High mixing uniformity, coefficient of variation CV ≤ 5%; 

◆ Large variable filling range: 0.4-0.8; 

◆ The liquid can be added in a wide range, with the maximum amount up to 20%; 

◆ Low power consumption, 60% lower than ordinary horizontal screw belt mixer; 

◆ Wide range of application, according to the needs of users to adopt carbon steel, semi-stainless steel, stainless steel, especially suitable for mixed production of materials.

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Twin Shaft Mixer Batching Plant

How to maintenance the Twin Shalf Mixer?

  • 1. Full load startup is not allowed, and the loading quantity is strictly controlled within 0.4-0.6. If the material is too heavy, the machine will run while feeding.
  • 2. Reducer: new oil should be replaced after the first refueling operation for two weeks, and it can be replaced every 3-6 months in the future. The oil stored in the reducer body should not be too much or too little
  • 3. Bearing: Grease is injected through grease hole once a month
  • 4. Packing seal: In case of powder leakage in the box, please tighten the four bolts on the gland of the packing box, subject to leakage. Do not press too tight.
  • 5. When replacing the chain, the red line of the sprockets on the two axes shall be aligned horizontally and shall not be misplaced.
  • 6. When the Fier Twin-shaft mixer is powered on, the two spindles should be operated in accordance with the direction of the indicated arrow on the equipment without reversing.`
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Twin Shaft Mixer

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