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  1. Automatically realize the functions of packing bag compression, filling, loosening, stopping filling, and dropping bags
  2. CE/ISO Certification
  3. Used for dry mortar packaging, can also be used for other fluidity good powder, granular material packaging

Get FIER Valve Bag Filling Machine to Boom Your Business

FIER valve port packaging machine is not only used for dry mortar packaging, but also for other good flow performance of powder, granular material packaging, such as cement, putty powder, fly ash, heavy calcium powder, stone powder, quartz sand, etc.

The whole operation process only needs manual bagging, and the weighing process is completed in one step.

The device is easy to operate, just need to be placed on the ground to start the button can be used

Questions You May Ask About Our Valve Bag Filling Machine

This series of FIER dry mortar open-mouth bagging machines are mainly machine, out of materials mechanism, control mechanism, weighing mechanism, bagging mechanism, etc., with functions of automatic bag dropping and manual bag dropping.

1. Fuselage: mainly adopts section steel welding structure, with high strength, a large degree of steel, compact, and lightweight.

2.Out of materials mechanism: The 3KW motor drives the spindle impeller to rotate. The rotating impeller educates the dry mortar and puts it into the packing bag through the ash discharging pipe.

3. Control mechanism: Insert the material packaging bag, touch the microswitch to start the filling. When the material filling reaches the specified weight, the weighing mechanism computer sends a signal and the computer valve works.

4. Weighing mechanism: it is mainly composed of a computer scale, sensor, and weighing body. When the material is filled to the set weight, the sensor sends a signal to the computer. After being processed by the computer, the control signal is output and the motor stops running. At the same time, the discharging port is closed.

5. Bagging mechanism: It has a unique and novel automatic bagging device. When the dry mortar is loaded to the nominal weight, the cylinder closes the outlet, and the automatic bag-feeding device works.

FIER: Your Premier Valve Bag Filling Machine Manufactuer

Valve Bag Filler

Fier Valve bag filling machine is our factory to meet the market demand professional development.

Our 5-50 lb bag filling machine is a high degree of automation, computer intelligent control, simple operation.

Only the need for manual bag insertion will complete the packaging production process, save labor, reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.

All the technical indexes of  FIER Valve Bag Packer have reached the international standard.

valve bag packer

What about FIER Valve bag filling machine application?

FIER Valve bag filling machine is widely used for quantitative packing of powdery materials such as dry mortar, cement, stone powder, talc powder, coal ash powder, gypsum powder, heavy calcium powder, quartz sand, and fire fighting materials.

Especially applicable to Putty powder and paint for inner and outer walls, Mortar King,  Anti-cracking mortar, Bonding mortar, Plaster mortar, Interfacial agent, Ceramic tile binder, pointing agent, Putty for tile renovation,  Cement and sand, dry mortar and putty powder.

FIER Valve bag filling machine Technical parameters:

  • For the material: Light specific gravity, high accumulation density, strong liquidity.Ultrafine particle size, ultrafine powder
  • The feeding way: Screw type variable frequency feed
  • Packaging net weight:10-50kg(adjustable)
  • Bag heavy error: 0.25 kg
  • Packing speed: 80-200 bags/h
  • Packing bag form: Valve bagger
  • Form a complete set of air compressor: 1 m3 / min 0.7 MPA
  • The work environment: Temperature: -20-45℃ Relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)
  • The power supply voltage: 380 v, 50 Hz 4 kW
  • Overall dimensions: 1100 x600x800 mm
  • voltage: 220-380.
  • power:  3kW
  • Coated width: 20-100mm
  • Bag size: 72 x40mm
  • Packing size: 5-10 bags/min
  • The weight: 200 kg
  • Packing type: bag
  • Degree of automation: Fully automatic
Cement packing machine

Valve Type Bag Filling Machine

Shipping time:   
Upon receipt of payment, the delivery date will be in 3-15days

Shipment cost will depend on the destination, shipment way, size, and the weight of our impeller valve bag filler as you need.

Types of bagging machines:

we also have a small powder filling machine, Granules Packing Machine, paint filling machine for your choice. 

Usually, our semi automatic bag on valve filling machine equipped our dry mortar production line

Everything for easy you. Choice Fier, Built your future!  Ask for a quote now!

haver valve bag filling machine

Manual Bag Filling Machine

Shipping time:   
Upon receipt of payment, the delivery date will be in 3-15days

Shipment cost will depend on the destination, shipment way, size, and the weight of our impeller valve bag filler as you need.

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Valve Bag Filling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ

Do you intend to purchase a valve bag filling machine but do not know how to pick the ideal option? Consider yourself lucky because you are in the right place.

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide answers several critical questions to assist you to select the most suitable valve filler for your business.

What is a valve bag filling machine?

A valve-type bag filling machine is mechatronic equipment whose purpose is packing various materials into unique packaging outfits called valve bags.

It uses cutting-edge technology to adopt vast, medium, and small bag feeding techniques that ultimately enhance overall working speed. More importantly, the machine meets all CE and ISO certification requirements.

valve bag filling machine

Figure1: A valve bag filling machine

This machine is equipped to suffuse valve bags with different products. Essentially, you can count on it for various applications including dry mortar and granular material packaging, to name a few. Still, it is important to note that there are various types of valve bagging machines. 

The most popular ones include cement packaging machines, haver valve bag filling machines, and 5 to 50 kg valve bag fillers.

Our machines are relatively easy to start and operate. Each machine type comes with several desirable features including;

  • A high-performance speed regulation function
  • PLC and frequency conversion capabilities
  • A touch screen operating system
  • Automatic sensor, instrument, and current protection capabilities
impeller valve bag filler

Automatic Valve Sack Filler

2.How does a valve filling machine work?

Most of you probably think that using a valve bag filling machine is an overwhelmingly complex task. That assumption is not true at all.

The machine’s working principle is pretty straightforward. For starters, you kick off the process by positioning an empty valve bag on the machine’s fill port.

The filling port is equipped with cutting-edge, complete dust-proof technology. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about any contamination during the packaging process.

In addition to the dust-proof feature, the machine is equipped with an automated load cell. This feature allows you to get a real-time accurate weight measurement of the material in the sack.

As soon as the precise amount of material goes into the bag, you have to place it on the fill spout.

How the placement is done is heavily dependent on the machine type. If you invest in a manual machine you have to do everything by hand. Complete manual valve bag fillers are pretty tiresome and time-consuming.

You will not have to deal with such inconveniences if you invest in Fair Machinery’s automatic valve bag packaging machine.

With our predominantly automatic machines, you can rest assured that your packaging processes will be faster than you can imagine.

Bagging is the only manual task you have to do when using our filling machines.

haver valve bag filling machine

Valve Bag Filling Machine for Cement

3.What is the difference between an open bag and a valve bag filling machine?

Before we take an in-depth look at the difference between these machines, there are two questions we need to answer. What is a valve bag and what is an open bag?

An open bag is a conventional tube-like bag with no seal at the top. If you use open bags for packaging you will have to invest in a sewing machine to seal them.

Figure 2: A comparison between an open bag and a valve bag

On the other hand, a valve bag comes with a stopcock. This type of bag is sewn all around except for a filling port at its mouth left for machine filling.

Once you feel the bag, its contents will squeeze and close the valve port from the inside.

Essentially speaking, you don’t have to invest in additional sealing equipment when using valve bags for packaging.

Each of these bags are packaged differently hence, the difference between a valve-type bag filling machine and an open one. Generally speaking, valve bag packaging machines are more expensive compared to open bag fillers.

However, valve bag fillers provide extremely accurate weight measurements. More importantly, valve packaging machines require less manual labor and streamline the packaging process.

When shopping for a valve bag filling machine, you will realize that it is not one-size-fits-all. Considering that every packaging project is unique, valve fillers are, to some degree, custom machines.

As one of China’s leading manufacturers, Fair Machinery builds all products with specific project requirements in mind. Here are the main parts you should expect to find in a valve filling machine;

  • Filling Spout

This refers to an exterior machine constituent. Its purpose is to fill whatever material that you are packaging into the packaging container.

The spout’s blueprint may vary depending on the valve filler’s specifications. Essentially, we build this component in line with your specific needs and valve specifications.

  • The weighing system

This component ensures that the accurate quantity of product goes into respective packaging containers. Can you imagine the consequences of investing in a cement packing machine without a weighing system?

Accurate measuring capabilities are essential for a business’s success. Consequently, this is the vital component of a filling machine.

Fair machinery’s weighing systems are more advanced than most of our competitors’ systems. Our weighing system has a material-level detection function.

This function regulates the filling machine and ensures that there is no product spillage. Moreover, the system can detect valve bag breakage and regulate the rapid discharge of your products.


  • The valve bag filler machine control system

This component comprises hardware and software that allow you to regulate all machine operations. Fair Machinery’s machine control systems have touchscreen pads that allow you to control all machine functions effectively. We can also incorporate various customized features into the control system depending on your specific requirements.

  • The bag sensor

Any type of Fair Machinery’s automatic valve sack filler comes with a cutting-edge, revolutionary sensor. The sensor’s primary purpose is to detect the position of the bag before the filling process kicks off. Without this component, there is a considerable chance of frequent product spillage. Essentially speaking, it guarantees a reliable, automated filling process. 


4.What are the benefits of using a valve bag filling machine?


There are several benefits of investing in a valve-type bag filling machine. Here are a few that you should take note of;

  • Efficiency

Can you imagine how much time it would take to fill packaging bags manually? Manual packaging is prone to errors that often lead to lots of inefficiencies. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such inefficiency when you invest in Fair Machinery’s valve bag packaging machine. With the help of the machine’s stellar features, you can expect maximum efficiency in the packaging process. In essence, it will aid you in meeting all your deadlines.

  • Accuracy

Our valve bag filling machine is largely automated and has several features that ensure accuracy in every stage of packaging. Accuracy during packaging is important because it improves customer satisfaction and ultimately, leads to better profits for your business. Considering this value, don’t you think it is something worth investing in?


  • It minimizes labor costs

Fair Machinery’s valve port packaging machine only requires manual bagging. Everything else runs automatically and does not require manual input. Therefore, you only need to employ a few people to operate the machine and carry out the bagging tasks.   

5.What should you consider when shopping for a valve bag filling machine?

Selecting an ideal machine for your business is not as easy as you may think. There are several factors that you need to consider. Here are some things that will assist you to pick the best filling machine for your business;

  • Product type

When shopping for a filling machine you need to primarily consider the type of product you intend to package. Granules, powders, and pellets are examples of products that can be packaged. You need to pick an automatic valve sack filler that is compatible with the kind of product you intend to package.

Fair machinery’s filling machines come in handy when dealing with an extensive array of products. Examples of products that you can package using our incredible machines include;

  • Dry mortar
  • Powder
  • Granular material
  • Stone powder
  • Quartz sand
  • Cement
  • Filling Speediness

How many packages can the machine fill each hour or in a single production shift? This is a question you must ask when shopping for a valve bag filling machine. Filling speed tends to vary from one machine to another.

Fair Machinery’s machines are among the fastest in the industry owing to some features. They also do not require much operator interaction once the filling process kicks off. So, it is accurate to say that our machines can meet all your business’s packaging demands.  

  • Quality and safety standards

It is wise to watch out for industry-specific quality and safety standards when shopping for any machine. Common regulatory standards in the machine manufacturing industry include CE, UL, and IP, to name a few. These standards are important because they tell you whether a particular machine meets the required quality and safety standards.

I am proud to say that all our machines have CE certifications. Consequently, you can rest assured that you can use any of our machines safely and efficiently in any working environment. All in all, Fair Machinery is the best valve bag filling machine supplier. Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries concerning our products.

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