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Valve bag filling machine

Valve bag filling machine Manufacturer, 5-50 lb bag filling machine for sale

Fier Valve bag filling machine is our factory to meet the market demand professional development.

Our products are a high degree of automation, computer intelligent control, simple operation.

Only need to manual bag insertion will complete the packaging production process, save labor, reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.

All the technical indexes of the machine have reached the international standard.

Fier Valve bag filling machine

Application of Valve bag filling machine

It is widely used for quantitative packing of powdery materials such as dry mortar, cement, stone powder, talc powder, coal ash powder, gypsum powder, heavy calcium powder, quartz sand, and fire fighting materials.

Especially applicable to Putty powder and paint for inner and outer walls, Mortar King,  Anti-cracking mortar, Bonding mortar, Plaster mortar, Interfacial agent, Ceramic tile binder, pointing agent, Putty for tile renovation,  Cement and sand, dry mortar and putty powder.

Fier Valve bag filling machine

Product Advantages:

  • 1. The valve port packaging machine is a new mechatronic equipment, using man-machine control technology
  • 2. Convenient parameter modification, data recording and storage
  • 3. Adopt large, medium and small feeding methods to improve the working speed
  • 4. The valve port packaging machine adopts completely closed dust technology and the overall appearance adopts completely closed dustproof structure
  • 5. Stepless speed regulation, PLC and frequency conversion technology, touch screen operation
  • 6. Automatic protection function of sensor, instrument and current
  • 7. Material level detection function: The material level of the bin can be controlled.

Fier Valve bag filling machine

Structure and function of Valve bag filling machine

This series of dry mortar open mouth bagging equipment is mainly machine, out of materials mechanism, control mechanism, weighing mechanism, bagging mechanism, etc., with functions of automatic bag dropping and manual bag dropping.

1. Fuselage: mainly adopts section steel welding structure, with high strength, large degree of steel, compact, and lightweight.

2.Out of materials mechanism: The 3KW motor drives the spindle impeller to rotate. The rotating impeller educates the dry mortar and puts it into the packing bag through the ash discharging pipe.

3. Control mechanism: Insert the material packaging bag, touch the microswitch to start the filling. When the material filling reaches the specified weight, the weighing mechanism computer sends a signal and the computer valve works.

4. Weighing mechanism: it is mainly composed of a computer scale, sensor, and weighing body. When the material is filled to the set weight, the sensor sends a signal to the computer. After being processed by the computer, the control signal is output and the motor stops running. At the same time, the discharging port is closed.

5. Bagging mechanism: It has a unique and novel automatic bagging device. When the dry mortar is loaded to the nominal weight, the cylinder closes the outlet, and the automatic bag-feeding device works.

Fier Valve bag filling machine/ powder packing machine

Valve bag filling machine Technical parameters:

  • For the material: Light specific gravity, high accumulation density, strong liquidity.Ultrafine particle size, ultrafine powder
  • The feeding way: Screw type variable frequency feed
  • Packaging net weight:10-50kg(adjustable)
  • Bag heavy error: 0.25 kg
  • Packing speed: 80-200 bags/h
  • Packing bag form: Valve bagger
  • Form a complete set of air compressor: 1 m3 / min 0.7 MPA
  • The work environment: Temperature: -20-45℃ Relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)
  • The power supply voltage: 380 v, 50 Hz 4 kW
  • Overall dimensions: 1100 x600x800 mm
  • voltage: 220-380.
  • power:  3kW
  • Coated width: 20-100mm
  • Bag size: 72 x40mm
  • Packing size: 5-10 bags/min
  • The weight: 200 kg
  • Packing type: bag
  • Degree of automation: Fully automatic

Fier Valve bag filling machine /powder packing machine

Shipping of robotic bag filling:   
Upon receipt of payment, delivery date will be in 3-15days

Shipment cost will depend on the destination, shipment way, size, and the weight of the goods as you need.

Everything for easy to you. Choice Fier, Built your future!  Ask a quote now!

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