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FIER Wall Putty Making Machine

1. Production needs of dry mortar, dry powder materials, and dry powder adhesives that meet different performance requirements;

2. Small footprint, easy operation, simple maintenance, high uniformity, small residual, good sealing, no vibration, small dust,

3. Suitable for the mixed production of internal and external insulation dry powder mortar, coating, chemical, veterinary medicine, medicine and other dry powder materials of small enterprises

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Dry Mortar Mixer Machine for tile adhesive

In developing countries, the present wall structure will still exist for a long time in the future. Therefore, dry mortar has large market demand in many countries.

dry cement mortar

Widely used in the interior and exterior walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and other architectural decoration places.

dry mortar plant mix cement sand

Meet the different performance requirements of dry mortar production needs, such as: masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation required mortar, decorative mortar and other dry mortar.

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Questions You May Ask About Our Wall Putty Making Machine

FIER Dry Mortar Mixing Machine

In the Industry of powder mixing, Fier Machinery is holding a 75% market share in China and is developing more and more dealers across Europe and North America. While in the processing putty powder market, lots of successful projects are built and earning profit for our clients from Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Choice FIER, We can not only provide you with quality wall putty making machine equipment but also we can provide you with wall putty making formula.

Choice Fier, built your future, and create your wealth!

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FIER: The Best Wall Putty Making Machine Manufacturer In China

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Wall Primer Making Machine

As the top manufacturer and supplier of the wall putty making machine, Fier Machinery can supply you with the best wall putty manufacturing machine price.

In order to meet the investment needs of wall putty manufacturers, wall putty distributors, and small production users, Fier wall putty making machine is improved according to the ordinary horizontal dry Powder mixer.

Equipped with a screw hoister, finished product warehouse, and automatic quantitative packing machine, the automatic measuring, and packing of putty powder is realized, It saves the packing cost and manpower for you.

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Putty Mixing Machine

What are the Advantages of a Wall putty making machine?

  • 1. Fier automatic putty making machine, using horizontal barrel structure, smooth operation, low noise, easy installation, so that
  • Use a wide range.
  • 2. Adopt inner and outer three layers of screw belt to mix, no dead Angle of lumps, fast mixing speed, and high uniformity.
  • 3. Equipped with spiral lifting equipment, the feeding port is flush with the ground and the discharging speed is fast.
  • 4. There is a window at the bottom of the body to clean the leftover material.
  • 5, Fier putty making machine, the output of a variety of specifications to meet the needs of customers
  • 6..Flexible splice mode, valve pocket and open pocket can be used;
  • 7. Small investment, quick results, suitable for individuals or small processing plants
  • 8. Small area, less than 3 meters in height, ordinary houses can be built.
  • 9. Simple operation, 1-2 people can operate.
  • 10. High output, 30-50 tons per day.
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What is the structure of the Wall putty making machine?

Wall putty making machine

Wall Putty Machine

What is Putty making machine working principle?

Wall putty manufacturing process: Different kinds of dry powder materials enter into the dry powder mixing equipment according to wall putty manufacturing formula ratio after calculation, the materials are mixed under the push of the ribbon spiral blade.

The outer tape pushes the material from one end to the other, while the inner tape moves the material in the opposite direction.

Wall putty manufacturing raw materials are repeatedly mixed evenly and then discharged from the outlet. The working liquid to be mixed is input by the joint and moved in the material in the barrel.

Fier dry wall putty making machine has a higher mixing speed, higher uniformity, and lower maintenance rate than the traditional vertical dry powder mixer.

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Putty Mixing Machine

What is the application of Putty making machine?

Fier putty making machine is not only fit the wall putty market.

and also widely used in the chemical industry, medicine, food, compound fertilizer, dye, pigment, rubber, building materials, refractory materials, rare earth, plastic glass, and new materials, and other industries of powder and powder,  powder in glue slurry material mixing.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Putty Making Machine

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