What are the Advantages and Cautions of A Dry Mixed Mortar Production Line

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Fier dry mixed mortar production line is a kind of equipment for making concrete mortar, mud mortar, mortar clay, building mortar.etc.

It has the advantages of fast working efficiency, safety and stability, environmental protection and energy-saving, and it is favored by our customers.

However, dry mixed mortar equipment in the use process, the need to do regular equipment maintenance.

So that Avoid sudden power failure of equipment, it may affect the normal production.

Advantages of dry mixed mortar production line

1. Easier production process

By using dry mortar equipment to work, you can ensure that the entire production process more worry.

Not only can Fier dry mortar plant achieve the use of safety and environmental protection advantages, but it also can make the production of low carbon emission advantages.

In the production process does not need coal materials, give play to the use of low-carbon and energy-saving advantages.

To ensure a safer, more stable, and efficient use in your work, at the same time, you do not need special maintenance and maintenance. 

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2. Work faster

In the work through the use of regular brand dry mixed mortar equipment, it can ensure that the work process is more smooth, the overall effect of the work will reach a better standard.

If you want to use it to your advantage.

We suggest that you choose the appropriate specifications and models to install according to your actual working environment requirements.

In order to ensure in the production processing aspect has a faster work efficiency, it guarantees high-end production quality.

Our equipment does not require special maintenance and upkeep by staff

Mortar bricks and other brick mortar could be further processed using our equipment to produce mortar sand.

So in the cost performance aspect has the better advantage, USES the cost to get the reduction, can let your production efficiency can be promoted. 

3. Environmental protection and energy-saving advantages

Fier dry mix plant can be used in the work of efficient screening and mixing.

Dry mix mortar is handled with high efficiency, higher safety, and better guarantee in production quality.

Since FIER dry mortar production line adopts more stable and reliable metering systems.

So that ensures higher measurement accuracy in production and processing, avoid material consumption and waste.

To save more processing and production costs for you.

The material has a better-optimized design in conveying and management, stronger sealing reliability, and higher safety.

The international standard of low noise and low emission rates can be achieved in the production environment, bringing better environmental protection effects.

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dry mixed mortar equipment notes

1. When the mixer is in normal use, it should be noted that the operator should check and maintain the equipment regularly.

If the device is found to have abnormal operation or the operating device is offset, etc.,

It is necessary to turn off the power timely and carry out all-round inspection and maintenance.

After the completion of the inspection, the correct use and operation.

2. The mixing degree of dry mixed mortar equipment can be divided into ideal mixing, random mixing, and incomplete mixing. 

3. In case of a sudden power cut, the materials in the mixer should be released first and then the machine should be started. 

4. The mixing degree of materials in the Fier dry mortar plant depends on the proportion, physical state, and characteristics of the materials to be mixed, as well as the type of mixing machinery used and the duration of mixing operation. 

5. For particles or powdery solids with poor fluidity and mutual adhesion, mixing machines with mechanical rolling, pressing, rolling and other actions are often required. 

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