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  • small noise, stable work.
  • simple structure, compact layout.
  • low price, less energy consumption,
  • high output, low processing costs.
  • wood chips finished products of good quality.
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  1. FIER waster wood crusher can crush waste dry wet wood, hardwood, miscellaneous wood, scrap wood, wood, wood waste materials, wood, wood, wood, branches, leaves, tree trunk, waste wood, bamboo, bamboo board, bamboo, bamboo, corn cob, etc.
  2. other material again can be broken into a different particle size of particles or sawdust, and finished product characteristics after crushing are good, don’t change color not heating up.

Questions You May Ask About Our Wood Crusher

FIER Wood Shredder

Fier provides customers with a complete set of service systems, to provide customers with the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, service literacy, and comprehensive technical support.

Fier wood crusher machine Hs code:8479300000.

The company regards quality as life, serves the user as the god, and always follows the quality policy which is responsible for each working procedure, each product, each user, wholeheartedly serves for the user.

Reliable and stable quality makes our company’s production, sales, and comprehensive economic indicators have a great breakthrough, tens of thousands of users throughout and exported to more than 30 countries.

The production equipment adopts high-quality wear-resistant materials and advanced processing technology, so that the equipment wear-resistant, reputation customers. 

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FIER: Your Reliable Commerical Wood Crusher/Chipper Manufacturer

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Wood Crusher Machine for Sale

If you have wood chipper shredder plans?

FIER is a manufacturer of wood chipper crushers, tree branch crushers, formwork crushers, wood comprehensive crushers.

And we also have the Impact Pulverizer for wood powder, small Metal Crusher for your choice.

We Supply you the Processing and testing equipment that is perfect, set design, research, and development, development, manufacturing, installation as one, with intimate service higher production level sold at home and abroad!  

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Mini Wood Crusher Machine

How to make a sawdust machine?

Fier Wood crusher mill design reasonable, compact structure, safety, durability, high production efficiency, the effect is good.

  • only one motor to drive the whole equipment.
  • small noise, stable work.
  • simple structure, compact layout.
  • low price, less energy consumption,
  • high output, low processing costs.
  • wood chips finished products of good quality.

It can also be used in the processing of bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, and other fibrous straw materials.

Wood can crusher widely used in the industrial production of papermaking, edible fungi, mechanism charcoal, particleboard, sawdust board, high-density board, medium fiberboard, and so on.

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How does wood crusher work?

Wood crusher machine adopts blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, collision, and double crushing function in one, and can complete the micro material sorting and processing process at the same time.

In the process of cutting and crushing of the blade, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, which rotates along with the cutting direction of the blade.

The material is accelerated in the airflow, and the repeated impact makes the material receive double crushing at the same time to accelerate the crushing rate of the material. 

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Wood Crusher Machine in Sri Lanka

What does the wood crusher mill feature?

  • 1. The machine is equipped with a fineness analyzer, which is a new powder making equipment specialized in crushing light body materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials, and other special difficult materials.
  • 2. The feeding mouth of the machine adopts self-suction feeding to ensure the safety of production forever, which replaces the disadvantages of the traditional crusher, such as direct feeding, careless throwing of metal blocks, or serious damage to the wood powder machine.
  • 3, the machine is made of fine, high processing technology, the use of the double body, the body of the injection of tap water to play the role of water cooling, into a new material, sound insulation, heart function. Therefore, the machine in the production and use of the noise is small, with no vibration.
  • 4, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, high output, than the traditional wood powder machine efficiency increased by more than 50%, is any crushing equipment can not be replaced by the ideal powder equipment.
  • 5. The components of the wood crushing machine are mainly composed of machine shell, bearing, screen, driving wheel, and groove frame. All materials are cast with manganese steel.
  • 6. Used for crushing and recycling all kinds of wood
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Hammer Mill Wood Chipper

How about the Wood Crusher Machine Design?

  • 1. It is composed of three parts: the main machine, the medium machine, and the lower machine.
  • 2. Crushing knife is composed of a type 7 knife, type 1 knife, and centrifugal knife.
  • 3. Responsible for auxiliary; Fan, powder collector, dust collector composition.
  • 4, the main machine crushing room USES type 7 knife, type 1 knife and centrifugal knife, coarse crushing, fine crushing, and centrifugal comminution, driven by the motor crusher rotor high-speed operation, so that the mechanical high-speed airflow to crush materials produce high strength impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction, to achieve a unique crushing function.
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Wood Shredder Machine

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Wood Crusher

How to grind wood into powder?

We have a wood powder-making machine, it is easy to grind wood into power. You can according to the capacity to choose.

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